25 Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android[2018 Update]

Do you love music? Are you looking for the best music downloader apps to download free mp3 songs? Many people cannot go on a day without music. Listening to music has become an part of our lives.

In 2018, the digital music download application or service changed the way you previously downloaded music.Smartphones replace the dedicated music player or portable walkman devices.

In the past you had to download mp3 music on a computer and then transfer them to the phone.Now you can download MP3 file directly from the internet to your smartphones via a high-speed Wi-Fi network.

Each app has its own features. However,there are so many applications which can help you download favorite MP3 file or play music online.In this article, we have made a list of the best free music downloader for android 2018 to help all music lovers get their favorite songs.

best music downloader - Best Mp3 Music Downloader Apps

Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android 2018

 25 Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android 2018

How to download free music?Here are the best free MP3 Music download service that you can use to search and download music legally.

1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of best android app to download free music. It offers users a library of over 35 million free songs and allows users to upload up to 50 thousand of their own tracks. You can find almost every song you want to hear.

The quality of sound through streaming is very good. It has excellent playlists and better music than most other applications. In addtion,it can also recommend your songs based on your preferred activity, mood, genre, artists, and more.

Moreover,This application does not consume as much battery power as other streaming media players when playing music in the background.


  • The user interface isn’t as good as some other music app such as Spotify. It is a bit difficult for some user to learn.
  • The suggested content service is not so good. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear what you want according to your music preferences.
  • For additional features, ad-free experience, and family plan, you need subscribe to Google Play Music and get YouTube Red membership.

[appbox googleplay  com.google.android.music]

2.Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is a search engine which lets you download ringtones, short clips, sound effects and mp3 songs.

This app is easy use and it just has three tabs include Search, Downloads and Library.You can stream the music online with a wifi connection.

If you want to download the songs.You only need to enter the name of your favourite artist, album or songs and click on search button. The results will show. Select any one of them and tap the Download button. This file will be downloaded to the library section.

Other Features:

  • It has an excellent built-in music player that you can use to play your favorite songs.
  • This app has an excellent predictive search. It also provides suggestions according to your previous download.
  • It has a facility of multiple downloads in the background with optimized downloading speed.
  • Streaming is often compressed, adjusting to bandwidth so you can enjoy even with slow internet connection.
  • You can also edit the song to create a ringtone.
  • It is quite lightweight,this will save a lot of device space.


  • Contains annoying pop ad.
  • There are not a lot of free music for downloading.

Note: Alough music paradise pro was removed from Play Store, you can still download it’s APK file from here.


4Shared Music

4Shared is one of the best free Music Download Apps for Android.It has over 30,000,000+ files.This app pre-installed music player so that you can access music, documents, photos, and more directly from your smartphones.

The user interface is friendly and easy to use.With this app, you can copy, move, delete, upload, rename, and download any files on your Android device from your account.

It comes with a convenient search option so you can easily find the music that you are looking for. To download free music,You just need to tap the search button at bottom right corner and enter the name of song.Then select the music and click on download button at top right corner.In addtion,you can also stream the free music online.

Another great thing about 4Shared is that it lets you share your files with your family and friends. You can also upload the music files to the 4share Music by yourself.Don’t worry about the size of the space. 4shared  offers 15 GB of storage space.


  • It does not provide lyrics.
  • The number of songs especially original songs is not very large.

[appbox googleplay com.forshared]

4.Wynk Music

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is the best Bollywood music app.It has more than 10 million downloads and 4.2 user ratings.

It offers over 2.6 million songs across International and Indian music. If you love Indian music, then this app might be the best option for you.

This app provides over 2.6 million of high-quality Hindi songs from many famous musicians such as Arijit Singh,Atif Aslam,Sonu Nigam etc.

You can use it as your Android Music player to play the songs that are saved in your device memory. In addtion, you can stream songs, create playlists and use any song as caller ring back tone.


  • It can’t recommend songs based on your preferences.
  • Contain annoying ads in the free version.
  • First month free subscription,subscription is $3.99 per month.
  • As an Airtel user, you can get a free 6-month subscription.

