12 Best Voice Assistant Apps like Siri for Android

After introducing Siri for Apple’s iPhone 4s in 2011, it has become an important part of the Apple’s new releases. Siri became more than just a voice assistant that most smartphone users desire for. Being the jewel of iOS, it deserves a complete attention. Siri is currently the most popular digital voice assistant today and Android users are craving for Siri for Android.

What are the Advantages of using Siri?

The Siri application on iOS devices can be used to perform number of things on your device without having to type anything on your keyboard or without tapping anything at all. You can open an app and explore different menus. With Siri, all you have to do is to tap the microphone and start talking. Siri intelligently translates your voice input and performs according to your command.

You can ask Siri almost anything such as setting your schedules, sending text messages, make calls, setting an alarm and anything that voice assistant can do on mobiles. Siri can help in different tasks on iPad and iPhone. By giving a command to find the nearest café or restaurant through voice, Siri will give directions right away. Siri can also help to book a ride through Lyft or send money with Square Cash.

Unfortunately, it is only available on iOS devices. But there is no need to fret as there are many alternatives of Siri for android.

12 Best Voice Assistant Apps like Siri for Android

Voice assistants can help you out in your daily life. They can manage your time and keep track of important things which make your life a little bit stress-free to manage. Siri is not the only voice assistant available in the marketplace as there are many great ones available. Here are the best digital voice assistants for Android users.

#1 Google Now

Google Now

Android users, Googlers, Gmail users, YouTube audiences and Hangouters have given Google enough data throughout the years. Google Now can be more productive with that information gathered. It is built-in to Android devices by default.

It is easy to say that this Google Now is the Google’s version of Siri but it is more than that. It can be used to set reminders and ask the basic questions like how’s the weather. The real deal with Google Now is its ability to learn about you and your habits. With the collected information, it throws you suggestions which it considers you might be interested in.

Google Now is currently one of the best digital voice assistant apps for Android. It has huge number of features that includes the basics as well as more advanced things like knowing your needs. This app continuously receives updates as well by Google in order to add more features and perform additional tasks for Android users.

If your phone has Google Play Services, then you already have Google Now installed and you can just turn it on and it can give you suggestions based on what you have watched, what you have searched and the content of your inbox.

#2 Robin Assistant App for Android-The Siri Challenger

Robin app

If you are not happy about sharing your data with one of the companies behind each digital voice assistants, there are options from smaller developers. Robin, the Siri challenger, is also a fast booting light weight assistant app for Android users. It responds in fast speed and pops up quickly when tapped the icon.

The interface may be a bit peculiar but it does not give high impact on the app. It is also transparent in the background. There are different accents available. You can ask for restaurants, weathers or movie theaters and she gives the right answers. Robin can also be used for composing text messages.

However, Robin is more of a driving assistant than a personal assistant, but there are still many basic things that she can help you out with such as updating social media, calling, texting and retrieving parking information. It can show you gas prices and traffic alerts.

#3 Assistant for Android

Assistantassistant App for Android

Assistant app is very easy to use and it has everything that you want from a personal assistant. You can ask for map navigation, arranging your schedule, sending invites and all those stuff that assistant can do. Assistant does not only answer requests but also tries to suggest them just like Google Now.

There are wide ranges of features and commands available including the basics such as texting, making calls, media, notifications, horoscopes and more. It can also make small talks and jokes which makes it like human.

#4 Cortana Assistant App for Android

Cortana App for Android

Apple is using Siri and most Android users have Google Now. Microsoft came out with Cortana and later released versions for iOS and Android. The availability of Cortana to different platforms is one of its biggest appeals. One of the benefits of this assistant is being able to send a text message from laptop whenever you miss a call on your phone. Like talking on your phone or tablet, you can also command your PC. That is one advantage of Cortana that Google Now does not have yet.

You can also access many of the reminders you created on your phone by Gmail or Google Calendar. It also includes the basics such as sending emails and text messages, taking notes, tracking packages, make calls, add notes to calendars, and make jokes and more. It can be a bit rough sometimes but it is still integrated well than other apps available.

#5 ANDY Voice Assistant for Android

Andy is like Siri for Android phones and it is indeed a great assistant. It has smooth and creative design which is very simple. It has a lot of functions and considered as one of the best companion to student community. It helps students when it comes to History, Science and also Religion instantly.

Aside from being a voice assistant, it also helps student read the text and help them with homework. It’s very intelligent that it can help solve complicated mathematical problems, logics, reasoning as well as philosophy. It is recommended to get Andy for people who always use Wikipedia as nothing is off limits with Andy.

