11 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

For the past few years, we have seen the development of social media networks. Since people who are using these platforms to connect with their families, friends, other people and different brands, many businesses take advantage of this opportunity to promote their products and services.

Social Media has become a very important digital marketing tool that allows all businesses to get more exposure.

The more active your business is in social media, the more people become aware of your brand’s existence. Social media has 757 million active users per day and counting so the more social media platforms you use, the more you increase your online presence.

This only means that marketing your brand is easier today than before. There are still many things that digital marketers need to know when it comes to social media marketing. In order to deliver brand awareness, here are the best social media marketing strategies that you can apply.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Before we proceed to the best social media marketing strategies, you first need to consider your business’ goals. Consider the needs of your business and think how social media marketing can contribute to achieve your goals. This allows you to come up with your own strategies and goals. Choose objectives according to your resources.

#1 Target Customers

Even if digital marketing is easier than traditional marketing, it is still important to identify your target market in order to be effective. Your ideal customers can affect your social media marketing strategies in many ways.

Even if you are doing your best to promote your product or service with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram but you have the wrong market, you may suffer from low engagement. The 4 Ps of marketing still applies even in digital marketing. You do not want to waste your resources for the wrong audiences.

Targeting your social media market is vital especially if you are using marketing tools where you need to pay to reach more engagement. Knowing your target market’s age, location, income, likes, dislikes, interests and background can make it easier and less expensive to target them on social media platforms. Getting the right market allows you to increase your conversions and can lead to higher return of investment.

#2 More Social Media Networks

One of the biggest social media networks today is Facebook which has more than one billion active users and around 60 percent are online every day. Even though Facebook is the most leading force, it should not be your only social media network.

Many social media platforms are also popular so combining these social networks can help you increase your business’ online presence. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and Pinterest are also most used by many businesses in their promotional strategies. These social networks allow you to share photos, videos and other types of content to keep the users aware of your products or services.  It is also essential to keep the consistency in all social media networks that your brand uses.

There is no need to use all the big networks available online. Depending on your target market and your business, at least three platforms would be great. Use the right platforms that your target customers always use. This prevents you from wasting your time on wrong platforms.

For example, you just opened a furniture business. You can link your website to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so people can see your products and styles. Pinterest is also a great platform for furnishing brands. You can go for all platforms or just choose the best ones that you can handle regularly for your business.

#3 Allocate Budget and Resources

There are many marketing tools available online. Make a detailed list of the marketing tools that you want to use such as social media monitoring and Customer Relationship Management. Check for services that you need like video production or graphic designs and other advertising tools that you have to use. According to your strategies, you can plan for your expenses.

Before going into paid advertisements, it is important to arrange your social channels first with the right content and attractive visuals so you can capture people.

#4 Story Telling

With so many platforms available today, it is now easier even for small businesses to advertise their products and services. However, direct selling of your products to your customers may have negative impacts to your brand.

People prefer stories more than extensive promotions as they are already tired of advertisements that only mention “Buy” and “Price” all the time. Instead of pulling your customers closer to your brand, you tend to push them away.

One of the new methods of promoting products or services is story telling. Many big companies in the market today are using this method which is very effective to increase their sales. Stories can make people become interested of your brand and you will likely to get new customers when you apply this strategy. This is because people remember stories more than words of promotion.

For instance, a neighbor wanted to introduce his son. There is a higher chance to remember the funny or emotional stories about the son than his age or birthday. People like to hear stories and if the stories are fun, emotional or educational enough, your target market will surely remember them.

#5 Content Strategy for Every Channel

Social media platforms are only effective with great and right content. Some business marketers make various errors by posting the same contents on all social media platforms. Sharing the same content through all platforms would not be able to deliver the message you want to send. This is because each social media platform is designed for specific demographic and category so sharing the same kind of content may not be able to help your brand.

For instance, Facebook users may be interested in textual content, photos and short videos while Instagram and Pinterest users are more interested only in high quality photos or entertaining visual content. LinkedIn users are more focused on businesses and looking for educational matter.

Every platform has different purposes. The best way to deal with all your chosen platforms is to know the right format of your content whether textual, visual or audiovisual.

