30 Google Gravity Tricks That Will Amaze You

Google is the most popular search engine today. You can check almost anything from Google. All you need to do is to enter what you are looking for in the search box and the results will appear instantly. Aside from its incredible search abilities, do you know that there are many hidden tricks in Google?

Google Gravity can make all your open web pages turn upside down or show effects like the web pages are falling down as if being pulled hard by the gravity. There are also many entertaining tricks that can blow your mind. Knowing the secrets allows you to trick your friends and they will be so amaze on how you do it!

What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is a virtual gravity programmed by Google to give all users amusement. This can attract people and just feel amazed. Using the tricks affect your web browser and web pages in many ways but there is nothing to worry about if you are concern about your security. These are just virtual gravity tricks for entertainment.

Google Gravity

30 Google Gravity Tricks That Will Amaze You

Here are the best gravity tricks to have some fun with Google Search.

#1 Zero Gravity Google

This Google Zero Gravity Trick is one of the amazing tricks that you can show your friends. All the contents of the page are overturned including the images and texts. If you will try to enter something in the search bar, it will be written in reverse!

To try Google Gravity Trick, simply open Google and enter “Google Gravity” in the search bar. Click the first result and as soon as you open it, the search bar and everything else will fall to the bottom as if gravity is pulling them down. You can try this cool trick here Google Gravity.

#2 Google Guitar

Google Guitar

Do you want to play the guitar directly from the search engine page? This Google gravity trick allows you to play many of the popular music like Twinkle Twinkle, Harry Potter and Happy Birthday. Another great thing about it is that Google also gives you the notes so you can play it right!

If you want to try playing the guitar directly from your results page, open Google and enter “Google Guitar” in the search bar and click the first result below the bar. To make it easier for you, visit this page to start playing http://elgoog.im/guitar/.

#3 Google Gravity Underwater

Another cool trick that you can perform on your browser is Google Gravity Underwater. While Google itself is reversed and the search bar is floating, you will see different kinds of fish swimming freely which can also give you some kind of relaxation. There are also clams, crab, seaweeds and starfish having fun underwater. If you click “I’m feeling lucky”, coins will drop out of nowhere!

To try this amazing trick, open Google and type Google Gravity Underwater in the search bar. Click the first result and it will take you immediately underwater! You can also just visit this link http://elgoog.im/underwater/ to go there directly.

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#4 Google Sphere

Google Sphere

The Google Sphere trick is also one of the most popular tricks there is. All texts on the page will rotate around Google search bar. Moving your mouse can also stop the words from rotating and you can change the way the move whether you want them fast or slow or still. This is actually cool and you can also fool your friends like, “Hey look at my Google search page all words are rotating” and they will be so amaze and think that you are a geek!

To experience this fun and amazing Google Sphere, click here Google Sphere.

#5 Do a Barrel Roll

This trick will blow your mind as it rotates your whole screen once but you can also ask it to do barrel roll twice! To try this trick, just open google.com and in the search bar, type “Do a Barrel roll”. It will instantly spin your web page which is actually fun. You can also show this to your friends for a brief moment as it only last for few seconds.

You can also try the trick by clicking here Do a Barrel Roll. Just don’t do it many times as it can also give you headache!

#6 Google Tilt

Google Tilt

Have you seen the Google page tilt? If not, then this is a good opportunity for you to see the page tilting without having to tilt the screen or your head. Just type “Google Tilt” in the search bar from Google.com and click the first result. Your page will then tilt and if you click “I’m Feeling Lucky” the whole page will be inverted. Click the buttons again and the colors of Google will change! If you search from the tilted page, the results will be reversed!

You can also open the tilted Google page by clicking here Google Tilt.

#7 Google Space

Another amazing trick and you can show to your family or friend is the Google space. In this trick, all contents including texts are floating as if they are in space. This trick shows how anyone would behave once they are in the outer space. This is cool especially if you want to show this to kids. It can also relax your mind after a long day of work!

To try out this awesome trick, open google.com and enter “Google Space” in the search bar or simply click this link here Google Space.

#8 Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Another interesting Google Gravity Trick is the Zerg rush which makes all contents in the search results page disappear along with the falling zeros until your page is completely cleared! Click all the Zeros to defend your content from the Zerg rush but it is almost impossible unless you are fast.

To experience this amazing trick, simply type “Zerg Rush” in the Google search bar and watch the zeros fall. There will be many of them so click them right away to stop them from eating all the contents! Once those Zeros ate all the contents in the results page, they will form two big Gs and you can share your score!

