14 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives To Check History of Sites

Wayback Machine is something that has been used by so many people for different purposes. Some people use it in order to get data that has been previously deleted by a website. There are also some people who use it in order to access information that is no longer available. The use of this tool allows people to find website history.

It should be noted that the use of Wayback Machine can be done in very important situations. The deleted data may not be there much longer. The moment that you find out about it, you should use Wayback Machine to access the data immediately. There is only one problem – the site is not always up and running. There are far too many times when the website is down. It will let you feel that it has failed you.

At the same time, Wayback Machine is amazing but it may lack other features that you also want. You have to know other alternatives to Wayback Machine so that you can use them when the website is down. At the same time, you can also use the others if you want to try something different. Here are some of the alternatives that are worth trying:

Wayback Machine Alternatives

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives To Check History of Sites

  1. Archive.is


Do you want to get an alternative that is also highly functional at the same time? You will not go wrong with this. Aside from the various features that it can offer, a lot of people are liking the fact that it has a very clear interface. This makes navigating around easier to do. There is a search bar there wherein you can place the deleted website that you want to access. You can then get the website’s content. You may also get screenshots of the website too if in case there are some details that you have forgotten.

  1. Competitor Screenshots

Competitor Screenshots

You can already guess what you are going to use this Wayback Alternative tool for. You can easily access it in order to get screenshots of the domain that you are searching for. Aside from getting screenshots, you can also access other features of the website like the e-mail feature. Just take note that you are required to sign in and register first before you can access the website. No worries though because signing in is free.

  1. Screenshots


This is the type of tool that you can use instead of Wayback Machine if you want to see how the website looked like before. You will be given the web page code and then save this code if in case you are going to use it in the future. It may not have all the other features that other alternatives can offer but it can be great to use if you only want simple details. The snapshots that will be taken by this tool will depend on how many times the website was updated before it was taken down.

  1. Domain Tools

Domain Tools

This may normally be used in order to check the registration date of the domains but it does more than that. It can also check full domain history to give you information about how the website was in the past. Using this is easy too. Simply place the domain name in the search box and you can expect to get screenshots and information about the website in a fast manner. You can expect that you will get very useful data afterwards.

  1. ITools


If you are searching for something simple yet trustworthy then you do not have to look any further because ITools can provide what you need. You can actually use this for your own website if you want to check the progress of your site and how popular you have become. You can also gain access to the traffic of other websites. For sure, you will find this vital when you want to check how the websites of your competitors are doing. Some people do not like using this because they do not understand how to find the archive tool. You can go to the internet category and click on websites. This will make it easy for you to access the website you want.

  1. Page Freezer

Page Freezer

If you want to check out a tool that can make archiving websites automatic then this is the one that you should pick. Aside from getting information regarding other websites, you can use this tool for your very own website. It can archive the changes that you make automatically. If in case you make mistakes, you can retreat back to an old archive which you think makes your website work better. This is easy to use too so you will have no issues with using this website.

  1. YubNub


Do you want to access information about the website for your own purpose? This is the right website for you to try. This does not only come with an easy to use interface, it can be very useful too. You simply need to enter the URL of the website that you want to gain more information about. You can expect that data will be available seconds after that. Copy the information that you have gotten because this can be very useful for you too.

  1. WebCite


If you want an archiving tool that can be used easily then you will have no troubles with using this one. You only need to input the domain name in the box. Remember that you need a valid e-mail in order to gain more access to the information. The moment that you have given the information ID, you will be redirected to the page wherein information will be given to you. There is an optional archive request form available if you want to make use of this option too but it will be up to you.

  1. URLInfo by Fagan Finder

If you would like to have access to so many tools that you can use to get more information online then this is the right one for you to use. It will give you the ability to gain all the details that you need about a certain website. The interface is very simple. You simply need to check the information on the search bar.

  1. WHOIS


Do you want to access the archive history of any website that you please? You will not be disappointed with this. It will give you all of the information that you are searching for. In fact, it will even tell you when the website is created and when it was taken down. Details on the number of times it has been updated is also available. The interface is also very easy to work out. No need to do a lot of research to understand how the website can be used.

  1. Alexa

It is very likely that you are familiar with Alexa because it has been mentioned so many times for various purposes. At this point, you may be aware that Alexa is created by Amazon.com which is one of the biggest companies in the online world right now. Using Alexa will provide you information about the history and the details of the website. It is also easy to use. Simply input the URL of the website and all of the details will be available for you to use.

  1. TimeTravel


Do you want to travel back in time and see another website the way that it looked like in the past? Using this Wayback Machine alternative can give you just that. It will allow you to browse through a lot of web pages decades ago. This is also constantly being updated so features that were not available before may be available now. You can use this anytime to gain information about the websites that you like.

  1. Stillio Automatic Screenshots

Stillio Automatic Screenshots

This automatic screenshot service may be the alternative that you will be most comfortable using. Aside from having the ability to browse through web archives, you can also have daily screenshots of various web pages. This allows you to gain information not only about the websites that you are interested in but also social media channels.

  1. Phaidra


A tool that can be used for long term purposes. This is what you can expect from Phaidra. It can give you information about the websites that you are interested in and at the same time, you can also get digital data about your own website. You can make your website even more secure than usual and get meta data for your website as well. Just imagine being able to get the data that you need in a limitless manner. It can give you a great sense of power and this is a great tool that you can use to gain important data.

It is evident that aside from Wayback Machine, there are still a lot of other websites that you can use to gain information about the websites of your competitors. You may also edit and improve your very own website with the use of these tools. The features that you will get are useful. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to try some of these tools now? Which one do you think is the best? You can share your thoughts below.Archive.

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