How to Identify a Song (Online Music Identification Services)

How to identify a song onelineWith more than hundred millions of songs available around the world, and new songs coming up every day, it is almost impossible to memorize all the titles, lyrics, and the singers. When you hear a cool song from the radio, television, mall, or street and you are suddenly hooked to it, you would want to search for its title over the internet so you can have a copy of the song on your smartphone.

The oldest method to identify a song is by getting at least two lines of the lyrics and enter it in any search engine. This trick definitely works as it will show you the entire song, including the singer, composer, and title. However, if you want to identify classical music, jazz, electronic or dance genres, this old method would not work. This leaves you frustrated as there is no way to figure out the title. If only you could hum in front of your PC, Mac or smartphone and it will automatically tell you which song you are looking for, right? Fortunately, there are ways to identify a song with online music identification services.

Online Music Identification Services

There are many apps that you can install on your smartphone, which allows you to identify a song. All you have to do is to record a short clip and it will recognize the music for you. There are also websites that offer the same services, such as Midomi, Lyrster and

1. Midomi


If there is a song that you like but you do not know its title or lyrics, but you remember the melody, Midomi is one of the best online music identification services that you can use to search for music! Aside from identifying songs, this website also lets you browse for the latest songs worldwide as there are over 2 million tracks that you can stream online!

Using Midomi is very easy. All you have to do is to visit their website or click here. Then, click Click and sing or Hum button. You will be asked to allow access to your Microphone. Simply click Allow to let Midomi hear your voice. You can now sing or hum the melody of the song that you want to identify for ten seconds and this website will do the rest for you! Once your music is found, it will display all the information, including the title and singer.

You may have to repeat your hum twice or thrice as it may not be completely accurate most of the time, especially when the pitch is different.

2. Lyrster


Another great online music identification service that you can use to find your new favorite melody or song is Lyrster. This lets you find a song with lyrics, even with only few words! Lyrster will search through millions of songs that include those lines or phrases.

To search for a song using Lyrster, visit their website or click here. You will see a search box where you can enter the lyrics that you remember. After entering the words, click Find my song button next to the search box. This works like browsers’ search engine results pages, but it only displays songs for your convenience. Lyrster searches more than 450 lyrics websites, so users can certainly get the song title that they are looking for!


AudioTag can also be your music recognition robot companion for identifying songs and music! Since many people often hear songs that they like but do not know the titles and artists, AudioTag helps in many situations! With more than 1.3 million tracks in its library, this website can surely help you determine any song!

If you come across the song that you like from some website, simply copy its URL and go to Simply paste the URL in the search box, and make sure that the page has at least fifteen seconds of run time. Once the song is recognized, it will display all the results, including title, artist, album, and year of release.

You can also upload music or song from your computer to identify its title. Supported file formats are FLV, WAV, MP3, MP4, and more!

4. WatZatSong


One of the most used online music identification services is WatZatSong. It is a great community for those who want to name that melody or tune! Users can submit a hum or partial singing to be named, and others can show their skills by identifying the songs you submitted. You can also help others who need help in identifying songs.

Go to WatZatSong website, and click the Post A Sample button on top of the screen. You can hum or sing for few seconds and submit it. Instead of robots, real people will help you out! Because there are millions of users every day, you are likely to get an answer quickly. That’s how WatZatSong works. You can also help others if you know some of the songs that they are asking.

5. Tunatic

Another great service that you can use to identify songs is Tunatic. You can also download and install it to your computer. It identifies a melody or song that it hears using your microphone. Within seconds, Tunatic will display the title of the songs, including the name of the artists. It will also give you links where you can download the song and read lyrics!

How to Identify A Song with Music ID Apps

There are also apps available on Google Play Store and iTune Store that allow you to identify songs straight from your smartphones. Here are the apps that you can download and install on your device to quickly identify songs.

1. SoundHound


SoundHound app is available on iTunes and Play Store. This music identification app uses your smartphone’s microphone to identify a song online. This app will listen to your singing, humming, or a recording. This app also lets you enjoy a great experience, whether watching music videos, singing along with Live Lyrics, or streaming playlists of top artists.

You can also browse for popular tracks while music is still playing in the background. Check out featured songs, artists, videos, and albums every weak. You can also check what songs are played around the world with its Music Map feature. When you hear a song that you like and you want to know its title, simply command SoundHound by saying, “Ok Hound… what’s that song?”

2. MusicID with Lyrics

MusicID with Lyrics

One of the best online music identification services is the MusicID with Lyrics app. It can instantly identify the music playing around you! This app will also use your device’s microphone to get a sample of the song that you want to know. The portion of the song will be sent to a database to analyze it.

Aside from portions of the song, you can also enter a line of lyrics that you remember to identify a song. It also offers many features, such as details about the band or artists, linking to YouTube videos, and song recommendations.

3. Shazam


Used by millions of people every month, Shazam is one of the most popular apps for identifying music, discovering top hits, and getting song lyrics. With over 11 million songs in its database, it can definitely identify the song that you are searching for!

You can also watch YouTube videos, enjoy music lyrics, preview songs with Apple Music, launch Pandora radio according to the artists that you discover, and add songs to Spotify and Rdio playlists. Shazam also lets you see what your friends are listening to Shazam when you are connected to Facebook. You can also share your songs through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

4. Musicxmatch


This app is one of the world’s biggest collections of song lyrics. It is used by millions of people to get lyrics for Pandora, YouTube, Spotify and more! This app is also used for accurate song translations. You can tap on the real-time notification to see the lyrics widget. You can also learn new languages by checking the lyrics translation in time and with music.

Musicxmatch also lets you play YouTube videos while the lyrics float over the video. You can transfer your discovered songs in your Spotify playlist. You can also share your favorite songs with cool backgrounds with LyricsCard feature!

5. TrackID


The TrackID music recognition app allows you to identify songs around you within seconds. It also offers friendly user interface and is available in over 60 languages. This app allows you to check artists, watch music videos, listen to preview, connect to Spotify, and download songs that you like!

This app also lets you save a track even when you are offline so that you can identify it once you are back online. You can also share your playlists through WhatsApp or Facebook, and add your discovered music to Spotify playlist!

These are the best websites and apps to identify a song! Do you know other online music identification service that we did not mention above? Share it with us in the comments below!

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