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If you enjoy using sites for random text or video chat online, you have probably heard of Omegle. Omegle Chat is one of the best websites for chatting with strangers and if this is your first time to use Omegle, we will tell all the features that you can take advantage of.

Omegle is a social networking website that allows users to connect with random strangers for free. You can have short or long text, audio, or video chats in their virtual chat rooms. Whether you are seeking a date, a short conversation to cut some time off, or someone to share your interests with, this world-wide chatting system can introduce you to different types of people. If ever you do not like the person you are talking to, you can easily cancel the conversation and this site will connect you with another random person.

Omegle Chat

Features of Omegle Chat

Using Omegle is simple and free. There is also no need to fill up any kind of form as you can start immediately.

1. Omegle Interests

This feature allows you to find random people according to your interests and you can choose them carefully. You can either add your interests manually or use your Facebook likes. After adding all your interests, simply select “Find strangers with common interests” before you click the Start button. In addition to interests, you can also look for people from specific countries or choose whether you only want to connect with girls only.

Using this service is very simple. All you have to do is to type the related keywords. For example, you want to connect with someone from Japan, you will need to turn off the Facebook like feature and simply add the interests in Omegle site. You can just enter “Tokyo, Japan or Japanese” and add more interests. It would also be better to know some of the popular places in the area so that you can add them in the interests section.

2. Text Chat

If you want to connect with random people but you do not want to show your face yet, you can always use the Text Chat service. This allows you to talk with strangers with only text and you cannot see each other nor hear your voices. Some men, especially women, can be shy at first and they do not want many people to see them on the webcam right away. If you also do not want random people to see you immediately on camera, you can still talk to other people by using the Text Chat.

Using the Text Chat feature is very simple. In addition, people cannot record your videos or make pranks. There is no need to worry that someone would record your videos and publish them in video websites like YouTube. You can chat with anyone comfortably knowing that you are on the safe side. Many people are also using the Text Chat service so you can surely find someone to talk to!

To use Text Chat, simply visit the Omegle website and click on Text. The system will automatically find you a partner. You will be prompted that “You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!” If you do not like the person you are talking with, simply click the Next button to connect to another random stranger. Once you are comfortable with the person, you can enable your camera by clicking on Turn on Video.

3. Webcam Chat

To join the webcam service, you will need a real webcam as those who are using a fake webcam program get banned. The Webcam service by Omegle Chat is only for users who are 18 years old and above. If you are less than 18, it is recommended to only use the Text Chat service or have a guardian near you.

The team of moderators also works hard and monitors the camera views and logs. This prevents users from using fake webcam programs while using the Webcam Chat service. It is also recommended to simply show your face without showing other body parts. People who are removing their clothes in front of the camera also get banned eventually. Users are advised to behave in Omegle. Do not record or prank other people and do not use fake webcam apps.

4. Question Service

Another great feature that you can use in Omegle site is the Spy Question Mode. This allows you to ask questions to random strangers but you cannot write to answer. You can only watch and listen to them. If you want, you can also answer questions from other strangers and make short or long discussions. To use this service, simply visit the official site of Omegle and click on the “Asking a Question” button. Ask people some questions and you can also debate about it. Make sure not to ask too personal questions to keep the conversation exciting as much as possible.

When you visit the site, you will see a Spy (question) mode button under the Text button. Click on it to start asking questions or answer peoples’ questions.

5. Omegle 18+ Chat

The Omegle 18+ chat is a feature for adults only. It is an unmoderated section that allows you to connect with random strangers and have an adult conversation. If you are younger than 18, do not use this service. The staffs are not monitoring this feature and you may see things that can be annoying for you.

The “Adult” 18+ section allows users to view adult content and access an external adult pornography site. When a user clicks this service, a warning of sexual material will appear and users have to confirm that they are already 18 plus. After the confirmation, they will be redirected to the external site.

Free To Use

The Omegle Chat website is free to use. You can also download the apps for free and talk to random people from all over the world without any charges. You can also use your cellular data or Wi-Fi to receive and send messages. If you are looking for a random chat online for free, you would love to use Omegle.

Age Restrictions

In Omegle’s written terms and conditions, it has a 13+ age restriction. Users under 18 can only access the random chat website with parental guidance or permission. However, users are not required to fill up any registration form. There is also no age verification so almost anyone can just click a button to start chatting. The age verification is not restricted as many social networking sites do not apply this policy as well.

Viewing and Sharing Inappropriate Content

Omegle is similar to other random chatting sites like Chatroulette, iMeetzu, Faceflow, ChatRandom, and TinyChat. The concern with these websites is the exposure of the users to sexual and other harmful content. Another concern is a young user’s ability to share their sexual activity online. Like other webcam sites, there are possibilities that the videos can be recorded. There is also a possibility that the content will be distributed without the knowledge of the user.

Sexual content is highly discouraged by Omegle but the practice of monitoring the contents is limited. There is also no way to block other users.


Free Sites Like Omegle Chat

There are many sites out there like Omegle that you can use for talking to random strangers online.

  1. Chatroulette – It is a webcam-based chat service that was created in 2009. It allows users to connect with random strangers. Unlike Omegle, users have to register first and agree with the terms and conditions before they can connect with other people. Most of the users are under 30 and there are more male users than female.
  2. ChatRandom – This is another webcam site that connects a user with another user. It adds new countries and languages often and you can choose to interact with another person, with girls only, or with a group. You can also choose a preference for conversations via video, specific language, with girl users, or with gay users.
  3. FaceFlow – This site takes video chats to the next level. It allows up to three people to talk at a time. It also offers free video chat and conference with your friends. This site is similar to the services offered by Skype, only it lets you choose to connect with strangers. It also has released a multiplayer game to keep the conversation going.
  4. ChatRad – This site is really tough on users who misbehave. This random video chat site has a 24/7 team of moderators that maintain the site clean and safe for all users. It is also protected from nudity and other adult behavior.
  5. FaceBuzz – Facebuzz is also a random video chat site but this allows users to rate other users. It is also a fun place to meet other people and if you are looking for a good laugh, FaceBuzz allows users to have heaps of fun. This site is more like a dating online site and you can add interesting people in your friend list so you can connect with them again.

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