Sharing educational content is also one of the most effective strategies in online marketing. People tend to share posts that they think are beneficial to them and to others. This allows your brand to get more exposure and your brand will gain wider audience. Sharing educational content and useful articles that your targeted customers find interesting lets your website reach more people.

#6 Research Competitors

Researching about your competitors allows you to get more ideas of what can be done so you can combine different strategies on your own. You can start checking at least five of your main competitors and see the social platforms that they use to connect with their customers. This lets you know the number of followers or fans that they have and the frequency of their posts.

You can also check the type of content that they are sharing (promotional, educational and storytelling) and how they reply to their audiences. This strategy gives you many ideas and at the same time, makes you even more competitive in your industry.

#7 Contests and Activities

One of the best social media marketing strategies is to involve your target market in different activities. Contests and activities are effective in making your audience interested and they get to know more about your brand.

For example, many new businesses conduct contests on Facebook by telling their customers to “Like” and “Share” their FB page or their product and random winners will receive their latest product or service. Doing this provides you free promotion as your followers or fans expose your brand to their friends.

There are many activities that you can conduct on different platforms. Just make sure that these activities can bring more potential customers to your business. The more times you allow your customers to participate, the more you build relationship with them. This makes your customers loyal to your brand.

#8 Respond to Comments, Suggestions, Complaints and Questions

Most people leave comments, suggestions, questions and sometimes, complaints to the brands that they are following. If a visitor posts or tweets on your page and does not get a reply, trust is broken. Disappointed potential customer will go to competitors to get answers.

Social media users expect even just a short response. Delivering a reply on time pleases the potential customer and they become interested of your brand. This also lets them know that you actually are reading their ideas, questions or complaints and that your brand would like to deliver the best for your customers.

Responding to customers or potential customers also creates a good impression to your brand. If a potential customer sees that you make time to listen to your customers, there is a higher chance that they become impressed and will like or follow your page.

This strategy can also build a strong relationship and trust to your viewers. Answering their questions can also lead to higher conversion rate. Once your customers trust your brand, they start spreading the word which leads to more potential customers.

Here are 3 ways to boost your potential customers’ happiness.

  • Assign a member to monitor each channel.
  • Create a basic troubleshoot archive for common complaints and bugs so you can easily handle all the issues that may arise. For problems that need more assistance, make sure to send private messages or have email support.
  • Always respond to comments, suggestions and inquiries!

#9 Accept Mistakes

Even the most popular brands commit mistakes once or twice. After all, we are all humans so it is almost impossible to avoid errors one hundred percent. Instead of ignoring issues like these, it is much better to just accept them.

For example, a customer posted on your Facebook page about an incomplete package that you delivered. Instead of deleting the post, make an apologetic response as soon as you can and make an action. This lets other customers know that your customer service is handling all issues and not just ignored.

One great example is the exploding issue occurred to Samsung Galaxy Note S7. Instead of ignoring the problem, Samsung made a corrective action immediately to help the ALL customers. In fact, this event has been appreciated by most mobile users even those who are using different brands of smart phones. Accepting mistakes gains more love.

#10 Assign Roles for Different Responsibilities

Knowing the roles of every team member can prevent confusion in the long run. Each member can also focus on their tasks and can avoid mess. For example, one can be responsible for advertisements, one for video content, one for graphic content, one for responding to audiences and more.

#11 Mobile Social Media Marketing

Most social media users log in to their accounts using their smartphones. Since mobile phones have become a necessity to everyone, most people open their social media accounts on mobile instead of laptops or computers for more convenience.

According to an official press from Facebook, there were approximately 556 million mobile daily users. This just means that mobile social media marketing is even more powerful so digital marketers should also create contents for mobile users. Contents, pictures or videos should be easy to view as slow loading contents are likely to be ignored.


Marketing strategies has been changed after the introduction of different social media platforms. Many channels opened up for marketers which made advertising a lot easier than before. These tools are powerful as we can connect to our target market without too much effort. Sharing content and promotions also take seconds to spread around the world.

With best social media marketing strategies, you can drive more traffic to your website and increase sales. It is also easier to communicate with your target market and potential customers so building a good relationship with them only takes few clicks.

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