[appbox googleplay com.bsbportal.music]

5. Audiomack


Audiomack is a great free music download app to consider if you like listening to Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and Reggae music. This app allows you to download and listen to some of the best new songs, mixtapes, and albums at completely no cost.

Although Audiomack doesn’t have a collection that stretches back and forth through time, there are plenty of current hits and trending collections that many users will prefer.

These days it is difficult to find free music app that can play without data or wi-fi. This app do not need WiFi to play music.You can download the music and saved them directly to the internal memory.


  • Listen to the music for free.
  • Easy to use and make your own play lists.
  • You can listen to the music as many times as you want, as you can skip back and forth as you want.
  • Don’t need WiFi to use this app.


  • There are not a very large variety of songs in the app.
  • There is a lot of ads You need to pay for monthly fee to make the advertisements go away.

Overall: This is a great app for anybody who wants to hear the latest songs and listen to music offline.

[appbox googleplay com.audiomack]

6. SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song MP3

To download thousands of songs to your Android device easily and quickly, you might love SuperCloud song Mp3 Downloader. All you have to do is to enter the name of the song, album, or artist in the search bar.

This app will provide the results within a few seconds so you can download your favorite songs right away. You can also just stream music online for free. Another great thing about it is that this app is compatible even for older versions of Android.


  • Quickly search for your favorite music and artists using the search tab.
  • You can download thousands of songs for free and preview the tracks before hitting the download button.
  • You can stream your favorite music online.
  • This app can add all downloads to your media library.


  • Contains Ads
  • The interface design is not very good
  • No longer being updated now
  • The number of songs is relatively small

Download SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader Here



SoundCloud is one of the world’s largest audio and music streaming and downloading platforms.

It provides an enormous catalog that lets users discover amazing classical, hip hop, rock, audiobooks, electronic, podcasts, sports, and more. You can join the community of artists and musicians who are uploading new tracks and audio files daily.


  • Users can discover music in each genre using the SoundCloud charts, from the hottest tracks to the all-time great music.
  • Enjoy over 120 million tracks from established and emerging artists.
  • Browse suggested music and audio files based on your history and likes.
  • You can connect directly to your friends and with your favorite artists.
  • This app lets you create playlists so you can enjoy your music according to your mood.
  • It is free and easy to use.


  • It was the best music app. However, There are some issues with the lastest version.For example the songs keep skipping or error problem in signing in.
  • Contains ads in the free version.
  • To take your music collection offline and experience an uninterrupted listening, you need upgrade to SoundCloud Go for $4.99 per month. The upgraded version provides an expanded catalog for over 150 million tracks.

[appbox googleplay  com.soundcloud.android]

8. Jamendo Music


Jamendo Music is the source for many of the free mp3 music download apps that you will find for Android. Since they have a wide collection of songs from many genres like Lounge, Electro, Hip-Hop, World, Jazz, Classical, Pop, and Rock, many people prefer this as their favorite music platform.

This is also a great platform for independent artists to become discovered and heard by the app’s large fanbase. Since the music on this app doesn’t feature mainstream artists, it isn’t any wonder that it is free to download and listen to songs without worrying about legal issues.

Clearly, the biggest con of this app is that you won’t be able to find much of the latest top-40 music on it. This is for people who don’t like radio music and would instead support independent artists.

[appbox googleplay com.jamendo]

9.Osons – Only Song Serve


Onsons – Only Song Serve guarantees that you won’t only like the music that they have in their library, but that you will want to download songs from their library and/or use them as a ringtone. Featuring an easy-to-use interface and relatively straight forward process to download your files, this app contains a pretty good selection of millions of different songs.

This app contains music that is both classic and modern, and just about any genre in existence. If you want a great application to fall back on for downloading free music, check this one out.

One thing to remember is that there are ads on this app, making it slightly less pleasant to use. You might find yourself using this app in spurts and then not using it for a while.

[appbox googleplay net.nuneworld.softy]

9. Classical Music

Classical Music

If you are a fan of classical music and instrumental recordings, then Classical Music is a great app worth looking at. This type of music is great for studying, waking up, and relaxing, and isn’t usually found with free downloads.

In addition to allowing free downloads of classical music from most of the best artists, this app also allows you to stream the entire collection it has to offer for free. All of the songs on this app are published under a Creative Commons license, but you just might find your favorite new rendition of a classic composition on this app.

