How to Fool Someone with Google Gravity Underwater Trick

Are you looking for a great way to entertain yourself, your family, or friends? Whether you are using your personal laptop at home or working computer, there are many Google Gravity tricks that you can try to show to your friends or coworkers to have fun! These cool tricks will certainly amaze your friends. One of the best tricks that you can perform on Chrome, Search, or Homepage is the Google Gravity Underwater Trick. Aside from that, you can also check out Google Guitar, Anti gravity google underwater,Google Pac-Man, Google Anti-Gravity, and more!

Google Gravity Underwater Trick

What is Google Gravity Underwater Trick

Google Gravity Underwater Trick is one of the best tricks that you can perform on your Chrome home page. This trick is not only fun but also exciting and amazing, which is why it has become the most popular among all Google Gravity Tricks. Isn’t it thrilling to suddenly change your brother’s or sister’s homepage screen from plain Search page to an aquarium? They would definitely ask you how you just transformed their white Google Search into a tank!

Also called 0 Gravity Underwater and No Gravity Underwater, this Google Gravity Underwater Trick changes your Google Search homepage to give you and your friends a great underwater experience.

  • You will see crabs on the sea floor, sharks and fish swimming freely, and floating starfish and clams!
  • The Google name will be flipped and other contents will sink and float with the sharks.
  • You can also create waves, touch the sharks, and collect treasures falling from the top of the screen every time you click “I’m feeling lucky.”

If your friend or a family member does not know about this trick, then this is it! Underwater Trick is the best way to fool someone with Google Gravity.

How to Perform Google Underwater Trick

Doing this trick is very easy. Follow these steps to perform Google Underwater Trick.

  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. Type Google Underwater Trick in the search bar.
  3. Click the first result. ( )
  4. Watch your page’s content sink or float away!

Amazing right? If you try to click on the water, it will create waves and move the contents floating above. You can also click the sharks and other fish to halt them for few seconds. To collect treasures, click the button “I’m feeling lucky” and gold coins will fall from the sky! There is no doubt that this Google Gravity Underwater Trick is one of the best ways to fool your friend. It also offers a nice view to calm your eyes so you can feel like you are in an aquarium park.

Now that you already learned the great and amazing Google Gravity Underwater Trick, you can now impress your family, friends, and co-workers about your new Chrome search page! They would definitely nag you about how you did it.

Other Great Google Gravity Tricks

If you enjoyed Google Gravity Underwater Trick, you might also want to check other Google Gravity tricks that would surely blow your mind! Here are our top picks.

1. Google Gravity Space Trick

Google Gravity Space Trick

Like Google Gravity Underwater, the Space trick also makes the content float, but in Space! The search bar, icons and buttons will start floating around and move in different directions. If you want to see how things move in space with zero gravity, you can check this Space Trick!

Aside from just watching your content move in different directions, you can also try to move them with your mouse. You can drag some buttons to make everything collide, just like what happened to Big Bang theory! However, you wouldn’t be able to make a habitable planet doing that. This trick is only good for fooling someone who doesn’t know it yet!

2. Google Pac-Man

Google Pac-Man

Whether you want to trick someone or just play a quick game, you can always open Google Pac-Man within few seconds! Pac-Man is one of the classic games and will never be forgotten. If you want to go back to the old times and eat those tiny and big dots while avoiding monsters, simply open Chrome browser and change your search page into a Pac-Man game!

Google Pac-Man has the same rules as the original game. Simply eat the small dots, and the big dots will give you super powers to eat the monsters. You also have three lives and you need to eat all the dots in order to jump to the next level. The only difference is that the maze, as this version of Pac-Man forms the word Google in the middle. Are you ready to play the game? Type Google Pac-Man in the search menu and enjoy!

3. Google Guitar

Google Guitar

Another trick that you can show your family, friends, or co-workers is the Google Guitar. This trick allows you to strum the strings and play one note at a time by plucking the strings or tapping the buttons on your keyboard. You can also follow the melodies provided below. You can play the Happy birthday song, Forest Gump, Harry Potter, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You can also record your own melodies and save the link so you can send it to your family and friends!

Whenever you feel bored at home or at work, simply open your Google browser and search for Google Guitar. This way, you can entertain yourself while other people around you wonder how you create the sounds from the search page!

4. Google Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

One of the amazing and thrilling Google Gravity tricks that you can try is Google Zerg Rush. In this trick, small circle rings will appear and will eat your content page. You can try to attack those circles by clicking on them many times until they disappear. It’s like protecting the results page from these cute little monsters. There is also a time on the right corner of the screen to record how many seconds you survived from the attack.

This trick is fun! However, there is no way that you could possibly win against those content-eating circles. Just when you think that you are winning, more circles will come to clear the search page completely! After that, the circles will form two capital Gs in the middle.

5. Google Snake Game

Google Snake Game

Snake game is one of the best 90s games where you need to make the snake grow longer by eating foods and avoiding the walls or itself. Are you interested of playing this game again? Perhaps, one of your friends or co-workers liked this game?

One of the cool and relaxing Google Gravity tricks that you can easily implement is the Google Snake Game. Simply open your Google browser and enter Google Snake Game in the search bar and start playing. The board has the name Google on it. You can also disable the background music if desired. You have 60 seconds to collect food and power ups!

6. Google Sphere Trick

Google Sphere

If you are a fan of floating things just like the contents in Google Gravity Underwater Trick, you would also like Google Sphere Trick! Brought by Elgoog, this trick makes the content rotate around Google and search bar. If you try to move your mouse over the screen, it will interrupt the rotation of the words. You can also slow them down and change the direction.

If you click on the search bar, it will become bigger along with the Google name. The rotation will also alter. Just do not stare for a long time as it can also make you feel dizzy. Do this trick on your friends’ computers to surprise them!

7. Google Gravity


This trick will make your Google browser pull all objects to the bottom of the tricks, including the search bar, Google logo, Images, Quick search buttons, and more! To do this trick, simply open your Google browser and enter Google Gravity in the search bar. Click the first result, and watch your screen fall to the ground! Your friends will be curious about how you performed this awesome trick!

You can also move the objects around by clicking on them and dragging the mouse. You can throw the objects or buttons to any directions, including the Search bar and logo. Try it out, it is really cool!

8. Funny Google

Funny Google

This trick is definitely one of the best tricks that you can pull on someone! In this trick, you can enter your name or your friends name to replace the logo of Google in the search page. Your friend or family would definitely be surprised of how you did this and they would think that you are a total genius for changing the logo name!

To implement this trick, simply open your Google browser and enter Funny Google in the search bar. Click the first result to open funny Google. You will see a blue box below Funny Google where you can type your name or your friend’s name. You can actually enter anything that you like. Once you are done, click Submit.


Change the Search page of your browser and fool your friends with the Google Gravity Underwater Trick! They will be amazed of how you changed the search page from plain to a beautiful aquarium! You can also try other Google Gravity tricks mentioned above to pull pranks on someone. Have fun!

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