5 Best WhatsApp Spy Software for Parents and Employers

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Almost all smartphone users have WhatsApp Messenger installed on their devices so they can communicate easily with their family members and friends. This app lets you send and receive messages by using Wi-Fi or the same internet data plan that you use for web browsing and email. Available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone, and more, you can keep in touch with everyone for free as long as there is an active internet connection.

If you are looking for an easy way to find out information on someone’s device, all you have to do is to check the conversations in their WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Spy apps can help users investigate the truth about their children, partners, or friends.  Without any further ado, here are the best WhatsApp Spy applications that you can use to ensure the safety of your children and bring out the truth from your friends or partners.

Best WhatsApp Spy Software

5 Best WhatsApp Spy Software for Parents and Employers

These are the best Whatsapp Spy apps that can help you investigate the conversations of other users.

1. GuestSpy

GuestSpy is one of the easiest apps for supervising the performance of employees, preventing theft, and for watching over the kids. It runs invisibly on the target smartphone or tablet to monitor messages, call log history, calendar updates, internet history, emails, GPS location, and more. After creating a private online account using GuestSpy, you can check the data of the other WhatsApp user immediately. This software offers various features that are useful for employers or parents, making it one of the best WhatsApp Spy apps.


  • GuestSpy for Android comes with 25+ cool features for Whatsapp, Ambient Voice Recording, SMS, Call Recording, and more.
  • GuestSpy for iPhone is packed with highly innovative features, letting you spy on your sibling, spouse, employee, or children.
  • You can monitor target device such as sms, location, live recording, call recording, call, and more.
  • Read instant messages feature lets you view received and sent messages on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and iMessage.
  • View Multimedia Files that have been saved. Every time the child or employee records a video or takes a photo, it will be uploaded to GuestSpy account.
  • Get Calendar and Address Book. This feature lets you check every contact in the target device and you can know every event saved in the calendar.
  • This app has Remote Control, which can lock the device or erase all phone data in case the device is lost or stolen.

The Guestspy software will take your investigation to the next level. By viewing all messages and conversations, you can check if the employee is doing their job well, if your children are connected with bad people, or if your spouse is cheating on you.

You can download Guest Spy here.

2. Spy Phone App

Spy Phone App

Spy Phone App is also one of the best WhatsApp Spy software that you can use to tract messages, phone calls, GPS locations, and surroundings. It is useful for tracking children to keep them away from danger, tracking employees, backing up data, and for tracking your stolen device. This app uses internet connection to send data to the server. After you create an account, log in to the server using the email and password you entered and start tracking your target device.


  • Use GPS tracker for free. The location is also provided for phone calls and sms.
  • Supports Android and iOS devices, it displays incoming and outgoing SMS messages and Whatsapp messages without requiring ROOT. It also tracks Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media networks.
  • This app lets you see the contact name and ID for every calls and messages.
  • You can track the browser’s activity, Facebook messages, incoming and outgoing MMS messages, Line messages, Skype, Tango, Kik, Hangouts, and Viber.
  • This app lets you block numbers for sms and phone calling. You can also block websites using URL or keywords.
  • Spy Phone app comes with Remote Wipe Out and Anti-theft features. You can lock your phone and receive notification when the sim card is changed.

Spy Phone app can be installed on multiple devices so you can track many users at a time. It also record surroundings using sms command and tracks if new contacts are added. This app offers many features and are 100% safe.

You can download Spy Phone App here.

3. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy

Parents who want to monitor their children’s smartphone activities can use the Mobile Spy app to view locations, SMS, photos, and call details. Employers can also use this software to make sure that the employees are not abusing their internet privileges. By installing the tamper-proof app directly on the device that you wish to monitor, you can easily track the social media activities of your child or employee.


  • Mobile Spy inserts logs of activities into your account so you can view it from any web browser.
  • Monitor sent and received text messages to learn what your employee or child is texting.
  • View number dialed, duration, number of caller, and date to determine who they call and how much time they spend on every conversation.
  • When your child or employee conducts prohibited actions on the tracked device, you will get profanity alert, contact alerts, and geo-fencing alerts.
  • This software lets you monitor all internet activities, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also view their web history.
  • Its GPS tracking feature lets you find out exactly where your employee or child is.
  • This software comes with Application Blocking feature, letting you stop the usage of some or all apps.
  • Mobile Spy premium lets you view the screen live.

You can also notify them that you will track their activities. The device notifications and tamper-proof icon will remind them that you are monitoring their smartphone.

You can buy Mobile Spy here at $49.97 for three months.

4. MSpy


The mSpy software is an advanced tracking technology for mobile devices. You can easily select from the list of activities to monitor, including text messages, phone calls, GPS location, and more. After downloading the software and installation, simply run the file on the device to access recorded data and usage statistics.


  • Intercept instant messages on their WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, and Skype chats to know the truth.
  • Track call history and find out who called, how often, when, and how long each conversation lasted.
  • If your target is texting a lot, you can use mSpy to check sent and received messages of the device.
  • You can monitor the content of each email sent and received to make sure that your child or employees are doing the right things.
  • If you are worried about the safety of your children or the performance of your employees, you can monitor their browser history using mSpy.
  • Access photos and videos of your target. The mSpy software lets you view all multimedia content stored on the target smartphone or device.
  • Do you need to check the phone book and plans of your target? You can access their contacts and calendar easily using mSpy.

MSpy is compatible with Android, Blackberry, and iOS operating systems. The installation requires physical access to the device. If you are targeting an iPhone or iPad, the device has to be jailbroken.

You can purchase mSpy premium here for only €12.04 per month. You can also get the bundle kit for versatile desktop and mobile tracking needs for only €14.59 per month.

5. SpyHuman

SpyHuman is one of the best WhatsApp Spy software that you can use to track the activities of your kid or employee. You can monitor their location, SMS, call logs, and browsing history. You can also monitor their social media activities, including Facebook and WhatsApp for free! Also, this software has anti-theft feature that sends SIM change alerts and location tracking facility to keep you in charge of your phone.


  • Use SpyHuman to track their social media chats, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • You can also check if the target is surfing harmful content online with the Web Monitoring feature.
  • Monitor the call logs and SMS logs of your child or employee to find out what they are up to.
  • Check the location of the device to determine the whereabouts of your employee or child.
  • If you need to check the contact book of your target device, SpyHuman allows you to view the contacts for free.
  • You can monitor the device live and record the surroundings of the target.
  • This software comes with a File Explorer feature, letting you browse through the device to check if there are any secret files. It also lets you monitor all received media files so you can browse through the device’s gallery.

SpyHuman is packed with awesome features that allow parents monitor the activities of their child, not only on WhatsApp but also on Facebook.

You can download SpyHuman for free.

When looking for the best WhatsApp Spy software, make sure that you consider the reliability, features, price, user interface, stealth, and customer service support. If you are not sure of which WhatsApp Spy is the best, we recommend mSpy software. mSpy is cheap, easy to install and use, and is very reliable. It also comes with over twenty features that can transform your smartphone into an advanced spying tool.

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