23 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites[2019 Update]

Sometimes, you’re required to pay some bucks of dollars to enjoy a good movie, despite the fact that you’re going to exhaust a volume of mobile data to see such movie. But rarely, we do have some websites that offer better streaming services than other streaming websites that require registration fee. Have you ever wondered how life would have been so fun without having to pay a subscription fee to watch your favourite movie?  Have you also wondered how lovely it would be if these streaming websites do not require that you register or sign up on their platforms to become a beneficiary of their free services?

The websites below are not just going to offer you the best streaming services, they do not require a registration fee and you do not have to sign up before you begin to watch your favourite TV series and other media contents. Check the list below and enjoy every moment!

Best Free Movie Streaming Websites

23 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites in 2019

  1. IOMovies

Are you craving for an excellent movie streaming website? You can’t get less on IoMovie. This website is very unique in the way of arrangement and organisation of their services. Not just that you have access to a thousands of movies free of charge, you don’t need to sign up on IoMovie.

You can enjoy a lot of movies, series and Documentaries on the website.The website is a home to new movies and superb TV shows. The design of the website is enough to lure you into staying on the website for a whole day, coupled with the fact that it has a search button which you can use to spring up your favorite movie without stress.

Movies from Action, Drama, War,  Sport, Crime and Comedy genres are available on IoMovie. Unlike many other websites that pop up too much advertisements in the course of video, IoMovie limits that ads despite being a completely free streaming site. Watch movies on IoMovie in HD quality,  and enjoy yourself.

  1. Showbox

Showbox is itself a home of entertainment. The website is one that can give you maximum entertainment at a stretch, except you don’t have an mobile data connection or Hot-spot. Showbox is a host to thousands of videos, TV series and other media contents. It comes with an app which you can download and stream on.

Unlike some websites, Showbox does not only allow you to stream online without paying a dime, you can also download the videos on your mobile phone to enjoy later. The streaming website holds no restriction against the kind of mobile device that can access it.

With your Android, Smartphone, Personal computer or iPhone, you are sure to enjoy yourself. Showbox is a leading website, and you can’t but enjoy every video on the platform. Whatever genre of movie you love to watch, Showbox has them all! On Showbox, you don’t have to sign up to enjoy the free streaming, just connect your device to a stable power and mobile data sources, and you’re good to go!

  1. Afdah

One of the most popular free movie streaming sites is Afdah. You have an unlimited access to the website. It’s very easy to operate and navigate through the website. It has a search button to launch you to your favourite movie at a single touch.

There are thousands of movies on Afdah to keep you busy at leisure or when you finally take a break from work. You don’t have to sign up on Afdah to enjoy videos. There are a lot of trendy, popular and latest movies on the website. You can also enjoy wide range of TV series on Afdah without having to pay a dime or register. Just make sure you have enough data stuck in your device, you can watch movies on the website for 24 hours non-stop .

  1. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is one of the easiest websites to use and offers a great deal of exceptional streaming services. There are thousands of free movie on SnagFilm and some series are also on the platform to keep you at leisure. There are just some advertisement pop-ups on SnagFilm unlike some websites that fill a larger percentage of their movies with advertisements.

This website has movies of different genres, from Action, Politics,  Romance, Animation, Crime, Drama, Spirituality etc. These movies are available in manifolds for the enjoyment and satisfaction of viewers. A section of the website provides you with new and popular movies so as to stay updated with what is happening in the entertainment world. Despite being a free streaming website, SnagFilms is one of the few websites with high quality movies. No subscription fee is required to join the platform neither do you have to sign-up to stream your favourite movies.

  1. Vumoo

If you’re looking for a website that functions like Netflix, Vumoo is the right click to check. Vumoo is a website with so many features of entertainment. Thousands of movies and TV shows are for you on this website. And imagine you have access to unlimited videos and you’re paying no dime?  Such is what Vumoo is all about.

It is a website that holds links to other websites for you to get your videos and movies. Vumoo is safe to use, and is supported by different mobile devices. On Vumoo, you’re not mandated to register or even sign-in to have access to your favourite movies. Just a stable internet data and constant source of electricity, Vumoo will give you the best till dawn. There are   genres of movies on the website. Just push the button to the website, and enjoy yourself!

