How to Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast and Easily

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How to Increase Your Snapchat Score fast?You may love using Snapchat a lot but you have to admit that though you like the features that you are using so far, there are still a lot of other hidden features that you should know more about. If you have always wondered how you can use it in a more effective manner, no need to worry as you will find out more details about this famed application as you read on. 


Why People Love Snapchat

There are different reasons why people just enjoy using Snapchat so much. While this can be used by people of any age, it appeals more to younger people and here are just some of the reasons:

  • It is the perfect application for selfies. While a lot of applications make use of filters to improve their selfies, Snapchat can offer more than that. If you have not seen the dog filter yet, then you may not have opened any of your social media sites for a long time.
  • People have the power to choose what they can share to people. Whether you would like to share that you have done your exercise correctly or you like people to see the food that you are eating, everything will be available.
  • You choose to save the snaps that you like best. Whether the snaps come from celebrities or from your friends, you can save these ones without taking a screenshot.
  • If someone screenshots your snap, you will be informed about it. This is a great way of knowing if you are being stalked or not.
  • Re-watch the story that you have just shared. If you truly like it, you can watch it 5 times, 10 times or even 20 times. You will not be judged.
  • What you have shared will be out of people’s radars in 24 hours. This explains why some celebrities do not bother to open the snaps that they get from their fans because once a whole day has passed by, the snaps will vanish and will never be seen again. This can be helpful for you too as you can share something new everyday.
  • You will know who has viewed the things that you share. Viewing the content that you share is not mandatory. Yet you will know exactly who is curious about the things that you snap.
  • You can show your creative side. One of the things that you can do with the application is doodle. While there are a lot of people who literally just doodle, there are also some who can create great work that would be worthwhile of saving. If you know that you are creative then make use of this feature well.

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Your Snapchat Score

Have you ever noticed your Snapchat score? You can view this after you click on the header that says “snapchat.” You will notice that there are two numbers that will appear in place of the header. The first number signifies the number of snaps that you have sent to people. The other number signifies the number of snaps you have gotten from other people.

Your Snapchat score is composed of the combined number of the snaps you have received and sent. You get one point for each one that you get and one point again for each snap you send. If you are more active in doing Snapchat stories, then you should know that your score is not affected by these stories at all.

It may be easy for you to just add the snaps that you have sent and the snaps that you have received, right? Yet, when you check your Snapchat score that you can view when you go to your profile page, the score may be different from what you are expecting.

This is the reason why a lot of people are trying to formulate some theories as to why the Snapchat score that is displayed on their profile page does not correspond to the number that they should have gotten.These are just a few of the possible theories:

  1. You get a point for every snap that you send but you only get a point for received snaps when you actually open them. This means that if you do not open a snap that you get from a random person, you do not get any point. Also, if you send a snap to multiple people, this is still considered as one point.

The theory mentioned above seems plausible, right? A lot of people believe this theory but this is not the only one.

  1. Another theory is that for the first snaps that you send to three people, you get 12 points. Then you will get 20 points for all the snaps you will send after that.

No matter which theory you believe more, what is evident is you can only increase your Snapchat score if you would continue using the application. Are you bothered about the low numbers you can see on your Snapchat page? This should not be a problem. Simply use the application more.

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What Do the Numbers Mean on Snapchat-Find Your Snapchat Score

How to Increase Your Snapchat Score

How to Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast and Easily

You have already learned how to know your Snapchat score and you already know that the score is dependent on the number of snaps that you send and receive but if you suddenly want to increase your score, what should you do? No worries as there are some tips on how you can increase your Snapchat score with ease.

Note: Sending snaps is different from sending text snaps. If you send text snaps to your friends, you do not get any points for sending even if your friends open them. At the same time, you also do not receive points for opening text snaps that you receive from other people. If your main purpose is simply to increase your Snapchat score, this is not the best way.

Why Do You Need to Increase Your Snapchat Score?