#9 Google Mirror

Another amazing trick that can entertain you and your friends is the Google Mirror. This flips the entire Google page so when you try to search something, your text will be reversed and the results are also reversed. This trick is only for entertainment purposes.

If you want to try it now, simply open google.com and enter “Google Gravity Mirror” in the search bar or simply click this link to get there directly http://elgoog.im/gravity/.

#10 Google Pacman

Google Pacman

Who does not like to play Pacman? This is one of the classic games that will never grow old! Do you know that you can actually play pacman directly from Google page? Simply open google.com and enter “Google pacman” in the search bar. Press enter and there you go!

Just click to play the most popular classic game. Simply eat all the dots and make sure the other monsters won’t eat you. The big dots in the corners will give you the power to eat the monsters for few seconds. To go to Google Pacman directly, you can also click this link here http://elgoog.im/pacman/.

#11 Google Snake Game

Snake is also one of our most favorite classic games. Nokia phones definitely made us addicted to Snake game and if you are missing your childhood, Google lets you play your childhood game with additional twists! There are actually dynamites included in the Google’s version of Snake so you better watch out what you eat!

To try this amazing Google trick, simply open google.com and enter “Google Snake Game” in the search bar and click the first result! To go there directly, visit this page http://elgoog.im/snake/ and you can start reminiscing! Remember, there are dynamites!

#12 Google Terminal

Google Terminal

Another trick that can bring you to the past is the Google Terminal. This will make you remember your MS-DOS days! For young users who did not experience the MS-DOS, this trick will let you sneak on how it was back in the old times! To try this entertaining trick, simply open google.com and enter “Google Terminal” in the search bar. Click the first result and it bring you back to the 80s!

To make it easier for you, simply click this link http://elgoog.im/terminal/  to have a glimpse of MS-DOS.

#13 Chuck Norris

Here is another fun and amazing trick that you can show to your family or friends, the Chuck Norris Google trick! There will be only 1 result in the SERP saying, “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.” Now that’s creepy, yet funny to make your friends laugh in the middle of a terrific day!

To show this joke to your family or friends, simply visit this page http://www.nochucknorris.com/ . Remember, run before he finds you!

#14 Weenie Google

Weenie Google

The Weenie Google trick by a third party makes all the content in the search engine small like it had a bite of Alice in Wonderland’s biscuit! This trick is simple and it only makes the page smaller which is fun to show to your family or friends! Simply open google.com and type “Weenie Google” in the search bar. Click the first result by www.toosmalltouse.com and your page will start becoming tiny!

#15 Super Mario Brothers

For everyone who played the Super Mario Brothers, you will definitely love this hidden trick that you can perform in Google search page results. Although you won’t be able to play the game from there, you can interact with the Coin Box (box with question mark) that you always see from the popular Nintendo game.

To listen to the sounds of your childhood game, open google.com and type “Super Mario brothers” in the search box. At the left side of the screen, you will see the question mark box. Click it and it will produce the same sound from the game! Click it 100% and it will make the sound of 1-up!

#16 Recursion

We all know that Google results page will always correct you whenever you misspelled in the search bar. But this time, Google will still try to correct you even if you typed it right! To perform this trick, open google.com and type “recursion” in the search bar. Yup, type it correctly! Even if you did not misspell, Google will still ask you, “Did you mean: recursion.”

Try it out and show it to your friends! Don’t say it’s a Google trick and your friends will surely try to figure out what is wrong with the search bar.

#17 Rainbow Google

Rainbow Google

If you want to add like seven colors in your web page, why not use the Rainbow Google? This trick is for people who like rainbows and also fun to show it to some of your friends. It can also entertain you as you do not see rainbow every day.

To do this trick, simply open google.com and enter “Rainbow google” in the search bar! Click the first result by seetherainbow or simply click here to go there directly http://seetherainbow.com/. This site is not affiliated with Google.

#18 Google Loco

Google loco is also one of the best Google gravity tricks that will amaze you! Performing this trick will make your entire webpage fall down including the images, texts, and the search bar itself. It is like gravity pulled everything down to the bottom. This is also like the Google gravity trick.

To check out the Google Loco trick, open google.com and enter “Google Loco” in the search bar. Click the first entry by googleloco and watch your web page fall apart.

#19 The number of horns on a unicorn

Like other Google gravity tricks, this trick will make Google respond to users in a different manner. If you want to know the number of horns on a unicorn, Google will show you a calculator with the main answer.