  1. GoMovies

GoMovies is an excellent streaming website with a couple of great features. It requires no registration fee, sign-up or subscription fee. Its one of the newest streaming options but the services offered by the website are far better than most long-existing websites. GoMovies has a lot of videos in their database with so much great entertainment features.

Videos on the website are updated on regular basis to give viewers latest movies in town. You’re sure to enjoy every moment on GoMovies because if the relatively easy-to-navigate site feature. The media contents on the website are categorized by countries, genres and top IMBD.  You can also use the search button to search for your favorite movie on the website and enjoy streaming without stress. If you can’t wait to watch a particular movie or wait for the official release of a video, GoMovies allows viewers to enjoy cam versions of movies before HD versions are released.

  1. YesMovies

YesMovies is another great streaming website that has always been ranked above many websites. It has a library of thousands of movie and series that you can choose from anytime. The website is very easy to navigate and gives you stress-free experience. You can not underestimate the standard of this website. It also has a search button that enables users to search for their preferred movies.

On YesMovies, you can enjoy access to thousands of Crime, Action,  Drama, Fantasy, Animation,  Biography, Family, Horror and Sports are some of the genres of movies you are opportuned to enjoy. Unlike some streaming websites, YesMovies is designed in a way to ameliorate the stress people go through to locate a particular movie.

You can search for any movie by Country, release dates and ratings. The site is very fast to load and has virtually no ads to disrupt your moment. YesMovies is a great site, and you’re sure to enjoy every movie you find on the platform. If you’re busy or involved in other stuffs, you can click on any video, download to your device and watch later. On YesMovies, no sign up is required.

  1. Fmovies

Fmovies is professionally designed to entice viewers and has a great that can not be compared to some other streaming websites. On Fmovies, you can enjoy free movies without having to pay for registration, no sign-up required and you do not have to pay for subscriptions. You can comfortably choose any movie of your choice on the website without going through any stress.

You have a free access to movies shot and produced in 13 different countries on the website. You cab choose movies based on year of release, genre and country. To meet up with the vast demand of viewers, Fmovies is designed with all genres of movies from Action,  Animation, Comedy, Biography and Adventure. While you will enjoy every movie you see on the website in HD format, you’re sure to enjoy it without pop-ups and ads from the start to the end.

  1. Viewster

Viewster is a high-ranked video streaming website where viewers can get access to thousands of TV shows, Movies and trailers. The website is very easy to navigate, and you don’t have to sign-up to access the streaming platform. While many websites do not reveal so much information about each video, Viewstar gives a wider network of access for viewers to see the rating, duration and synopsis of every video.

The media files are arranged in a way that makes it easier for viewers to check their favourite movies. There’s a a horizontal button on the homepage that you can click and see more about the videos. Best-rated, popular and latest movies are what you stand to watch on Viewster without paying a dime.

On this website, there are different genres of movies lined up for your enjoyment and you’re definitely going to enjoy them all. There are over 15 genres available on the website,  some of which are Drama, Action, Romance,  Horror and Crime. And you know what?  It requires no sign-up!  Just a click on the website will put you on your favorite movie!

  1. WatchFree

You may not need to learn more about the website because the name of the website speaks a lot about the service it renders. You’re paying no dime for watching your favourite movie. In addition, you’re not required to sign-up before you begin to enjoy the unbeatable streaming experience on WatchFree.

The website is one of the best streaming websites with a very organized homepage. On the first click on the website, you’ll be convinced it’s definitely what you want to see. It has a database featuring several thousands of movies. These movies are of high HD quality. However, the website does not hold any media content directly. It only serves as a link between viewers and other websites where they fetch their favorite movies on those websites.

  1. Amazon Prime

If you’re familiar with Amazon Prime and Netflix, you’ll agree that the two leading steaming websites have little or no differences. It offers streaming services in high viewing quality. It has no pop-ups to disrupt you while you’re watching a movie. Neither does it spring up annoying ads.

In spite of these benefits, it  does not require any registration neither does it require sign-up fee. Unlike some websites that give preference to the kind of devices that can access them, Amazon Prime does not place any restrictions as such. There are not just only movies on the website, you also have the chance to listen to songs and read books on Amazon Prime.

