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All music lovers wish to get their favorite soundtracks for free as downloading a lot of songs using paid sites can cost a lot especially if there are many songs that you want to take.  With the high demand for smartphones, the numbers of free music download site increase but some of them are not genuine and can only cause troubles in both computer and mobile phone.One of the most loved free music download site is the Mp3 skull, where you can search and download songs instantly.


What is Mp3Skull?

It is a fact that music can soothe us when we are tired or stress. Since the beginning of time, music has become a part of our life. Listening songs over the radio, television or radio is a great way to unwind. However, with so many songs that you want to download for listening music on the go, a free music download site is needed, such as the mp3skull.

Mp3skull is a website that offers direct download links to mp3 files. They have been providing free music downloads since 2010. You can look for all your favorite songs, artists and albums. You can also convert your favorite songs into your ringtone if you wish to.

Violation Issues of Mp3Skull

Even though the free music downloading site became Alexa’s Top 500 websites in 2013, it has become the subject of controversy for assisting users in downloading unauthorized copies of copyrighted music.

The music industry took the website to court and filed a $22 million lawsuit for the distribution of unauthorized mp3 files. People working on the website also had to pay for each track available in their site. Even though the website became offline for some time and lost millions in lawsuit, mp3skull is back again with their maximum force.

With the comeback of mp3skull, more features were added and there is also an app available for android users. Aside from the features added, mp3skull has also become a stream ripper. It provides download functionality even for YouTube videos.

Why People Love Mp3Skull?

There are many reasons why music lovers love using the mp3 skull free music download site. With its very simple design, searching for the most recent, top songs and your favorite tracks can be easily done without having to go different pages. Even beginners can use Mp3skull without having any problems along their way. This site also uses a large database that allows you to look for any songs that you want to download.

Aside from its simple design, this free music download site is also light so everything loads fast even if one has slow internet connection.

Safety of Mp3Skull

Mp3 offers almost unlimited number of downloads and you also have the option to share it with your friends. With thousands of songs that you can download from the site or app, some people may question if it is even safe to use mp3skull or not.

Since there are many download and streaming sites all over the internet, some people are worried about deceiving sites, loads of advertisements, malwares and Trojans during their downloads. Fortunately, mp3skull does not transfer malware or Trojans to users so you can be rest assured that it is safe to download using this site. There are no issues regarding Trojans and malware in this free music download site.

MP3Skull review

How to Use MP3Skull – Free Music Video Download Site

Using mp3skull is easy and the best thing about it is that you can download all your favorite songs for free without having to break your bank! With this website, you can enjoy your playlists on the go even if there is no internet connection in the area. Once you have learned how to use mp3skull, it will be easier for you to get more songs that you like in just a snap!

To download your favorite songs for free, follow these easy steps below. Once you get used to it, downloading songs is just a kid’s play!

Step 1: Open your favorite internet browser.

Step 2: In the search bar, type Mp3Skull and search. Select the first result to open the free music video download site. You will see two search bars in the middle where you can type the song that you wish to download (search bar for English & International Songs and search bar for Indian songs).

Simply type the title of the song in the search bar and hit enter. The results will appear instantly. Simply click one of the results and check the length and quality of each song to determine whether they are working or not. You also have the option to download your favorite track in high quality. Just click Download in High Quality and it will start automatically.

Step 3: Below the search bars in Mp3Skull home page, you also have the options to browse the latest Mp3 Skull Downloads. The options include:

  • Top 100 Songs
  • Latest English Music
  • Top English Albums
  • International Music
  • Bollywood Songs
  • Punjabi Songs
  • Pakistani Songs

You can also browse for more music by searching in specific categories. Looking for songs is very easy. For instance, select Top 100 songs and a list will appear. Once you click the song that you wish to download, you also get the options for both low quality and high quality download. Simply click Download in High Quality to start and wait for your download to finish.

Step 4: If you want to watch movies, mp3skull also gives you more options from their home page. Simply scroll down to mp3skull videos and mp3skull movies where you will see 3gp mobile movies, mobile movies, djmaza, TUBIDY and mp4 mobile movies.

There are also many categories that you can choose from such as Hollywood movies, Horror movies, Bollywood movies, English videos, Hindi videos and more.

For instance, in home page, select 3gp mobile movies under mp3skull movies. Then click Hollywood Movies under the Movies categories to see the list. Click the Next Page button below to view more movies. Click the movie that you want to download. You will have the option to download the movie indifferent formats such as Mkv 720P, Mkv Android Hevc, Mp4 240P and 3Gp 176P. Once you have memorized how to download music, videos and movies using mp3skull, using it is like a child’s game!

Final Verdict:

The Mp3Skull is an excellent site for downloading and streaming music without spending a single penny. Both the site and the app for smartphones are safe to use and there are many cool features that you can enjoy. Another great thing about the mp3skull is that you are always updated about the latest songs and albums released by your favorite artists.

With over millions of users, mp3skull is safe to use and very handy so you can listen to your favorite tracks on the go. You can also watch videos or movies on your mobile device with mp3skull. It is also fast and lite. If you do not want to download the app, you can simply open the site on your mobile browser and you can download music, videos or movies for free and it does not consume a lot of data. Try it now and enjoy listening or watching videos on the go!

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