Top 7 Slow Motion Video Apps For Android

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Making videos is fun and what is even more fun is to watch them. Sometimes, if we want our videos to look cool, we edit them. With slow motion video apps for Android, you can easily adjust the speed of the video and create slow motion videos. This amazing feature will ensure that your high quality videos get a new professional look.

Slow motion videos create a completely different viewer experience. If you are an Android user, make sure to try out slow motion video apps for Android presented in this article. With an app like this, you can make any video look funny or use it for productive purposes as well. For example, you can slow down fast instruction videos so that it is easier for you to understand something. You can also slow down rain or a dog running to make the video more fun. The possibilities are endless and it is up to you to make the most out of these apps.

Top 7 Slow Motion Video Apps For Android

Interested in adding some creativity to your videos and making them more useful or fun? There are many slow motion apps on the market for you to choose from. Keep reading and discover some of the top slow motion video apps for Android, both the free ones and paid ones.

1. SloPro


SloPro is definitely one of the best slow motion video apps for Android out there. This app only focuses on slow motion and fast motion editing of the videos and it is very efficient at that. As the app is very good at what it does, it comes with a price. If you are using the free version of the app, a watermark will be added onto your video once you are done with the editing. If you don’t like the watermark, then you can buy the premium version which is free of watermarks. The premium version is a good investment, as it also offers additional awesome features.

One of the best features of SloPro is that it lets you make your video fast or slow in real-time. This way, you won’t have to specify the speed and the exact part of the video in order to edit it. Instead, you can simply play the video and select different speed at different parts of the recording. SloPro allows you to change the speed while the video is playing. There are 6 speeds from you to choose from. 3 of them are slow and 3 are fast. While these options are a bit limited, it makes it easier for the user to navigate through the editing.

Furthermore, with SloPro you can also share the edited videos on social media networks directly.

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2. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX

Another one of the best slow motion video apps for Android is Slow Motion Video FX. This is a fully features application created with the purpose of offering Slow motion and fast motion edits of the videos. The app is free to use but contains ads which can be removed by paying for a premium version. The videos created in free version are free of watermarks and the ads are also not too intrusive.

Slow Motion Video FX is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can use it to edit already existing videos or record brand new videos using slow/fast motion features. The videos can be sped up by up to 5 times and slowed down to around a half of the original speed.

The app also lets you edit the speed of a specific part of the video only. As you edit your videos using Slow Motion Video FX, the original video will remain untouched and the edited video will save as a copy. When the video processing is done, you can use the app to share the video on your social networks.

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3. KMPlayer


KMPlayer is a video player application that entitles numerous interesting and useful features. One of them is slow motion and fast motion video editing. While the app itself isn’t designed specifically for speed editing purposes, it still does a good job. Furthermore, KMPlayer supports high quality videos and ensures that the edited videos are of good quality as well.

KMPlayer doesn’t offer sharing or saving of the videos, so you can’t use it for that purpose. Nevertheless, it works well when you have to slow down a video in order to properly watch it. You can decrease or increase the speed as the video progresses by tapping on ‘-‘ or ‘+’ buttons. The speed can be decreased up to 0.1x and increased up to 4x.

KMPlayer is suggested for people who watch instructional videos, for example cooking or dancing instructions, and need to slow down or speed up the video for one time use.

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4. Hudl Technique

Another one of the top slow motion video apps for Android is Hudl Technique. This app has been designed specifically with the purpose of providing trainers and athletes with detailed feedback. The app offers slow motion in real time. The user can stop or slow down video at any part. They can also comment on specific parts of the video and create simple diagrams. This can help athletes and their trainers focus on specific actions individually.

Furthermore, the video or specific parts of it can be shared via social networks. Hudl Technique allows you to create new videos using slow motion features or import existing videos and edit them. Another great feature that this app offers is zooming. You can zoom into any area of the video if you wish to observe specific movements of the athlete. You can also compare 2 different videos side by side. If you wish to organize your videos, Hudl Technique can help you by creating different groups.

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5. VideoShop


VideoShop is probably the best overall video editing app for Android. This app is rich in features that will let you edit your videos in real time. One of these cool features includes slow motion and fast motion editing of the videos. A great thing about VideoShop’s sped editing is that you use a horizontal slider to make video either slower or faster. The effects are visible right away, in real time, so you can keep on changing the speed until it suits you.

Using VideoShop, the speed can be increased up to 4 times and decreased to 0.1 times. When you are done editing your video, you simply click on ‘Done’ and the video will be modified. You can then share the video on social networks. What makes this app so cool are its features and effects that can make your slow/fast motion videos look even better.

Some of the other features that this app offers also include sound effects, merging and resizing of videos, cutting out undesired parts of videos, adding your own music to the videos, display adjustments, various texts and titles that can be added to your videos, filters, reverse videos playing, and more.

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6. Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool is another app designed specifically to offer fast and slow motion video editing features. The app is free to use but is ad supported. Nevertheless, it offers advanced video acceleration features. Using this app, the videos can be accelerated up to 8 times of the original speed. They can also be slowed down to 0.1 times.

As you launch this app, your videos appear at the main interface. You can then easily select the video that you wish to edit and you will be prompted to the editing interface. In order to slow down or speed up a video, you have to specify which part of the video has to be slowed down or sped up. The selected parts will not be trimmed and the video will remain complete. Only the parts that you select will be modified as you have specified. If you want to trim the video, Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool offers trimming option as well.

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7. Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2

Last on the list but definitely one of the best slow motion video apps for Android is Video Dieter 2. The app offers numerous standard video editing features, such as sound effects, trimming, filters, etc. It also offers slow & fast motion video editing and is very efficient at it. Furthermore, the app ensures that the video is compressed without losing the quality.

In order to unlock speed editing feature, you will have to recommend Video Dieter 2 to your friends. After that, the app is free for use. The speed can be decreased to 0.25 times and increased up to 4 times. The app also integrates social networks that make the sharing of your edited videos easier.

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Slow motion video apps for Android are a great solution for everyone who wishes to edit the speed of their videos. These apps can be a lot of fun and also help you with your trainings, learning, and more. Check them out and try them all!

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