How to See Who Blocked You On Instagram For Free

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Have you ever experienced trying to check some posts of your friends or someone else, but you cannot access his or her profile on Instagram? You keep on entering their names and searching for their possible usernames but still no results. No matter how long you try, even if you try to restart your Wi-Fi connection, nothing. This person didn’t pop like a bubble, right?

This happens because of two reasons. First, the person you are trying to reach has closed his Instagram account permanently and second, he or she has blocked you. On Instagram, there is no easy way to check who blocked you, but there are some methods that you can try to check if someone blocked you or not.

One of the simplest ways is to make a new account on Instagram. Once you are done, use the Search bar and enter the name of the person that you are looking for. This allows you to find out easily whether the person blocked you or not without exerting too much effort. You can check his or her profile as long as their accounts are not set to private.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Here are some simple ways on how to see who blocked you on Instagram.

1. Follow the Person

The first thing that you should do if you think that a friend, celebrity or just someone blocked you on Instagram is by heading to the Discovery tab. It has a magnifying glass icon and allows you to search people and pages.

  • If the profile of the person that you want to see is public, you will be able to see his or her photos. However, if you see “No Posts Yet” even if there are a number of posts available, well, you have been blocked. You may confirm it by trying to tap the blue Follow button on their profile. If you once tap this button and nothing happens, then it confirms that he or she has blocked you. This method is useful if you only want to check specific contacts but cannot be used to check a high number of un-followers or blockers.
  • If the user has a private profile, it may take a little more effort. You will first have to look for a mutual friend who follows the user in question. Then, you will have to stalk their posts and conversations. Look for a post where that person maybe commented or liked and tap his or her name to visit the profile. If you see the “Follow” button and you are unable to follow him or her, you have been blocked.

Keep in mind that there are times when Instagram servers encounter problems and you might not be able to follow accounts. Generally, this is the basic way to find out whether someone blocked you or not.

2. Mention the Person On Instagram

Maybe the person that you are trying to reach has accidentally blocked you. If you think that you did not do anything wrong and the two of you are in good terms, then one way to see if the person accidentally blocked you or not is by mentioning his or her account on Instagram.

This can be done by simply posting a photo or video and in the caption, type the “@” symbol followed by the username of the person. Instagram users will see all mentions of them automatically even if they blocked them. He or she will see that you have mentioned him or her even if you have been blocked and they could perhaps reply to your post.

3. Create A New Account

Because being blocked means you won’t be able to see photos or follow the person who blocked you, you can try to create a new account in Instagram to do some prying. This will also help you determine if the person blocked you or they just deactivated their account.

To do this method, simply log out of your Instagram account and tap on “Create a New Account” option. Follow the instructions to complete your registration. If you do not want to log out of your account, you can also register using a different browser. Once you have a new account, use the Discovery tab and enter the username of the person that you are looking for. If you can follow him or her on your new account but you cannot on your previous one, this means that you have been blocked.

4. Use Apps and Services To See Who Blocked You On Instagram

If you need to track your Instagram account for business or fan page purposes, you can use apps available on Play Store and App Store.  These apps allow you to manage your Instagram followers as well as un-followers. They also come with numerous features that let you monitor your most popular posts and least popular posts.

Here are some apps lets you track your followers and users who blocked you.

Followers – Social Analytics For Instagram by NoApostroph3s LLC

This app is the most popular app for IG community management. It provides clear analytics and insights that empower brands so they can evolve creatively by understanding their community. With this app, you can check who unfollowed you and see who your best follower is.

Its free version lets you track new IG followers, unfollowers, followers that do not follow you back and those you do not follow back. The paid version lets you track users who blocked you, deleted likes and uncomments.

Blocker Spy for Instagram by Fraoula

This app gives you statistics about your IG account. It lets you track users who blocked you, lost followers, new followers, and more! This app also displays users who are not following you back as well users who you are not following back. All tracks changes in followers and lists users who unfollowed you. Another great thing about this app is that you can use hashtags for any occasion (100 sub categories).

Follower Insight for Instagram by MonoMosaic

If you are wondering if some of your Instagram followers blocked or unfollowed you, this app will let you track IG users for free! With Followers Insight for Instagram app, you can effortlessly track and manage multiple accounts to discover things that you did not know before.

One of its best features is the ability to display followers gained and followers lost. It will also reveal those who blocked you and users who stopped following you. This app lets you keep track of your loyal followers. It can also detect spies you and who liked you the most. In addition, you can discover least active users and potential spammers.


Another excellent app that can be used to see people who unfollowed you or blocked you is Statusbrew. It can be used not only for Instagram but also for your other social media accounts, making it your all-in-one solutions for all your social media management needs.

With Statusbrew, managing your followers in different social media accounts will no longer be a daunting task. It displays data insights to help you make the right decisions. Another great thing about Statusbrew is that it is available for all devices and platform. If you want to experience all its features, you can get a premium membership for a month for $20. This app is excellent for businesses that need to increase their social media presence.


If you are not sure whether a specific person may have blocked your account, you can check who unfollowed you recently. This is because those who block your account automatically unfollows you. Of course, those who unfollow are different from those who block. Unfollowgram is a free service that lets you see who unfollowed you on Instagram. To use this, all you have to do is to visit the website and click the “Sign in with Instagram” button. From there, you can already check people who have unfollowed you.

If the person who might have blocked you really did, his or her name will appear in the list of people who unfollowed you. If you can still follow the person that you are looking for, this means that you have not been blocked. However, the person has blocked you if you can no longer follow him or her.

Final Word

Let’s say the person who blocked you is a close friend or a family member, you can give them a call and ask if they accidentally blocked you on Instagram. Accidents happen and they might have tap on the “Block” option unintentionally. This will give you answers right away without having further confusions.

If an unimportant person in your life blocked your account on Instagram, do not fret as it is not the end of the world! That does not mean that your profile contains bad content or that you should refrain from uploading awesome photos and videos. It is not you, it is them. The best thing to do is to move on and focus on what you think is the best.

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