Top 10 Free WiFi Signal Booster Apps for Android

If there is one thing that people are always looking for whenever they are outside the house, it is adequate Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi can be found everywhere now. From coffee shops wherein people can hang out to various stations where people can stay, they can connect to free Wi-Fi hot spots.

Some Wi-Fi hotspots are only free to customers who are staying in cafes or restaurants while there are also some channels that are free to everyone who are within the area. Of course, there is always a risk that the Wi-Fi connection is not safe but for people who truly want to be connected to the Internet, it may not matter than much. There are so many things that people can do online such as the following:

  • Listen to various music online
  • Download or upload images and videos
  • Stream movies that can be watched online whether for free or for a fee
  • Check out your different social media sites

There are still other things that people can do such as checking and sending e-mails. Having fast and reliable Internet connection is important whenever people would need to send their completed work or whenever the need to answer people who are asking them some questions immediately.

If you have weak Wi-Fi connection, you will be looking at a blank screen for a long period of time. There are various reasons why the connection may be weak. It may be because of the network provider. Another possible reason is there are a lot of people that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network so the connection has already grown weaker. When you go farther from the Wi-Fi hotspot, it will be slower.

If you have an Android phone, then you do not have to worry because there are a lot of Wi-Fi booster applications that are available. Most of the Wi-Fi booster applications that you can find online are free so you do not have to pa for anything. You just have to choose the best one for you. With all of the choices that are available, making a decision can be complicated. Here are some of the best ones that you can check:

Top 10 Free WiFi Signal Booster Apps for Android

  1. Fast Wifi Speed-Booster PRANK

WiFi Speed Booster

It is evident from the name itself that this is one application that you can use that will boost up and speed up the Wi-Fi that you are using. This is a free application that can speed up Wi-Fi speed up to 2x of its normal speed. Do you realize that when you are using your phone, you do not really close these applications? Because of these applications, your Wi-Fi connection will be slower. What this application can do is it automatically closes the various applications that your phone is using so that your phone can be faster.

Download Fast Wifi Speed-Booster PRANK App

  1. WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager

Are you concerned about the general connectivity of the Wi-Fi that you are connecting to? You know that this is one of the best applications that you can try for your Android phone. This will allow you to know all of the different Wi-Fi hotspots that you can connect to. You can go to the right spots to get the strongest Wi-Fi available. If in case there are some spots that you like because they are always strong, you can add them to your list of favorites. You can connect to these Wi-Fi hotspots whenever you are near.

Download WiFi Manager App

  1. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer

There will be times when you have to scrutinize the different Wi-Fi spots that you can connect to. You have to see the different channels around you and you need to see what channels are strong and what channels are weak so that you can choose the right one for you. There will be moments when you will have a hard time connecting with some channels because they are already crowded. Once you find those that are not crowded, fast Internet connection can already be expected. Simply decide the best connection for your phone and you will not have any problems anymore.

Download WiFi Analyzer App

  1. WiFi Easy Booster

WiFi Easy Booster

Do you want to improve the speed of your Wi-Fi connection at the soonest possible time? This will not be a problem anymore when you are using this application. The interface of this application can be easier to understand than others. Once you install the application, you simply need to tap on the “Boost Now” button. You have to wait for the application to boost your phone. Once it finishes, that is the time when you can start connecting to the Internet. Your connection will surely be fresh and faster than ever. This will help you when you are uploading or downloading some things online.

Download WiFi Easy Booster App

  1. Internet Booster and Optimizer

Internet Booster and Optimizer

This is one powerful Wi-Fi booster application that can improve your overall Wi-Fi strength and connectivity. This will work in making sure that your Wi-Fi speed can be improved and enhanced. Just imagine if you would use this booster first before you start browsing. You can expect that browsing will be faster than ever. This also works even if you are connected through other internet connections like 2g, 3g or LTE so you can use it for almost all connections. This is one of the best that you can place on your phone now to make the most out of your current internet speed.

Download Internet Booster and Optimizer

  1. WiFi Booster Easy Connect

WiFi Booster Easy Connect

There are moments when you desperately want to connect to the Wi-Fi channels that are available but you are having a hard time doing this probably because there are other people who are also trying to connect. You can increase the possibility that you will connect when you download WiFi Booster Easy Connect. You will get to see the different networks that are available very easily.

Download WiFi Booster Easy Connect App

  1. Free Zone – Free WiFi Scanner

Free Zone - Free WiFi Scanner

You have to download FreeZone first before you can use this app booster but you will not be disappointed once you start using this. You will realize that free Wi-Fi actually exists and you do not have to worry that you may download a virus in the process. One thing that makes this different from all the other applications is it will give you information about the password that other people have used to connect to certain network connections so that it will be more secure. Most of the network connections that you can connect to are those that are located in public places.

  1. OpenSignalMaps


Sometimes when you turn on your Wi-Fi connection, you will not immediately have a list of the various Wi-Fi networks that are available but this is not something that you have to worry about anymore when you are using this application because connecting to the right Wi-Fi network can be done in one simple tap. You can use this application when you are out in public and you are searching for the right Wi-Fi network that you can connect to securely.

Download OpenSignalMaps App

  1. WiFinder


There are some Wi-Fi booster applications that will only allow you to connect to limited networks. It may depend on the type of network available. With WiFinder, you do not have to worry because it can scan the current location that you are in so that it will find all types of networks that you can connect to. Whether you are trying to connect to an open connection, WEP, WPA or WPA2, then this Wi-Fi booster will give you the help that you need.

Download WiFinder App

  1. WiFi Easy Booster

WiFi Signal Booster

Download WiFi Easy Booster App

What is one thing that you are always worried about? It may be your poor Wi-Fi speed. When your Wi-Fi is poor, it will be harder for you to do things that you like to do when you are online. The Wi-Fi speed can be boosted significantly up to a certain percentage depending on how good the network is. This is considered to be one of the best Wi-Fi booster applications for Android that you can download on your phone now. Using this booster can be easy. Simply click on the boost button and wait for the boost to finish before you can start a fresh connection.

If you are already happy with your Wi-Fi boosters and you would like an application that will give you more information about the network that you are connected to, then it is best to check Network Signal Info. This application will give you details about the Wi-Fi channels that you can connect to? You can download this extra application on your phone so that you will learn more. It will scan the network that you are connected to and you will know if the connection is Wi-Fi or mobile network connection.

Other Great WiFi Booster App

11. Wifi Overview 360

12. Wifi Radar

13.Wifi Connect

14.Network Signal Info

15.Wifi Signal Strength

16.WiFi Manager

Now that you have learned various details about the Wi-Fi booster applications, which one are you going to choose? Feel free to check out different ones. For sure, you will find the one that is best for you. Can you still think of other Wi-Fi booster applications that you are using for your Android phone now? Feel free to share how they are helping you so far and recommend if they are worth downloading or not.

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