10 Best TV Remote Control Apps for Android

There are many reasons why having an excellent TV remote control app on your device is worth downloading. These apps may even provide you features that your TV remote control does not have like controlling other appliances as well.

Whether you lost your remote control or you are too lazy to find it, having a TV remote control app on your device is always handy! If you are too busy with your social media and you also want to switch the channel, having an app on your phone can make the task easier for you. Whatever your reason is, there are many TV Remote Control apps that you can download designed to give you control over your TV.


10 Best TV Remote Control Apps for Android

One of the less appreciated features on Android devices is the IR blaster. But this feature practically allows you to do lots of things and one of those is using your smartphone or tablet to control your television.

Controlling your home TV from your device is a great experience for many Android users. Many smartphones and tablets already have built-in IR Blaster or emitter which allows your device to be converted easily into a TV remote! If your device did not come with IR Blaster, you can also use Wi-Fi to do the task!

But before downloading any of the apps, make sure that your device is compatible with them. And because there are different TVs and set ups, you may find it difficult getting the remote that works on you. Here, we enlisted the best TV remote apps for Android. At least one of them should work on your TV.

#1 Anymote Universal Remote (Smart IR Remote)

This Anymote Universal Remote Control for TVs and Home Electronics can be the TV remote control app that you’ll ever need. It supports more than 900,000 devices and they keep on adding more. Aside from your TV, this remote control app can also be used for controlling air conditioning unit, DLSR cameras, smart home equipment, set top boxes, video game consoles and more. Phones without IR can still use the app with WiFi.

Anymote Universal Remote (Smart IR Remote)

Features of this app:

  • You can swipe, tap and hold to switch channels, increase or decrease volume and more. It’s very easy to use.
  • This app can mute your TV or pause media player or switch it off when your phone receives a call. Cool, right?
  • Group commands – For example, it allows you to turn on your TV, Xbox and surround system with one tap. You can also favorite your commands.
  • It can be your DVD remote, VCR remote, Amplifier remote, AC remote and more!
  • This app can stay above other apps which show immediately with only one tap. It also allows you to use the remote even when using other apps.

This app however is not compatible with Sony phones, Vizio and Huawei. It is also not compatible with LG G# A or LG G3 S.

#2 Easy Universal TV Remote

This app is one of the most downloaded TV remote control apps and also one of the top rated on Google Play Store. It has user friendly interface which you can easily configure and connect to your television. This app works on devices with built-in IR blaster or emitter. You can also use external IR blaster if your device does not have built-in IR blaster. It can also be used over WiFi. This app is compatible with most LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung TVs. It also works for TV Sharp, TV Vizio, and more.

Features of the app:

  • It works with WiFi so you can control Smart TV which does not have IR blaster.
  • You can use the IR port of your movie phone to work exactly like electronic universal remote.
  • The interface is very easy and clean which contains the basic buttons that are placed right without cluttering the whole screen. It looks just like a real remote.

#3 LG TV Remote

LG TV Remote, from the name itself is officially made by LG for Android devices. It allows you to use your device in controlling their Smart TVs easier. This app is also user friendly as the interface is very easy to use.

LG TV Remote

Features of the app:

  • It has Mini TV features for some models so you can continuously watch live channels on your smartphone or tablet. Mini TV feature supports DTV, ATV, AV/SCART and COMP.
  • Built-in camera which allows you to capture TV screen easily so you can add drawings or comments

#4 Google Cast (Chromecast)

Google has spent a lot of years completing the art of playing music, video and other media on your smartphone, tablet and computers and now able to access your television! You will need Chromecast Audio device or Chromecast to be able to use the service and it is worth it as many apps can also take advantage from it. If you subscribed to many streaming services, it is possible that some of them are compatible with the service and it’s like having the cable box plus remote in your hands.

Google Cast (Chromecast)

Features of the app:

  • You can easily browse popular or trending content from your apps.
  • You can use your voice search in looking content by TV show, movie or actors.
  • Speakers together with multi-groups can be sync to have excellent playback in the room.
  • You can discover more cast-enabled apps to watch and play on your TV.
  • You can customize TV screens with beautiful themes.
  • You can play, pause and change volume in all Google Cast devices.

The only disadvantage is that Chromecast hardware will cost you more than just the app but it is worth it. Google Cast app is like your one-stop shop for discovering what you can do. By simply tapping the Cast button on your device or laptop, you can send the content to the largest screen. Some features however are not available in all countries.

