How to Switch Back to Old Classic Google Maps

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Do you want to switch back to old classic Google Maps? The new Google Map offers street map, street view, and satellite imagery along with many other features. Google has been adding new features with new user interface. However, many people are still used to the old classic Google Maps. Of course, all websites, apps, and programs are constantly updating, including the Google Maps. Most of the time it is great, but there are also times that the added features are extremely annoying.

As more features are added on the Google Maps, some users prefer to use the old classic Google Maps version. It takes a lot of time to load a location, and exploring the maps is very slow. If you want to switch back to old classic Google Maps, this article will show you your way back.

Old Classic Google Maps

Old Classic Google Maps

By default, when you open Google Maps, it will show you the latest version with added features. However, this takes you to the latest and improved Google Maps version. The thing about the latest and improved version is it is slow and cluttered. You can try these steps to switch back to old classic Google Maps.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Click the Help icon (?) located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. From here, you will see the option Return to classic Google Maps. Click on it to switch back to the older version.
  4. You will also see another window where you can leave a comment about the features regarding the latest versions compared to the old version. Then, simply click on Back to the old Google Maps to continue.

You can also click here to go directly to old classic Google Maps. There is no doubt that the old Google Maps is easier to use and comes with the best features.

Lite Version

Most people who want to switch back to old classic Google Maps are using the Lite version. You will see it right away at the bottom right corner of your screen. It will show you lightning mode with a message“You’re in Lite mode.” You also get the option to switch to Full version. The Lite version is not the old classic Google Maps, but it is designed to work faster. While many people appreciate the additional speed of the Lite version, some are unhappy as some functions are removed.

Here are some features unavailable when using the Lite version:

  • 3D imagery and Earth view
  • Set home and work addresses
  • Check Coordinates
  • View My Maps in Google Maps
  • Show PC’s location
  • Search nearby
  • Measure distance between locations and more

You can easily switch back to the Full version by clicking on the lightning icon. There are also important features that are not included on the Full version, such as full map or street view split screen and adding more than ten locations.

Alternatives for Google Classic Maps

Aside from Google Maps, there are also other apps that you can use as alternatives. They also offer features that are convenient for you, and some have better features than the newest version of Google Maps. If you want to check some alternatives for Google Maps, check the following:

1. Bing Maps

Bing Maps

One great alternative for Google Maps is the Bing Maps. It started since December 2010 and is one of the best products of Microsoft Bing. It comes with great features that you will also like, such as 3D maps, Road view, Venue maps, Bird’s-eye view and Aerial view. Bing Maps also have Dynamic labels, User contributions, and People, business, and location search. You can try it to see some of its features so you can have ideas when driving in streets. You can also get information about traffic.

With Bing Maps, you can also get directions between two or more places. It has directions for bus, local rail, and subway, which are available in Boston, New York Metro Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Vancouver BC, Minneapolis and Newark Metro Area. Bing Maps also let you share your location to your contacts. Simply embed your current location and send it to your family or friends. Also, it allows third-party apps to create and submit map apps, including WCities Places Nearby, Urban Graffiti, Today’s Front Pages, Oodle’s Rentals and more.

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2. WikiMapia Map

WikiMapia Map

Most people have not heard of WikiMapia Map, but it has awesome features and is one of the best competitors of Google Maps. It is an open-content collaborative mapping project that aims to mark geographical objects all over the world so they can provide a useful description for many users. There are over 25,000,000 objects marked by active users and guests. WikiMapia Map creates a free and up-to-date map with detailed information about the objects on Earth. Its two great features are Viewing and Map Editing.

The Map Editing feature allows users to add a place on the Map. You can name the railroad, river, ferry or road. Whether you want to participate in editing some objects on WikiMapia or not, you can use this as a great alternative for Google Maps.

3. Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker

You can also use Google Map Maker as alternative for the old classic Google Maps. This site allows users to make corrections and additions to Google Maps, such as railways, roads, rivers, and so on. You can also include specific buildings or services. With the find or browse tools, users can contribute by adding or editing existing names or features on the map.

Google Map Maker uses the Classic Maps and offers some of its features, such as Directions, 2D satellite view and street view/maps split screen. So if you want to switch back to old classic Google Maps, the Google Map Maker is a great alternative. You also get to assign some areas of the map, such as parks and lakes if not yet included.

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4. Here WeGo

Here WeGo

Formerly known as Here Maps, Here WeGo allows you to get around easier. You can use offline maps to check locations even without internet connection. You can easily get directions and information that you need for your destination, including car sharing prices, transit ticket, departure times, and more. Simply take your car, hop on your bike, or get on a public transportation to reach your destination. You can also check options for car sharing or grab a taxi.

Here WeGo app also provides recommendations for all the pathways so you can choose the best option for you to get around. It offers offline maps for United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, and more than 100 other countries! Simply get the map of your country and you can use Here WeGo even without 3G or Wi-Fi.

5. Maps.Me


Another great alternative for Google Maps that allow you to navigate without an internet connection is Maps.Me. Maps of all countries are available are free. Simply download the maps so you can go anywhere in the world without having to connect to mobile data all the time.  All locations are updated by millions of contributors.

This app allows you to search through many categories, such as tourist attractions, restaurants, ATMs, cafes, hotels, and public transportations. You can also make hotel bookings directly from this app. When you are walking or cycle, this app will show you whether the way is downhill or uphill. You can also share your location to your family or friends via social media or text message.

6. Yandex.Maps


Another great alternative for Google Maps is Yandex. This app allows you to get directions easily along with you traffic information. It also comes with Geo-tracking and Location auto saves so you can automatically see the destinations that you always visit. You can see the fastest route and reach your destination easier whether you want to use a public transport or car.

Yandex also lets you include stopovers in your route. Simply tap a place on the map to include it to your travel. You can also just press your microphone to tell Yandex where you want to go. This app also offers offline maps so you can save your mobile data. There are over 1,800 cities available to download for free.

7. MapQuest


You can also use MapQuest as an alternative for Google Maps. It provides up-to-date satellite imagery as well as live vector maps. This app allows you to search nearby restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and more! You can also book hotels using this app, make reservations, browse menus, and order food via GrubHub or OpenTable.

MapQuest is also integrated with car2go and Uber so you can easily compare costs and request cars directly from this app! If your car broke down, you can also access assistance using this app.

These are only some of the great alternatives for Google Maps. If you do not want to use alternatives, you can simply switch back to old classic Google Maps. We hope that this article helped! If you have further questions or suggestions, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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