Top 15 I’m Feeling Lucky Google Gravity Tricks

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Are you amazed to hear I’m Feeling Lucky Google Gravity tricks? Whether you are bored or you want to impress someone, you can always try out something exciting on Google! One of the best tricks that you can apply on your Google page is Google Sphere. In addition to this, there are more amazing tricks that you can try that will surely blow your mind. If you are ready to confuse someone and make their time worth spending in unique and something crazy, check out these best Google Gravity tricks.

Best I’m Feeling Lucky Google Gravity Tricks

What is im Feeling Lucky on Google?

When using Google Gravity, all web pages will be falling down or turn upside down. The content may act differently as they are subjected to gravitational pull. Google Gravity will give you a number of entertaining tricks that you can use to have fun or to trick friends and coworkers.

15 Best I’m Feeling Lucky Google Gravity Tricks

1. Google Sphere

Google Sphere

In Google Sphere, all the contents on your web page will start circulating around in a sphere. The movement will also follow your movement with the mouse. Because the links and content are spinning around, searching through this page can be difficult. It also becomes hard to click on the right result as all of them will be rotating in a sphere.

Google Sphere trick would be great if you are planning to leave your screen open, giving your friends, family or coworkers a chance to see what’s happening on your web page. This will definitely leave them astonished!

2. Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity Underwater Trick

Another trick that you must try is Google Gravity Underwater. This trick will surely accommodate you, especially if you do not have the time to go to the beach or resort. It demonstrates a beautiful background of the underwater sea that you can interact with. You will see all the contents of the web page floating and find many fish swimming gracefully.

You can click the I’m Feeling Lucky button and watch coins fall from the sky. You are also able to make waves and interact with the fish!

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3. Google Guitar

Google Guitar

Feeling bored? You can also try Google Guitar trick and enjoy a little bit of music. Google also provides the accurate notes so you can play familiar tunes like Happy Birthday, Twinkle Little Star, Harry Potter and Forest Gump. If you are a music lover, you can use this virtual guitar to play your favorite songs!

When you click the I’m Feeling Lucky button, the guitar trick will disappear and it will transform into an inverted Google Page. The same thing happens when you click the Google Search button.

4. Google Space

Google Gravity Space Trick

If you are curious about what happens when you are in space, this trick will give you an excellent demonstration. Google Gravity Space is another interesting trick where all contents of the page keep floating around your screen. This is exactly how people and things behave when they are in outer space.

When you try to search from this web page, the results will also start floating upside down. This trick is also useful if you want to impress your colleagues!

5. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Another interesting Google Gravity trick that is worth trying is Zerg Rush. When using this amazing trick, all search results will disappear one after another along with falling zeros. To experience this trick, all you have to do is to type “Zerg Rush” in the Google Search Page. This one is like a kind of game where you need to keep those falling zeros from “eating” the content of your web page.

Try it whenever you are bored and it will surely give you some time of enjoyment. You will see your score on the right side of the page.

6. Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll is one of the simplest tricks that will give your web page a speedy spin for a few seconds. You can easily do this trick by going to and enter “Do a Barrel roll” in the search bar. The results will be displayed and it will instantly do what you asked it to do. You can tell your friends to take a look at your computer’s screen as you do the trick!

7. Google Pacman

Google Pacman

Pacman is one of the classic games that we all miss and want to play from time to time. Fortunately, you do not have to download or search for Pacman games anymore as you can play it anytime you want to on Google itself!

Simply eat all those small balls like the real Pacman game and avoid those monsters until you clear the level. This game also gives you three lives. The difference between Google Pacman and the original game is the map. When playing Google Pacman, you will be able to read the world Google in the map.

8. Annoying Google

If you want to set your Google web browser to the next level, Annoying Google will do just the trick! Whether you feel annoyed or you just want to get someone’s attention with your screen, you can change your web page to make it a bit annoying. In this trick, the letters will be in small and big letters, making it annoying to read.

9. Find Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris jokes are still around today and you can make your friends laugh by doing the Find Chuck Norris Google trick. All you have to do is to visit and type “Find Chuck Norris” in the search bar. The results will be:

Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

Your search – Chuck Norris – did not match any documents.


  • Run, before he finds you.
  • Try a different person.
  • Try someone less dangerous.

10. Google Rainbow

Rainbow Google

Another amazing trick that you can try is Google Rainbow. With this, you can transform your Google Search engine to a colorful web page. All content are colorful like a Christmas tree. The Search Web button is changed to Rainbow Search and the I’m Feeling Colorful is changed to I’m Feeling Colorful.

Google Rainbow is not affiliated with Google in anyway, but it is sure a great way to impress your family or friends! They will surely ask you how you just made your Google page lively.

11. Google Epic

In this trick, all the elements on the web page will grow bigger. You will also see a huge EPIC photo behind the Google trade mark. The Search Web button is changed to Epic Search and the I’m Feeling Colorful button is changed to I’m Feeling EXCESSIVE. This trick may not do much but it is surely a fun way to add a smile on someone’s face!

You can also use this trick and leave your screen on. Wait for the EPIC reaction of your family and friends. They may think that your computer or laptop is about to explode!

12. Google Gravity

Google Gravity Space Trick

Google Gravity is one of the best tricks that you can try to fool your colleagues! With this, all the contents of the page will fall straight to the bottom of the screen as if the gravity is pulling them down. You can also pick up a button by dragging the mouse and throw it anywhere on the screen.

Whether you are bored or have nothing to do, this Google Gravity trick will give you some time to have fun. Even if all buttons fell to the ground, they are still working!

13.  Google Tilt

Another trick that will amuse you in a different way is Google tilt. This one will tilt your Google web page as soon as you apply it. All the buttons, search bar, Google’s trade mark and everything else are tilted as if being pulled by a strong gravitational force on one side.

You can apply this trick on your Google web page and leave your screen on. Allow your friends or coworkers to notice that your web browser is kind of weird!

14.  Funny Google

Funny Google

If you want to surprise someone by changing the name of Google to your name or someone else’s name, you can do it with Funny Google! This trick allows you to change the logo so that you can set its name according to your choice. All you have to do is to enter the name in the name field and click the Submit button.

15. Google Snake Game

Google Snake Game

If you enjoy classic games like Pacman, you would also have fun with Google Snake Game. Whether you are bored at work or you just want to make the time feel faster, you can always turn to simple games like Snake Game. You have probably played the snakes game in Nokia phones. This trick also follows the same rules in which you need to eat up all the food to make the snake grow longer.

Another great thing about Google Snake Game is that you can share your score with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. This allows you to have a competition!

I hope you love these I’m Feeling Lucky Google Gravity tricks.Share your experience with us.Thanks!

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