10 Easy Ways To Make Your Phone Run Faster

How to make your phone run faster?There are a lot of things that you can do with your phone and depending on your phone’s memory, you can download a lot of applications that will keep you entertained for hours. The main problem starts when your phone starts to lag and become slow. The number of running applications in the background can contribute to your phone’s speed.

Your phone may be user friendly but once it starts lagging, it will not be too useful anymore. Your number one solution may be to buy a faster phone that can do more than your current phone but if you do not have the budget for this, then you cannot consider it even as an option. Right now, there are so many things that you can do that can improve your phone’s performance.

Why Your Phone is Slow

Reasons Why Your Phone is Slow

It is always okay to know the possible reasons why your phone can become slow rather than trying to find the cure to your already lagging phone. Here are some of the reasons why your phone may work at a snail’s pace:

  • Not Deleting Cache Files – Every time you use your phone to search for various data online, you leave cache files or temporary files behind. While they may be small, they can accumulate over time and cause the phone to become slower.
  • Incompatibility of Some Applications – You may have some applications on your phone that is not compatible with your phone’s current speed and capability. Choosing the right application can help you monitor and control your phone’s speed.
  • Viruses and Malware – Through the websites that you visit or the applications that you download from sites that are not trusted, you may acquire viruses and malware. Having an anti – virus software can be beneficial especially since it will inform you if there are some applications that you need to delete immediately.

There may still be other reasons that are unique to your phone and how you use it. If your phone is already slow, then do not worry because there are a lot of things that you can do to make your phone faster.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Phone Run Faster

  1. Upgrade Your Software

Make Your Phone Run Faster

When was the last time that you made an effort to upgrade your phone’s software? Take a look at your current phone’s software and compare it to what is considered the most up-to-date software today. A lot of applications being offered in the application market areas like Apple Store or Google Play, are also upgraded depending on the available software.

  1. Make Your Home Screen Clutter Free

When you look at your home screen what do you see? Do you see more than 10 icons of applications that you do not even use that much? Perhaps you have no interest in making your phone’s home screen look neat. When choosing the right widgets or icons to place on your home screen, look for those that are used often. You will see the performance of your phone start to improve dramatically when you do this. Just a tip, remember that using live wallpaper can also affect your phone’s performance.

  1. Remove Applications You Do Not Use

Remove Applications You Do Not Use

There are some Android phones that are full of applications that you cannot consider to be useful. Some of these applications you never even opened even if you already have your phone for about a year. Maybe you also have some applications that you used often before like some games that you were interested in a few months ago but now that you are not using them, don’t you think you should delete them? They leave cache files that can contribute to your phone’s performance and this is not something that you would want.

Some people would resort to rooting their Android phones because of the many applications that come pre-installed on their Android phones. If this is your problem too, you always have the option to root your phone but if you do not want this, some smartphones give you the option to disable the applications.

  1. Always Clean Temporary Files and Cache

Clean Temporary Files

Whenever you would wipe away your temporary files and cache, you will be improving your phone’s speed. There are times when your phone will come pre-installed with an application that will allow you to do this but there are also instances when you have to install the application of your choice. Cleaning temporary files can be easy. Just do the following:

  • Choose and install the application of your choice.
  • Open the application and click on clean temporary files.
  • Once the temporary files have been removed, this will improve your phone’s performance.
  1. Turn Off Automatic Syncing

Turn Off Automatic Syncing

How many applications do you have on your phone? Are all of these files set to do automatic syncing? This means that every time you are connected to the internet, your applications will update. There will be times when you do not actually need this as this can only increase the amount of space that will be take by your phone.

  1. Overclock Your Device

There will be times when you would feel that this is necessary in order to increase your phone’s speed. While overclocking is disabled by a lot of manufacturers because of how hot the device can become while it is being overclocked, it can truly improve the phone’s speed. There are still other methods that you can do so that your device’s speed can be improved greatly. Still, after overclocking your device, you will notice that your phone’s speed will change.

  1. Get Rid of Animations

Get Rid of Animations

Perhaps you like the fact that you have a lot of GIFs on your phone or maybe you like using animations to make your phone come alive. When you make use of animations and your phone’s memory is taken up by a lot of applications and files, then you can expect that your phone will become sluggish and slow. When you turn off animations, you will not only improve your phone’s overall speed, this will also increase your battery life greatly.

  1. Control the Amount of Media You Have on Your Phone

Since your smartphone can do a lot of things, you can already expect that it will be full of a lot of things like your pictures, videos and even other types of media files. They can be great at the time that you were taking or shooting those video files but after some time, they can contribute in making your phone slower. You can delete those that are blurred or just remove videos that do not make sense anyway. If you have some old songs on your phone that you do not listen to anymore, this is something that you can do as well.

This may also apply to some of the files that you have on your phone but remember not to delete some files that you are not familiar with. Only delete those that you know you placed on your phone. Deleting some files may cause your phone to crash.

  1. Install Custom ROM

Install Custom ROM

There is a big possibility that you would like to see your phone improve and so far, the things that you have tried did not work so well for you. Installing a Custom ROM can make a lot of changes with your device. This is applicable if your smartphone is already old and is not being offered updates anymore because it is considered to be an outdated phone. Before choosing any Custom ROM that you are going to install on your phone, do some researching first to be sure with what you are going to get.

  1. Factory Reset

Factory Reset

If you have tried all of the things that are mentioned above and the things that you did, did not work, you know that you can always perform factory reset but remember that this will remove all of the things that you have in your phone. This means that it will bring your phone back to how it was like when it was still new. There are also other things that will be removed in the process that in turn can improve your phone’s speed such as the following:

  • Partition Cache
  • System Cache
  • Junk Files

Some experts recommend that doing factory reset would need to be done every 3 months but the use of some applications can stop you from doing this often.

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The things that are mentioned above are some of the things that you can do to improve your phone’s speed and performance. Remember that your dream phone is something that can give you all the things that you need and will not lag especially in important moments when you truly need it. Share this with other people that you know especially those who are also in dire need of help to increase their phone’s performance.

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