However, the free version misses some of the great features unlike the paid version. With paid version, the quality is much better and there are no ads.

#6 Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Being a specialist in different platforms, Indigo Virtual Assistant can perform well day-to-day tasks. It is more focused on personal tasks and you can talk to the app like a normal person. The basics included are sending messages, emails, make calls, navigation and those usual things that voice assistants do. You can also save your favorites! It lets you control music especially when you are busy with something like cooking or working out.

It has outstanding user interface and the features included are awesome. It is also considered the best looking interface with the indigo and white colors which feel natural while providing a high end feeling.

With this Siri for Android alternative, you can translate on the go or use your native language to use the app. You can ask for directions and check restaurants nearby. Another great thing about Indigo is that it is linked to many services like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Google, Twitter and Facebook so you can easily check your accounts anytime. This feature makes it one of the best choices to become an alternative Siri for Android.

#7 Genie Assistant App for Android

Genie is also a great voice assistant app for Android operating system which can be used as an alternative for Siri. The tasks that you can command Genie are texting, calling, setting alarms and more!

The app can understand your instruction even if you are talking to it normally like talking to a person. For instance, instead of saying “Set up my alarm at 8 am on Monday”, you can simply way “Wake me up at 8 on Monday morning”. There is a free version of this app but comes with only limited features. The paid version is only $3 with all great features included.

#8 Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Another outstanding digital voice assistant is Dragon Mobile Assistant app. With this, you can easily organize your tasks. The best part of this app is its accurate voice command recognition and it does the work properly. It comes from Nuance, the makers of impressive voice dictation software for PCs and mobile phones. You may find this assistant do a great job following your voice. If you are a having time commanding your voice assistant, this can be the right option for you!

It is one of the best user interfaces and it has all the features that you are looking for from a Siri for Android. You can start your day with the question “How is the weather today” and it answers right away. You can also check appointments and ask simple questions to complex ones like the cheapest restaurant in New York.

You can easily open apps and send messages with voice with Dragon Mobile. It is as if you have the power of Dragon in your Android device. It’s also free to use!

#9 EVA – Voice Assistant

EVA Voice Assistant

Eva is another great alternative app for Siri but there are times that it has a hard time picking up voice commands for non-English natives. It has great features and very reliable. It helps you make calls, send messages, check weather, make appointments and more.

EVA is also connected to Google Plus, Twitter and other giants which can help you tweet or post using your voice. The user interface is somewhat hard to use but once you started using the app, you’ll like it even more. You also have the option to upgrade your app to the pro version once the free day’s trial has expired.

The free version has a time limit but you already have access to all features of the app. The paid version does not have time limit.

#10 Alice Assistant App for Android

Alice Assistant App for Android

Alice can perform the tasks you command easily. It has the ability to do simple things like checking the weather, time, calendar, setting reminders and even ask for answers for math problems. Alice can also be used for fun facts. Of course, it has the basic features like navigation, translation, sending messages and making calls. It is a basic assistant that can help you from your day-to-day voice commands.

#11 Skyvi Assistant App for Android

Skyvi Assistant App for Android

Skyvi is another great Siri alternative for Android and you can bring your commands to action with advanced recognition technology. It has friendly user interface which allows you to explore all its features easily. This app has all the aspects that you are looking for from a great virtual assistant.

The voice texting can also be a great experience for you as it can store names, short-cuts and other things to recognize easily. It can read and send texts, find locations, play music, retrieve information, call contacts and also update your social media accounts.

#12 Hound Assistant App for Android

Hound Assistant App for Android

Hound is a free alternative Siri for Android which is developed by SoundHound. It covers all the basics as well as some advanced stuff like integrated Expedia support for hotel bookings and mortgage calculator.  It has fast responses and you can just speak naturally without having to learn special phrases. You can ask about the weather, nearby restaurants, navigation and directions, expedia booking, uber, converter, calculator, photo and image search, video search, alarm and more.

You can also play games such as Hangman. However, this alternative Siri is currently available in the residents of United States.

Which is the Right Voice Assistant for You?

We all have our own needs and preferences. Google Now works great but maybe you also want to use something different and simple. You can also have the same assistant for both Windows and Android such as Cortana.

We can see now why Siri became so popular. With all the advantages it can offer (in iOS devices), many Siri alternatives on Android came and getting fame as well. You can choose according to whichever will suit you best.

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