However, just like any of the best music downloader for Android, this app contains advertisements in exchange for offering free streaming and downloads. If you are okay with this and love classical music, you will be happy you downloaded this app.

[appbox googleplay com.classicalmusic.bestclassicalsongs]

10. FrostWire


Although FrostWire gets a bad reputation for hosting torrent files and the occasional copyright-infringing file, it can also be a safe and legal way to download music for free.

As long as you are sure that the file you download doesn’t violate any licenses or copyright laws, you are welcome to download any music or videos you find on this app.

This app allows you to preview most files before downloading has finished, so you can know you’ve made the right selection. (This can be especially valuable when you’re downloading a larger file like a complete album, or even a music video.) The built-in music player and media browser let you easily search and play back your favorite downloads.

Since it is free and hosts a surprisingly large amount of content, this remains one of the best ways to download mp3 files for free.


  • Built-in torrent search function consolidates activity in one app instead of forcing you to use external sources.
  • One-tap downloading and seeding further streamlines the downloading process.
  • Downloading in WiFi mode allows you to download media files without using valuable mobile data.
  • You can choose the download location and conserve internal memory by saving your files to the SD card.
  • A fully-functional music player and media browser allow for easy searching through your music library as well as effortless playback.


In compliance with Google Play developer guidelines, FrostWire Basic cannot download media files from YouTube or SoundCloud. However, all other versions are still functional YouTube downloaders.

[appbox googleplay com.frostwire.android]

11. Datpiff Free Mixtapes

  Datpiff Free Mixtapes

This is perhaps the top option to listen to underground Hip Hop and R&B independent artists. DatPiff is widely acclaimed to be a great outlet for staying on top of what is going to happen in the world of Hip Hop and hosts all of their files for free download and streaming.

Datpiff has one of the largest mixtape libraries available on Android and contains massive amounts of music for any fan of this genre. If you love to hear what is fresh and new in the world of Hip Hop, this is one of the best apps to consider for free mp3 downloads.

Just keep in mind that you will have to both deal with advertisements and less availability of some of today’s hottest artists. This is for the fan of new and underground Hip Hop music.

[appbox googleplay com.datpiff.mobile]

12. Gaana


Gaana(Bollywood Music & Radio) is also one of the best Mp3 Music Downloader for free Mp3 songs download that you might enjoy. It offers unlimited access to regional music and radio Mirchi, Bollywood Music and Hindi Songs anywhere you are. This app also lets you explore interesting music based on your liking and mood.


  • You can save your favorite albums, songs, artists, and playlist.
  • Access over 10 million English and Bollywood Mp3 songs for free.
  • There are dedicated sections for Romantic Songs, Top Bollywood Songs, Dance Songs, Ghazals, and Bhajans.
  • Lyrics of your favorite songs are included so you can sing along.

Cons:For Ad-free music experience and offline listening, you need upgrade to Gaana Plus for $3.99 per month.

[appbox googleplay com.gaana]

13.Amazon Music

Amazon Prime Music App

Amazon Music contains one of the world’s largest music selection and can be used for free streaming in many circumstances. However, if you upgrade to Prime Music you will be able to stream a much larger number of the massive library hosted by Amazon.

Most of today’s hottest hits in any circumstance need to be purchased. This is nevertheless one of the best places to consider getting your music from if you have a few extra dollars to spend here and there. You’ll be rewarded with the massive library Amazon has to offer.

If you want to have today’s hottest hits, sometimes it requires that you spend the extra dollar per song. Most of the best music downloader apps for Android have some sort of catch, whether that be advertisements, lower quality, or a small selection simply because it is best to support the artists.

Download Amazon Music Here

14. Spotify Music


Spotify Music is also one of the best free Mp3 music downloader to download free Mp3 songs. This app lets you listen to your favorite music wherever you are. You can also make your own playlists and discover the most popular songs. It also provides a ready-made playlist according to your preferences and mood.

Spotify is great for the person who wants to listen to music spontaneously both on their mobile phone and PC since it allows you to save playlists on your mobile phone and then log into your PC to choose your songs.

