How to Use Kik and What Is Its Features?

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Kik is an application that serves as a social media messenger. It has millions of users and is especially popular amongst teenagers. Why text, when you can use a cool app with numerous additional features? Kik operates as a small internet base and offers its own music and video player, web browser, and many other apps including games. Another great feature of Kik is that it doesn’t require your phone number in order for you to use it. All you need is a username.

Kik users can search for other users by entering their usernames, by entering a phone number from their phone contacts list, or by scanning a Kik code. Users can receive and send unlimited messages to other Kik users. To be able to do so, users have to be connected to Wi-Fi or use mobile data. So, how to use Kik? Follow the instructions below to learn how to use Kik.

How to Use Kik and What Is Its Features?

How to Use Kik

Signing Up With Kik

  1. Before you can use the app, you have to download and install it. Click here to download the app for iPhone, or click here if you’re using an Android device.
  2. When the download is complete and app installed, open it and create your account.
  3. Fill your details in the form, add a picture of yourself, and generate a username or create your own. TIP: Use a different username than the ones on other social platforms to prevent getting stalked and messaged by someone you don’t want.
  4. Allow or don’t allow Kik to access your phone’s contact list. The decision is yours and you can always add the phone contact list to your Kik contacts later if you want to.
  5. Once you enter your details, click on ‘Find People’ to search for your friends. In order to find them at this stage, you will need to ask them for their username.
  6. Complete registration to be able to start using your account. Go to the e-mail address that you provided in the registration form, locate the message from Kik, and complete account registration by clicking on the confirmation link.

Chatting on Kik

Chatting Kik

Chatting with Kik is simple. To start a conversation, tap on one of your contacts that you wish to speak with and select ‘Chat’ at the bottom of the screen. From there, click on the ‘Type a message’ window and enter your text. You can also add emoticons to your text by touching the button with a smiley face. A menu with emoticons will pop up and you can select the ones you like by clicking on them.

Once your text is complete and ready for sending, click on the ‘Send’ button. If the ‘Send’ button is not appearing in your version, click on the speech bubble instead.

Group Chatting on Kik

Chatting on Kik

Group chat is an important feature of all successful messaging apps. On Kik, up to nine people can join a group and chat to each other, share content, or anything else that the regular chat also allows.

How to use Kik to start a group chat?

  • Click on the blue ‘+’ icon which is located in the bottom right corner of the main Kik screen.
  • Click on the ‘Start a group’.
  • Name your group so that it can be found.
  • Enter the usernames of your contacts to add them to the group.
  • Start chatting.

Note: You may also consider using a group hashtag or the Kik code that helps you add people to the group.

Talking With the Bot on Kik

If you feel bored, you can try out the kikbot, which is basically a bot that can answer many of your questions. To start chatting with the bot, follow the guidelines below.

  • Click on the blue ‘+’ icon which is located in the bottom right corner of the main Kik screen.
  • Click on the ‘Discover bots’.
  • A menu of bots will open. Select the bot that you wish to speak with.
  • Tap on the bot and click ‘Start chatting’ on the following page.

Note: Bots can be quite funny and are quite good at maintaining certain conversations. However, they don’t perform that well in group chats.

Sharing Pictures and Videos on Kik

Sharing Pictures and Videos on Kik

In order for you to share media with your friends, you will first have to give Kik access to your images and videos.

When you’re creating a message, you will see a small ‘+’ button next to the ‘Type a message’ box. Click on it and another menu will open. By clicking on the first icon, you can send your friend pictures and videos that you already have on your phone. If you want to create a new picture or video, click on the camera icon.

When you’re done adding files, click on the ‘Send’ button or speech bubble icon to send them.

Note: When you’re taking a picture via Kik for the first time, Kik might ask you for permission to access the camera application. Allow it to do so if you wish to continue

Note: If you accidentally add a wrong picture or video to your message, you can delete before it is sent. To delete it, touch the image or video, then select ‘Delete’. Know that after the content is sent, you can’t delete it anymore.

Sharing Additional Content On Kik

Besides pictures and videos, you can also share additonal content by clicking on the ‘9 dots’ icon which is located right of the camera icon. When you click on it, additional features will shop up, including stickers, viral videos, sketch, image search, memes, and browser.

  • If you open ‘Stickers’, small images will appear. Some are free and others require you to spend money or use Kik points. You can send these images to your friend.
  • By clicking on the ‘Viral Videos’, you will be able to search for YouTube videos and send them to your friend.
  • You can also click on ‘Image Search’ and look for different pictures using keyword principle (example: ‘dog’, ‘waterfall’, etc.).
  • If you like memes, you can create your own meme by clicking on the ‘Memes’ icon.
  • By clicking on the ‘Browser’, you will be able to access top sites and link them to your friend.

Find People on Kik

Find People on Kik

Without people, messaging apps are boring and Kik is no exception. You can easily find people by using their usernames, your phone contact list, or using a Kik code. Kik doesn’t allow you to search for people using their real name, e-mail address, or a telephone number to ensure privacy.

To connect with additional people, click on the blue ‘+’ icon which is located in the bottom right corner of the main Kik screen. From there, click on ‘Search by username’ and enter the usernames of your friends to add them to your contact list.

Using Extra Features On Kik

  • Customize your chat bubble color: If you get bored of the default green color, you can change your chat bubble color by tapping the gear icon which is located at the top of Kik home screen. Select ‘Chat settings’ and then ‘Chat Bubble Color’. Select the color you like.
  • Video chat: You can either join or start a video chat with your friend or the whole group. First, go to the group chat or to the chat with individual that you want to video chat with. At the top right corner click on the ‘Video Chat Toggle’ to access video chat.
  • Live typing: The cool thing about this feature is that you can see if the person with whom you are chatting is typing to you at the moment or not. This way you can know whether you can expect to get a reply from them right away or not.
  • Notifications: As you are sending and receiving messages, you will be notified when the messages are sent and delivered. You can also customize the notifications to suit your needs.
  • Promoted chats: When you click on the blue ‘+’ icon located at the Kik home screen, you can switch to the next tab and select the option ‘Promoted Chats’. If you click on it, you will see a menu of interesting chats and you will be able to engage in these chats as well.
  • Block option: Let’s face it, creeps are everywhere, and Kik is no exception. When people are using same usernames on other online accounts as on Kik, they might be in danger of being talked to by a complete stranger who found out what their username is. To prevent this from happening, you can block the person that you don’t wish to talk with. Go to Kik ‘Settings’ and proceed to ‘Chat Settings’ from there. Click on the ‘Block List’ and the big blue ‘+’ on the right side. You can enter the name or username in the search box or look through the list that appears below. When you find the person you wish to block, click on them and confirm your decision by selecting ‘Block’ again.

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