How to Root Android Without Computer Step by Step

You already know that your Android phone can be rooted in a lot of ways. The most common way is to root your Android phone with your computer but let us say that you cannot use your computer right now, do you think you can still root your android without computer? The answer to this is yes. Of course, before you decide to root your Android phone, you have to know everything about rooting and the benefits that you can get from it.

Rooting Your Android Phone

When you root your phone, you are changing its main OS. This means that you will gain full control of your phone. You can change the applications that you will have on it and you can also get rid of unwanted applications that you usually get along with your Android phone when it is brand new.

When it comes to rooting your Android phone, you simply need to check how to root your phone model online and follow the instructions you will find there. A lot of companies do not approve of phone rooting but they know that this cannot be stopped anyway especially if you are determined to control everything about your smartphone.

Benefits of Android Rooting

Benefits of Android Rooting

  • A lot of free memory – Since you would be able to get rid of bloatware that usually comes with your device when you purchase it, you will have a lot of memory to download all the applications that you want.
  • Updated OS – No need to worry about the operating system that you are going to use for your device because you can use the latest operating system.
  • You can customize your ROM – When you customize your ROM, you can control your phone’s speed. You can even modify it depending on what you think will work best for your lifestyle.

Of course if there are some benefits, you have to brace yourself for some disadvantages. For example, if you have rooted your phone, you are permanently removing your phone’s warranty. If something happens to the phone a short period of time after you purchased it but you rooted it, it will not be the manufacturer’s fault anymore. Also, there is a possibility that you are going to use a corrupted file on your phone and this might cause your phone’s system to crash. The process of rooting your phone especially when you are not an expert can be daunting.

Some Things You Need to Know

Before you proceed in learning how to root your phone without a computer, there are some requirements that will make the rooting process a success:

  • Make sure that your device is turned on before you start the process of rooting your Android phone.
  • You are suggested to connect to Wi-Fi rather than use your mobile data especially if your mobile data is limited because you need to be connected to the Internet during the whole process.
  • Your battery level should be more than 50%. If you can fully charge it before you root your phone, this will be a great idea.
  • There may be files that you have to download prior to starting the rooting process. Have enough memory in your Android phone to make things possible.
  • When you are asked to allow installation from different sources, you should always agree. If you don’t, you might mess up the whole process.

Now that you have gotten your gadget ready, then you can already start rooting without the use of a computer.

How to Root Android Without Computer

How to Root Android Without Computer

Since you are not going to use a computer in order to root your Android phone, there are some processes that you can follow:

  1. Universal Android Root App

This is considered to be one of the best applications that you can download on your phone prior to the rooting process that will allow you to root without a computer.


  • Download the application in your phone storage.
  • You will then try to install the application but the phone will try to stop you because the file is from an unknown source. If this happens, you have to change the settings of your phone first and check the box that says you can install apps from unknown source.
  • Open the application and choose the root option.
  • Choose your phone from the list of songs available.
  • Wait for the process to finish so you will have your rooted phone available.
  1. Employing Framaroot

This is known to be an application that you can use when you want to root your phone without your computer. You know that this can work for all types of devices. Remember to do the same process that has been mentioned above. You can expect from this application that you can install SU binary and Superuser on your smartphone after you have rooted your phone.


  • Make sure that the application that you will download is the latest one available.
  • Normally if you have your computer, you still need to transfer the file from your computer to your phone but since you are only using your phone, just move it to a specific folder in your phone memory that you will find easily.
  • Install Framaroot.
  • Select a lot of options that will come with the application.
  • There will be a message that will appear stating that your phone has been rooted successfully.
  • Reboot your system in order to complete the whole process.
  1. iRoot

This is known to be one of the best apk that you can download on your phone without a computer. There are a lot of Android users who make use of this application because of its popularity.While this is a Chinese application, there are some mods in English that you can use. It is usually being updated to make it fit.


  • Download iRoot
  • Make sure that the download of the apk file is successful and complete before you use it.
  • Tap on the file and install it on your phone.
  • Open the application, there will be a message asking if you agree with the terms and conditions of iRoot.
  • Root your Android phone.
  1. Towel Root

If you would like to root your Android phone, you know that this is one of the best that you can use. The main reason why this is used by a lot of people is because of its high success rate. You can make use of this apk without any trouble at all.


  • Make sure that your can make a backup of all the files that you already have in your smartphone.
  • Download Towel Root directly on your computer.
  • Install it in your device.
  • Open the application and click on “Make It Rain.”
  • Wait for a bit until the application becomes complete.
  1. Z4 Root

If you are searching for a trusted and old apk that you can use in order to root your Android phone without the use of a computer, this is the best one for you to have. This is actually easy to use so you can try it on your own. Following the directions closely will work very well.


  • This type of application regularly updates so download the latest one directly on your phone.
  • Wait for download to be complete.
  • Install it on your smartphone.
  • Wait for installation to finish.
  • Start rooting your phone.
  • After some time, you would finish rooting your phone successfully.
  1. Baidu Root

This may be one of the applications that you are familiar with if you normally root your smartphones with the use of your computer but you can also use this to root your phone without your computer. They take pride in the fact that they are compatible with thousands of devices. It will help if you could check the compatibility of your current smartphone with the application just to be sure.


  • Find the right source to download Baidu Root directly on your phone.
  • Enable the installation of applications from unknown sources from your phone’s settings.
  • Open the application.
  • Click on the “Root Button Now” and wait for the process to reach 100%.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Search for the application from the app drawer.
  1. Easy Rooting Toolkit App

If you want to try an application that is new instead then this is one of the best applications for you to try. Aside from the fact that it will root your mobile appropriately, this can also be effective in installing busybox and other files on your phone. This is an easy to use application so you will have no trouble with using this at all.


  • Download the file from a trusted source.
  • Extract all the files that you need with the use of a zip extractor.
  • Look for the file and run the file.
  • Read the instructions that will appear once you run the file.
  • Reboot the device once you are done with the process.

Now that you already know how to root your phone without the use of your computer, you may be wondering if there is a catch because it seems so easy. Remember that as long as you would choose the right application for your phone, then you will not have any problems.

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