#5 SURE Universal Remote

If you are still looking for another alternative, you can check out SURE Universal Remote. This app works with both IR and Wireless devices. If you are tired of using many remote controls, SURE universal remote can simplify your interactions with your home devices. SURE Universal remote also works with Wi-Fi to IR transmitters that can be bought online if your device does not have built-in IR blaster. This app is free however there are ads. To remove the ads you can upgrade it to pro version.

Features of this app:

  • This app allows you to control not only your TV but also air con, media streamer and other devices.
  • It can also be used with Smart TVs to stream videos and photos from your device to television.

#6 Unified Remote

Unified Remote can control your computer. It has support for Linux, Mac and PC and it comes pre-loaded with support for many functions such as remote to control mouse, keyboard and other things. This app is perfect for those with HTPC set ups, Arduino Yun devices and Raspberry Pi devices. It has free version which includes 18 free remotes while the paid version includes over 90 remotes, Android Wear support, NFC support and more.

Unified Remote

Features of this app:

  • Free version includes 18 remotes which allow you to control your TV, computer and more.
  • You can stream Hulu, Netflix and YouTube with this app and open browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • You can also control presentations like PowerPoint, Google Presentation and Keynote.
  • It supports single and multi-touch mouse control.
  • You can turn on and off your computer easily and open programs with this app.

#7 Smart TV Remote

Smart TV Remote is one of the popular and free TV remote apps for Android. It has more than 15 million downloads worldwide. It has user friendly interface and very easy to connect which is ideal for beginners. It supports almost all TV brands and all model of Samsung TV. This app is free but you can always upgrade it to remove annoying ads and it is also a way of supporting the app.

Features of this app:

  • This remote can control up to four devices at a time: TV, cable box, media player and audio receiver.
  • You can easily set your favorite TV channels. There are no annoying channel sorting.
  • With widgets, notifications and smart action bar, this app is always available even if you are using other apps.
  • You can use this to turn on and off all your devices.

#8 Peel Universal Remote TV Guide

Many Android phone users are very familiar with this app. It doesn’t only control your TV but it also provides excellent features that users totally love. It also has built-in TV guide which allows you to find content to watch as well as which channels to watch it from. The only downfall of this app is that it is only limited to compatible brands. However, if your brand is compatible with this app, you can surely enjoy the features that come along with it and you can check available contents to watch.

Features of this app:

  • Easily find something good to watch – This app provides TV guide listings based on your preferences and according to your previously watched. It organizes everything with its user friendly interface.
  • It is used for controlling not only your TV but also set-top box, Blu-ray, Roku, Audio systems, DVD player and other home appliances like heaters and air conditioners using built-in infrared blaster.
  • You can personalize your TV channel listing and discover streamed content easily.
  • The more you use this app, the more it knows more about you. It can recommend content that it thinks you’d like to watch,
  • You can set a reminder so you would not miss your favorite shows.

#9 TV (Samsung) Remote Control

This TV remote app works on phones and tables with built-in IR blaster. If the device does not have built-in infrared port, it can also use WiFi or LAN. The appearance of this app looks like your normal Samsung TV remote so if you are using Samsung TV and you are too lazy to look for your remote, this app will definitely work for you as you can be familiar with the buttons.


Features of this app:

  • The user interface of this app is a Samsung remote control which Samsung TV owners would definitely love.
  • No push notification ads or any pop-up ads so you can enjoy your remote without ads popping all of a sudden.

#10 Super TV Remote Control

This app is another excellent universal TV remote app which supports almost all popular brands of televisions. It has off and on button, mute, and the basic buttons that you can see in a normal remote. It’s like having a real remote in your hands. It comes with user friendly interface and easy setup features. It is compatible for Samsung TV, LG TV, Sharp TV, Vizio TV, Sony TV and Panasonic TV. This app may not support all TVs on the market but it supports almost 90 percent of the television.

Features of this app:

  • This app supports almost 90 percent of TV models worldwide so this app has the highest chance to work on your device.
  • You can easily connect your new remote to TV through IR Blaster or Wi-Fi.
  • It is very easy to set it up for infrared supported televisions. Smart TV can be connected to your Wi-Fi instead.

These are some of the best TV remote apps for Android and at least one of the apps should work on your device and your TV. The advantage of using your phone as your universal remote is that your phone is always with you. There is no need to search under the pillows or sofa. It’s also cool to control other appliances with only one gadget.

You can now instantly convert your smartphone or tablet to a remote control. If you have other apps to suggest, share it with us in the comments.

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