How to Track Your Lost Android Phone Step by Step

Have you lost your android phone?Are you looking for the ways to track your lost android phone?

We have all lost our cell phone at some point – here and there in our homes, some of the time in the auto and in some cases out in the wild obscure.

Facilitate your feelings of dread and set up a system before your most dire outcome imaginable strikes. For best finding outcomes, your android phone should be associated with a Wi-Fi. However, GPS and portable systems will figure out how to pinpoint a genuinely exact area. You should likewise have a Google represent for all intents and purposes the greater part of the following administrations accessible, regardless of whether they are inherent or downloaded.

How to Track Your Lost Android Phone

How to Track Your Lost Android Phone Step by Step

Track Your Android Phone with Google

Presently as opposed to looking wherever to track it down, you can depend on Google for offer assistance.

This little-known Google feature gives you a chance to discover your Android phone or utilizing Google’s internet searcher on your PC, the length of you meet the correct criteria.

Your Android telephone ought to have the Google App installed. You need to have Now cards empowered. Do not forget to active Web and App action. Turned on Google Now alerts. Enable “High precision” mode for your location detailing.

Here’s the manner by which it works:

Method #1: When The Phone is Outside of Your Home

  • To begin with, utilize your PC program to sign into the Google account you have set up on your telephone.
  • Presently sort the expression “discover my telephone” into Google’s web crawler on your PC. Accordingly, Google shows a guide that endeavors to focus in on the area of your gadget.
  • Give it no less than a few seconds, and you will inevitably observe an area on the guide that is sufficiently exact to give you a feeling of where you cleared out the phone. For instance, the guide revealed to me that the area of my gadget was exact to 46 feet.

Method #2: When The Phone is Inside Your Home

Alright, that is fine. Now, imagine a scenario in which your telephone is lost some place in your home. Google won’t reveal to you what room it’s in. However, it can ring your gadget so you can try to track it down yourself.

  • To ring your android phone, tap the symbol or connection for Ring on the guide.
  • Your gadget will ring at full volume for up to five minutes.
  • When you discover it, essentially tap the power button if you want to turn off the ringing.

How to Track Your Samsung Android Phone

Create a Samsung account to your phone. Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the Samsung Find My Mobile administration, you should have your Samsung account connected with your phone.

  • You can do this by opening the Settings menu,
  • Choosing “Accounts and sync”,
  • After that tapping “Add Account” option, and
  • Afterward tapping “Samsung account”.

You will be provoked to enter your Samsung login data, or you can make another account.

Step #1: Empower Remote Controls

This should be empowered to utilize the Find My Mobile feature. When you enlist a Samsung account on your phone it is empowered as a matter of course.

  • You can check to guarantee it is turned on by opening the Settings menu
  • After that tapping “Location and security”, and
  • Checking the “Remote controls” box.

Step #2: Open the Find My Mobile site

It is possible to access this through Samsung site. You will be made a request to sign in with your Samsung account. Ensure that it is a similar record that is related to your lost phone.

Step #3: Find Your Phone.

Tap the “Locate my device” catch in the left menu. A guide will open, demonstrating the last known area of your phone.

Choose an action that is suitable for you. You can utilize the left menu to browse an assortment of activities to perform on your lost phone:

  • Ring My Phone: This will make your phone ring, making it less demanding to discover on the off chance that it is lost adjacent.
  • Lock My Phone: This will empower you to enter another code to bolt your phone. You can likewise show a message and phone number that individuals can call on the off chance that they discover your Samsung phone.
  • Call logs: You can check the greater part of your current calls utilizing this alternative. This will fill you in as to whether other individuals have been utilizing your gadget without your consent.
  • Wipe My Phone: This will delete the majority of the information on your phone on the off chance that it is totally lost or stolen. Be cautious while choosing this alternative, as it is irreversible. You can decide to simply eradicate the media stockpiling, or totally wipe the phone to production line settings.

Track Someone Else's Android Phone

How to Track Someone Else’s Android Phone

You have to install a 3rd party tracking application on the phone you need to track. There are many apps that will permit you to track gadgets that have the program introduced. Each phone that you need to track should have the application introduced on the telephone. Prevalent applications include GPS Tracking Pro (Android).

There are likewise GPS following applications that mask themselves, for example, GPS Tracker Hidden for Android. Keeping in mind the end goal to introduce a concealed following application on an iPhone, the iPhone you need to track should be jailbroken.

There is no technique for following a phone unless you have by and by introduced the application on the phone you need to track, or you have that individual’s consent to track them.

Tracking a phone without consent is not legal.

Check with your mobile service provider to track family phones. In the event that you have a family arrange with your cell specialist co-op, you might have the capacity to empower following for the telephones on that arrangement. This is particularly helpful if your kids have telephones on your arrangement and you need to monitor them. A portion of the significant administrations include:

Get your family and companions marked into a similar informal organization. There are following applications that permit you to impart your areas to different clients in your system. This can be extraordinary for families with numerous cell phones that need to have the capacity to monitor each other. Every relative or companion should be agreed to accept the administration and consent to share areas. Prominent programs include:

How to Reclaim Your Lost Phone

Method #1: Call your Phone

On the off chance that you have lost a traditional phone (non-smart) that does not have web availability, you won’t have the capacity to track the telephone on the web and should utilize different strategies. Start by calling the telephone. In case you’re fortunate, the individual who stole your telephone may reply. On the other hand, if your telephone has basically been lost, somebody may answer who can meet you at an area to trade the phone.

In the event that you call your phone and somebody answers, say “Hi, this is [your name], and you are holding my phone. The telephone is imperative to me and I have to get it back; is there an area where we could meet and trade the phone?”

