12 Best Free Video Call and Video Chat App

You have to admit that things have changed tremendously. If in the past, the only way that people can communicate with each other is by sending letters and talking on the phone, the appearance of gadgets has made it possible for people to do video calling and even chatting through their smartphones and tablets.This article show you 12 best free video call and video chat app.

In order to do video chatting, your smartphone would need the following:

  • A front facing camera
  • Fast internet connection
  • The right application

You have to realize that aside from personal reasons, people are now talking about their business ventures and their next tasks over their phones. While some smartphones already have built in video and chatting applications that will allow them to talk with others who also have similar applications, you should look for some that are available in all platforms so that you can chat with everyone that you need to speak with.

You do realize why video chatting is convenient, right? It is because you always have your smartphone with you. As long as you have adequate battery life, you can just call the person that you would like to chat with and see them face to face. This is the usual means of communication of people who are in long distance relationships and even family members who just need to see each other.

With the number of applications that are available, how can you make a decision? You have to consider your phone’s main platform and the applications that are compatible with it. You may want to look for some that are free.

12 Best Free Video Call and Video Chat App

  1. Skype


This is probably one of the most known applications for video calling and chatting available. This is available not only through laptops but also through your smartphones and tablets. It has hundreds of millions of users from different parts of the globe.

You can use it to video chat, voice chat and send instant messages. As long as you add the person to your list, then you can already communicate. The fact that it is very easy to use makes it highly sought after.

Download Skype Here

  1. Hangouts


If you have an Android phone, there is a very big chance that Hangouts will be one of the applications that is built in with your device. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular video calling applications right now.

The fact that you can use it to communicate with 10 people all at the same time makes it highly ideal. If you want to do video conferences, this can be good for you. Use this to send instant messages but you can also use this to make SMS messages.

Download Hangouts Here

  1. Viber


There are some usual tasks that you like the video chat application to offer. Viber can give you the option to text all of your peers for free. You can also call people whenever you want to. Sending various pictures to different people can be easy to do as well. If in case you need to speak with different people all at once, you can use Viber as it will allow you to work with more than 40 participants all at once.

Download Viber Here

  1. Camfrog


Unlike other video applications that will only allow you to speak with people that are part of your contacts list, this application will allow you to join public groups and chat with different people.

This can be great if you like to meet new people. This is considered to be a hybrid of a video chat app and a social discovery app. No matter what your smartphone’s platform is, you can download this easily.

Download Camfrog Here

  1. Peer

Do you want to have a video application that you can use for all of your business needs? Perhaps you want to have a separate video application for your business partners from the people that are part of your personal life. This is an application that naturally syncs with LinkedIn so you can have professional contacts.

It also has a lot of other features that can be used effectively. For example, if you want to send invitations to some business associates, you can create pre-recorded videos or messages that you can send to them. It will make the invitation more formal even if it is done through a video chat application.

Download Peer Here

  1. FaceTime


This is an application that is completely free of cost. This can be very effective if you want to do video conference with different people all at once. The only things that you need when you are using this application is a front facing camera and fast Internet connection. This has been introduced a few years back when the iPhone 4 was released. It has improved greatly since then.

Download FaceTime Here

  1. JusTalk


Do you think that you have the right video application on your phone? This is one of the right applications for you to check if you are particular about video calling. This has a lot of features that are useful as well. For example, you can create groups so that you can include a lot of people all at once.

You can send various messages to different people immediately. You can make free phone calls as well when you are using your data. You can also doodle on your video chats to make them more personal. You can connect it with your Facebook account so that you can connect with different people easily.

Download JusTalk Here

  1. Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk

This is a free application although it may have some in-app purchases that will help you maximize what this application has to offer. There are over a hundred million users from different parts of the world that are using this mainly because of the cute and unique stickers that they can use. There are even some people who even purchase Kakao Talk merchandise because they like it so much. You can add people who are their BBM pins.

Download Kakao Talk Here

  1. Line


If you are searching for another immensely popular video chat application then this is the one that you should use. According to the creator of this application, it has over 600 million users from different parts of the world.

The main reason why it is popular is because of the endorsement of some popular personalities. At the same time, it has a lot of useful features that people like a lot. You can try this out whether you are using your computer or any of your gadgets. Try to send instant messages to your friends with the use of this application now.

Download Line Here

  1. Tango


There was a time when the video chat applications were not that many yet. There were only a few applications available and Tango was one of those that were considered good. The popularity that it has received because it was good is not unfounded.

There are good reasons for it. This has been tremendously improved over the past years. Now, it is not only effective when you are trying to speak with people that you know. It will also allow you to speak with people that you have not met. There are different group chats that you can be a part of if you want to talk with people with interests that are the same as yours. Its uniqueness might make this your favorite application after using it for some time.

Download Tango Here

  1. WeChat


There are over a hundred million users who have used WeChat for quite some time already. This has a lot of features that you will truly need like the fact that you can send messages with the rest of your friends. You can also do free video calling and free voice calling. If in case you want to find new friends, it makes use of Friend Radar, a location-based feature that will allow you to meet with people who are within the same area.

Download WeChat Here

  1. ICQ


This has been around for a long time and it was even a competitor of AOL back then. While there are a lot of video applications that are available now that may offer other features, this is already tried and tested so you will have no problems with using this at all.

It has a built in messenger service that will allow you to speak with people that you know and at the same time, you can use this in order to call other people through videos. The security that this can give you will be highly effective.

Download ICQ Here

There are a lot of video chats that are available for both Android and iOS. Why should you settle for applications that will require you to spend a bit of money when all of the ones that are mentioned above are free? They can offer all of the features that you are searching for.

At the same time, the in-app purchases are not required. You can just purchase them if you feel the need to do so and if you do, they are not expensive as well. Remember that using these applications may be easier if you are connected through Wi-Fi so you will not eat up your data plan.

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