To check this trick out, simply open google.com and enter “the number of horns on a unicorn” in the search bar. You will be amaze with how Google responds.

#20 Number 42

Here is another impressive trick that will surely amaze you. It is very unlikely so it definitely catches the attention of many viewers. When you enter “the life the universe and everything” and press Enter, you will see so many number 42s! One of the results is the meaning of number 42 from Wikipedia. Whether it is a Google trick or not, it is definitely amazing!

#21 Anagram

This trick is somewhat like the Recursion trick but this time, Google will suggest you rumbled letters of the Anagram. If you type “Anagram” in the Google search bar, Google will ask you, “Did you mean: nag a ram” and yes, it is amazing and well hidden!

#22 Google Anti-Gravity

Google Anti-Gravity

Another cool gravity trick that will surely amaze you is the Google Anti-Gravity. It works lie the Google Space but all the contents in this trick including the texts and Google search bar move upwards.

To try this awesome gravity trick, open google.com and enter “Google anti-gravity” in the search bar. Click the first result by antigravitygoogle or simply click the link provided http://antigravitygoogle.com/.

#23 Google Energy Saving

Whether for amusement or not, this trick can let you save watt hours. Using Google Energy Saving keeps your webpage in night mode which can also save some energy. You also have the option to set Blackle as your homepage if you wish to.

To try the energy saving trick, open google.com and type “Google energy saving” in the search bar. Click the first result by blackle. You can also visit the page here http://www.blackle.com/.

#24 Funny Google

Funny Google

Whenever you open google.com, you see the big logo of Google in the middle and below that is the search bar. Did you ever want to put your name where the Google logo is? How about a funny name? This trick allows you to change the logo name of the Google web browser so you can put random names and show it to your friends!

Simply open google.com and type “Funny Google” in the search bar. Click the first result.

#25 Epic Google

This one is like the opposite of Weenie Google trick. The font size of your web page changes but this time, it becomes bigger and bigger. If you want to feel epic or excessive, you might want to do this trick to amuse yourself or show it also to your friends.

To check this trick, simply open google.com and type “Epic google” in the search bar. Select the first result by toobighouse or just click this link to visit the page directly http://www.toobigtouse.com/.

#26 Ninja Google

Ninjas are incredibly fast and we all wish that our internet speed is as fast as ninjas! If you want to have faster search experience, doing this trick can surely help you out! The Ninja Google can make your search experience faster than before! It also includes free games, music, seo directory, videos and more!

To try this out, simply open google.com and type “Ninja google” in the results bar. Click the first result by ninjagoogle to open the webpage for ninjas! To get there directly, simply click this link http://www.ninjagoogle.com/.

#27 Annoying Google

Annoying Google

Google can be annoying sometimes but this trick will definitely annoy you even more! The texts are typed with small and big letters just to annoy users! To check this out, open google.com and type “Annoying google” in the search bar. Select the first result by donttypelikethis.

If you click I’m feeling Annoyed (which is actually typed like i’M fEeLiNg AnNOyED), it will take you to Google Doodles for some reasons. Here, you can also doodle and have real fun!

#28 Atari Breakout

Do you know that you can actually play Atari Breakout from Google Images? This is one of the most awesome Google tricks! This game is one of the classics and you have probably played a game like this before.

To play the Atari Breakout, open google.com and enter “Atari breakout” in the search bar. Click Images below the search bar and watch the photos transform into bricks. From there, you can play and hit all the bricks until you win! This trick is one of the best things to do to kill some time at home or office. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

#29 Flip A Coin

Whenever facing tough decisions, or just for random games or deciding with friends, we let the sides of a coin decide for us. If you do not have a coin near you or you are lazy to check in your pocket, this Google trick can do the work for you!

To check this out, open google.com and type “flip a coin” in the search bar and you will see a coin spin for few seconds. This trick can help you make a decision!

#30 Walking to Mordor

Walking to Mordor

When you type a keyword in the Google search bar, the results will show you websites with the keywords you typed. However, when you enter “Walking to Mordor,” the first result will show you to NerdFitness. That is weird yet tricky! Try it out and you will be amazed!


Now that you have discovered the most popular Google gravity tricks, you can surprise your family or friends! When they are not looking, you can make their webpage fall down using Google Gravity! You can also make it spin with Google Space. How about change Google logo to your friend’s name using Funny Google?

These tricks are all amazing and we hope that you enjoyed reading it. If you happen to discover more Google tricks, share it with us in the comment section below!

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