Method #2: Text Your Phone

Regardless of the possibility that nobody addressed when you called your telephone, it is as yet worth messaging it. The thief may alter their opinion, and choose to give back the telephone to you, its proprietor. Send a concise content that gives your contact data and requests the telephone to be returned. On the off chance that you think it would help, you could likewise guarantee a reward to the individual on the off chance that they give back your phone.

To do this, you will require access to another mobile phone. You can ask your friend to borrow the phone. In case you’re not close to a companion, a kind outsider may permit you to acquire their mobile phone to content yours.

Method #3: Be Careful While Trading

Take Safety Measures When You Meet to Trade Your Phone. On the off chance that somebody—regardless of whether the criminal at first took your telephone—consents to meet with you to give your telephone back to you, play it safe. Organize to meet with the person in an open place, for example, a city square or travel station—amid light hours. On the off chance that conceivable, don’t go alone; carry a companion with you for fraternity and security. Request that your friend brings the phone, so they can call the police on the off chance that anything illegal happens.

Regardless of the possibility that the individual giving back your telephone sounds cordial via phone, you ought to at present arrangement to take prudent steps.

Notify Service Providers

Notify Service Providers and Authorities

Method #1: Contact Authorities

On the off chance that you inform the police that your lost phone, they might have the capacity to give restricted help finding it. Call 911, or the non-crisis police number, to contact your neighborhood police office.

Nearby law authorization will probably approach you for the serial number for your telephone. The Android ID number capacities as a serial number; you can discover your Android ID by expelling the battery from the back of your telephone and looking underneath. The Android ID will be a progression of numbers went before by the identifier “IMEI” (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Method #2: Alert Your Mobile Service Provider

In the event that you have called your phone and searched for it without results, you have to call your telephone specialist co-op and advise them that your telephone has been stolen. The specialist organization might have the capacity to run a GPS inquiry to find your missing phone.

On the off chance that a GPS search is impossible— or if the outcomes are unprofitable— request that your specialist organization suspend administration to your phone. This will keep the cheat from making telephone rings and conceivably rack up a costly phone charge.

Method #3: Search for the Phone in Person

Recall where you may have been the point at which your phone was stolen, and afterward backtrack your means here. The cheat may have immediately altered their opinions in the wake of taking your telephone and, in case you’re fortunate, may have dropped the telephone inside a couple of hundred yards of where they stole it.

Stroll through spots where you invested energy before your telephone was stolen, and keep calling your phone while searching for it.

Android Device Manager

Things You Should Know about Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is popular, however, it is not without its confinements. For instance, if your phone is lost and you do not have a lock screen and the cheat has as of now played out an industrial facility reset, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The telephone is no longer connected to your Google Account by then, so Google has no chance to get off following it.

On the off chance that the telephone happens to kick the bucket before you can track it, or the hoodlum kills it, all expectation isn’t completely lost—Android Device Manager will attempt to give the last checked area. This will give you a thought of where you could’ve lost it. You can likewise trust that whoever discovers it will put it on charge for you—then you’ll have the capacity to track it once more. Or, then again perhaps they’ll simply call you. That’d be perfect as well.

How to Use Third-Party Apps to Track Your Android Phone

Family Locator

This application by Life360 is basically a GPS tracker for telephones yet is particularly helpful for families with numerous telephones being used. Your relatives turn into a “Circle”, the application’s name for a shut gathering of individuals who agree to have their telephones followed continuously. Your relatives will show up on live maps inside the application as meager symbols with the goal that you can see where everybody is at any given minute.

The application additionally permits you to talk with individuals in your Circle or communicate a meeting time and area. Furthermore, obviously, if a telephone from inside your Circle is ever lost or stolen, the application will track it on the guide.

Prey Anti-Theft

This application is noteworthy in that three distinct gadgets can be secured through one download. You will be able to sound a caution from your missing telephone, take screenshots if it’s being used, and secure the gadget the minute you understand it’s missing.

Once you have downloaded the application, it will walk you through a progression of instructional exercises to demonstrate to you proper methodologies to utilize your Prey Account to track your telephone. The application itself is free and doesn’t require extra buys so as to get to the top of the line highlights.

Lost Android

This app will permit you to have remote access to your missing telephone through their site. Here, you’ll have the capacity to delete delicate data on the off chance that you expect that your telephone may never be returned, or send messages to your telephone in the expectations of somebody finding and returning it.

Furthermore, you can decide to remotely forward any calls you might miss to another number and record a running rundown of any calls or messages made or photographs brought with your smartphone.

Where’s My Droid

The essential elements of the Where’s My Droid application permit you to ring your telephone in the event that you lose it, find it by means of GPS on Google Maps, and utilize a password to forestall unapproved changes to applications on your Android telephone. Stealth Mode additionally forestalls any individual who finds your telephone from seeing your approaching instant messages; rather they’ll see an adaptable consideration word that alarms them of the telephone’s lost or stolen status.

The Pro form of the application is premium, It lets you remotely wipe information from your phone. You can use a landline to get to your phone and remotely lock the gadget.

Bottom Line

Google’s phone location tools and applications are your most solid option. The length you have experienced the way toward setting things up early. Truly, this ought to be something you set up on any gadget you think about. You can install it on a phone that will have touchy information. Google has made it simple to find your gadget.

Obviously, one of the advantages of Android is having the flexibility to alter your experience as you see fit. In the event that for reasons unknown Google’s putting forth simply doesn’t cut it for you, you ought to consider the outsider alternatives we’ve highlighted above, as they incorporate some shrewd components that may give you some additional genuine feelings of serenity if your phone lost.

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