Features of Free Version:

  • Listen to your favorite tracks for free on mobile and tablet.
  • Create your own playlists and enjoy shuffle mode.
  • Smart recommendations and radio stations that suit your mood.

If you want to upgrade to Spotify Premium, you can download songs without advertisements. You can also use offline mode to play music without the internet.Subscription can be cancelled anytime too.

Cons:If you want to get ad-free you need upgrade to the paid version.

[appbox googleplay com.spotify.music]

15. Skull Mp3 Music Downloader


This application is a highlighted application composed exceptionally well for the music sweethearts. Notwithstanding this application lightweight application likewise has an outline extremely wonderful that makes this application so great.

Music skull player application has sound settings so that when you listen to music mp3 utilizing this application, the voice will sound clear and uproarious.

Try not to stress to install this application, despite the fact that it has premium features. However, the application was exhibited for free with the goal that you are allowed to utilize it.

With this application, you can scan for your main tunes however much as could reasonably be expected. These applications incorporate an online music player that makes this application truly proficient.

Best Features

  • Search and discover free music and tune tracks
  • Discover free mp3 music by singer, title, classes, tunes or albums
  • Stream music to your gadget
  • Explore Top Hit track
  • You can easily share music with your companions
  • Integrated Equalizer
  • Enjoy music from your music library

Download Skull Here

16. RockMyRun


If you need more motivation during your workout, RockMyRun might be the best free Mp3 Music download apps for workout. It is proven to increase enjoyment and motivation by up to 35% with the world’s excellent DJs that create playlists and mixes.

Registering gives users a free trial and unlimited free access to over 1000 workout music mixes. The access becomes limited once the trial is over, but you can still enjoy some of the awesome playlists that can give you motivation.


  • Music mixes and playlists are crafted by talented DJ’s like Zedd, Major Lazer, David Guetta and Afrojack.
  • Suggested playlists and mixes based on the users listening preferences. Genres include hip hop, rap, house, drum and base, 80’s, 90’s, dubstep, oldies, country, Christian, classical, reggae, seasonal, Bmore, and more.
  • This app can be integrated with running and tracking apps like MapMyFitness, Endomondo, RunKeeper, Runtastic and Nike+.
  • It has a Body Driven Music feature. This feature adjusts the tempo to match your body movements.

[appbox googleplay com.rockmyrun.rockmyrun]

17. Trebel

Trebel is one of the best music apps that let you download free songs and albums so you can listen to them offline without any payments. You can enjoy your favorite music even without Wi-Fi connection.

This app uses less battery to save your phone energy. With Trebel, there is no need to convert YouTube videos to Mp3. You can download songs and play them offline for free.


  • It is free and easy to use.
  • Download songs and albums so you can listen to them even without internet connection.
  • This app uses less cellular data when streaming music. It also saves battery life.
  • You can sync your files with the existing Mp3 collection.
  • Enjoy Hip-Hop, Metal, R&B, Electronica, Rap, Holidays, Christian, Classic Rock, Fock, Indie, Bluegrass, Country, and more!
  • Users can customize their playlists and search by song, artist, or album.
  • This app lets you discover and see what your followers and friends are listening to. You can also download the playlists from other users.
  • You can listen the music offline.However, you need to earn points to listen the music offline. All you need to do is click on the adds and get points.


  • Contains Ads
  • The interface design is not very good
  • The number of songs is relatively small

Note:If you do not see an album or song that you like, you can press the “Request Download” button and the app will let you know when it is already available.

Overall:  This is a really good app. Although there are a lot of advertisements, but how can you complain about a free service?

[appbox googleplay com.mmm.trebelmusic]

18. Anghami


Anghami is also one of the best free Mp3 music downloader apps for music download. You can easily download your favorite songs so you can listen to your tracks even without internet connection.

What makes it great is that you can discover music that you love for free. It also gives you a large music catalogue with millions of international and Arabic songs.


  • Search music instantly from a library of millions of international and Arabic songs.
  • You can get recommendations according to genre, activity, and mood by listening to curated playlists.
  • Create your own music library and take them with you anywhere you go.
  • Share your playlists to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

Cons:You need subscribe to Anghami plus to download all your favorite music and listen without ads.