There are some people who do not care even if their Snapchat score amounts to six. Some people use Snapchat just to communicate with the people that they care about. Some people would love to increase their score however because they feel that this gives them a greater sense of authority than others. Of course, this is different from having a lot of followers but it makes the profile seem more appealing than usual.

Whether you agree or not, you are now going to know a few tips on how your Snapchat score can be increased effectively.

  1. Add a lot of celebrities

There are a lot of celebrities who use Snapchat now due to various reasons. One may be because of the filter but other than that, they like the fact that their snaps can disappear after a certain period of time. When you add celebrities, you can send them as much snaps as you want. It is highly likely that they will not open the snaps. In fact, you can send snaps of anything and they would never know. What matters is because of this, you can send them a lot of snaps that will increase your score effectively.

  • Take a random picture.
  • Select all the celebrities that you have added as recipients.
  • Send the snaps to the celebrities.
  • Check your score afterwards

Did sending the snaps to celebrities increase your score? If yes, imagine if you would do this every day. It will be enough to improve your score dramatically.

  1. Shut down your Snapchat for a while

You may not understand what you have to do this but it will actually work. Try not to use your Snapchat for a certain period of time. You can do it for as long as you can because you can use other applications to connect with your friends for a certain period of time. Then you can come back to Snapchat. The makers of the application will be happy that you came back that your score will significantly increase without a lot of effort. Just remember to send and receive snaps as usual.

  1. Do open the snaps that you receive

You may be tempted not to open the snaps that you have received from some people. For example, you may have this friend on Snapchat that you are not particularly close to but for whatever reason (or perhaps for increasing points,) this person sends you snaps every single day of your life. You do not want to see her dog and flower crown filter anymore but every time you open her snap, you get a point. You can look away while the snap plays, right?

  1. Make use of different situations to send snaps

You do not have to send snaps every second of the day but when you get the opportunity to record and send, then do it. For example, you may be thrilled that the barista at the coffee shop spelled your name correctly. You can take a snap of that and send that your closest friends. Do not forget to send other snaps to celebrities too because it will always help. You can also send snaps of your pet to various pet lovers. The opportunities to send snaps are endless you just have to be creative about it.

Using Social Media Bots

A lot of people right now take social media seriously. Some take it too seriously that they actually want to get more followers on their accounts. It is okay to have your friends follow you but if you actually use an application, a social media bot that can increase your followers from 100 to 1000 then you are making your account more vulnerable to theft.

Having a bot can seem like a great option in the beginning because some can be received for free or you do not need to use a lot of money. Your number of followers can even increase to a few thousand even if you are not a celebrity.

While these bots are supposedly made in order to help you have more followers, some may use it in order to acquire important information about you which can eventually lead to identity theft and a lot of other issues. There are also some applications that are full of bugs. You may have a thousand followers in the beginning then the next day, you will not have any. With all of the stress you may experience because of it, avoid it because it is not worth it.

Hacking the Snapchat Points

Some people who claim to be professionals may say that they can hack your Snapchat points for you so that you can suddenly have an increase in your number of points. At times, this is possible but this can still be tricky. Do not let yourself become exploited by this. Besides, there are rumors that Snapchat may change the way that you get points soon. You do not want to go back to zero just because you have hacked your points, right?

At the same time, applications that can supposedly hack your Snapchat score will do the following:

  • Send you spam e-mails that you should not think about opening because there may be viruses included in it.
  • You will be sent surveys that will not really give you much help.
  • You might be sent malicious messages that come from random people.

Even with all of the theories that are mentioned above, all of the things that you may do to increase your score and all the other methods that you can think about, you may still not get the number of points that you desire. You may be looking at your profile and wondering why your points only amount to 1097 when you feel like you have sent more than that. You may also see other people who seem to be just using Snapchat as regularly as you do and they have 900,000 points. It cannot be denied that the point system of Snapchat may be flawed and is very mysterious. No one will actually know how to work it perfectly. Just remember to continue sending and receiving snaps. It may still help you increase your score.

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