[appbox googleplay com.anghami]

19. Jamendo Music


Another excellent music app that lets you stream and download free music online from over 500,000 tracks is Jamendo Music. It is one of the great platforms for independent musicians who want to share their incredible art effortlessly.

It also comes with 13 radio stations that include genres like Electro, Lounge, World, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Singer/Songwriter, and Best of Jamendo.


  • Stream online or download songs from over 500,000 tracks. New songs are added weekly.
  • Listen to 13 radio stations in different genres.
  • Search according to songs, artists, and albums.
  • Jamendo Music has an organized user interface that lets you browse songs easily by Most Played, Most Downloaded, Latest
  • Releases, and more.

Note:This app is a great option for those who want to discover something new.

[appbox googleplay com.jamendo]

20. Free Music Mp3 Player

Free Music Mp3 Player

This is not a downloader, but Free Music Mp3 Player by MixerBox is one of the most popular music apps on Android. It lets you listen to your favorite songs on your smartphone or tablet for free.

Looking for songs is also easy. You can browse based on genres, moods, and your likes.


  • This app allows you to transfer your music to other devices. It supports multiple platforms, including tablets, Laptop ,PC, phones, Chromecast, and Android Wear.
  • It has intelligent song suggestions that recommend songs according to your preferences.
  • You can share your music to your friends or other users.
  • In addition to managing your songs, you can also customize the app to achieve a more personalized music experience.

[appbox googleplay mbinc12.mb32b]

21.Stream-Free Music for YouTube

Stream may not be a free music downloader, but it allows you to access all YouTube music videos and play them in a floating popup so you can continue browsing for other songs that you like.

You can look for your favorite artists, browse new genres, discover top charts, and make your own playlists for free.


  • The floating popup player lets you watch your videos for multitasking purposes. The size of the popup is also customizable and you can move it anywhere you like.
  • Discover radios according to your preferences. You can choose moods for working out, party, concentration, or sleeping. A sleep timer feature is also included.
  • Discover millions of YouTube music videos for free. You can make your own playlists and manage them with drag and drop.
  • Share your favorite songs and playlists with your friends.
  • You can customize the theme: blue neon, gold, emojis world, dark, or light.
  • This app also features Battery Saver, which reduces the brightness of your device automatically to save energy.

[appbox googleplay com.djit.apps.stream]

22. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager is also one of the best free Mp3 music downloader apps. You can get free music and organize all files on your smartphone effortlessly.

Advanced download manager also comes with a built-in browser so you can easily look for the Mp4 or Mp3 files over the internet. Once you have found your favorite music, downloading it is just like a child’s play.


  • Get music and videos for free.
  • Download up to three files at the same time. The files are in queue.
  • This app also loads images, archives, documents, and other programs.
  • Can download files larger than 2 GB.
  • The process stops automatically when the battery is running low. This app also offers auto resume after disconnection or errors. It also support pause, resume, and restart for downloads.
  • Advanced download manager has turbo mode to accelerate downloading process.
  • Create backup list of settings and downloads.
  • It has smart algorithm for faster speed of downloading files.
  • This app has built-in advanced media downloader, interception of Mp4 video from tubes and list of bookmarks and history. It also supports multiple tabs.


  • Contains ads
  • Not to be used as YouTube downloading

[appbox googleplay com.dv.adm]

23. Simple Mp3 Downloader

Simple Mp3 Downloader

Like the name says, this app is very simple to use. It is also one of the best Mp3 music downloader apps due to its user-friendly interface. All you have to do is to tap on the Search bar and enter the title of the song or album.

What’s more is that it features auto-completion that recommends various songs or artists as you start typing.


  • Simple app that lets you download Mp3 files for free.
  • Users can stream music online within the app if they do not want to download the songs.
  • Enjoy large selection of songs and listen to famous classics of all times.


  • Interface is not very good
  • Contains ads
  • This app is not available on Play Store, but you can get its APK file in the link below.

Download Simple Mp3 Downloader Here

Final Words

These are the best free Mp3 music downloader apps for android. We hope that one of the apps above match your music needs. What are your thoughts about these apps? Share your experience with us and let us know which music downloader app is your favorite!


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