  1. GoStream

You must have probably heard the name before. Yes,  it offers unbeatable streaming services. You don’t even have to sign-up on the website before you begin to enjoy movies. GoStream allows you to stream videos without paying a dime, and despite the free service, you’re entitled to enjoy videos of high quality on the website.

There are no ads to interrupt you while you’re streaming neither do you have to fret about pop-ups as there are none on the website. By clicking on the website, you’re open to thousands of Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Animation, War and Horror movies. GoStream is a standard website, and you’re sure to enjoy everything about it. Just ensure you have enough mobile data on your device because would have spent 15 hours watching movies on the website without you knowing it.

  1. RainierLand

RainierLand is very easy to navigate plus that it has a large database for latest and trendiest movies. This website has thousands of movies that beg eyes to watch. In addition, it does not require any penny for registration neither do you have to pay any subscription fee. Movies of Action, Comedy, Drama and Horror genres are available in thousands of the websites.

No sign up required, just connect to a source of mobile data and enjoy streaming. RainierLand also has latest TV series that will get you glued to your screen for hours. There’s a search button where you can input the title of a particular movie you want to stream and watch without interruption.

  1. Yify TV

YifyTV is another great option for movie lovers. Movies on the website are in full without pop-up interruptions and ads. You do not even have to sign-up on YifyTV to be a beneficiary of the great streaming service of this website. There are millions of irresistible videos on the platform. Different genres of movies are stuck in the database to satisfy viewers and give them quality movies in HD format.

There’s also a search button on the website where you can input the movie title, actor’s name or country of production of a particular movie and search. You can also search movies based on genre. It’s another fast means of fetching your favourite movie. Another feature that distinguishes the website from others is that it offers movies in 27 country languages.

  1. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a popular streaming website that has grown its fame on the internet over the past few years. It’s a free website with unlimited number of movies and TV series. Whichever genre of movie you want to see, SolarMovie has them all. Although, the website does not hold materials directly. It only has links to other streaming websites where viewers are redirected to pick their favourite movies. SolarMovie does not require you to sign-up before you’re granted access to their large database.

  1. VexMovies

VexMovies is a new streaming website but growing its popularity gradually. It is a free website that offers great streaming services that most other websites demand payment for. Despite the free streaming service, this website does not hit you unnecessarily with pop-ups and ads while you’re enjoying your favorite movie.

It has a database of thousands of movies and TV series in different genres. Action, Drama, Comedy, Mystery etc are genres you will love to see on the website. It also features a search button that allows users to search and pick their favourite movies. One other feature you may not find elsewhere but on VexMovies is the that it tells you everything you need  to know about every movie you select to see.

It displays the storyline, the country where the movie was produced and rating on IMBD. VexMovies does not require you sign up to enjoy your streaming experience. All you need is a strong data connection and constant constant electricity. You’ll definitely enjoy the experience, give it a try today.

  1. Crackle

      Crackle is not a new name, and neither is it strange to the ears of movie lovers. The website has gone through series of developments since it started in 2004. The originality of the websites is not a subject to debate. Itvhqs links that refer viewers to websites where they can get their favourite movies and also directly hosts media contents.

You also have access to webshows and TV series on the website. The movies you will find on Crackle are of full length and they are always the best of the best movies you can see anywhere in the world. You can stream the website on iPhones, Tablets,  Android and personal computers. Despite being a free streaming website, you have nothing to fret about regarding ads and pop-ups. Also, you don’t have to sign up before you enjoy watching videos on Crackle. 

  1. 123Movies

If you are craving for a website that offers streaming services in quality HD format, you have just found the best website. 123Movies is one of the sites that give utmost quality in what they offer viewers. It has a vast library that accommodate thousands of trendy, latest and popular movies. You can easily search for any movie you want on the website without so much stress.

All the movies on 123Movies are categorized into different groups to allow viewers choose their preferred movies without having to go through all the movies. Movies are categorized by country,  IMBD rating, genres and A-Z list. 123Movie loads very fast, you don’t need to fret about that. The website has long been ranked high due to the intuitive interface design employed in building the website.

  1. C Movies HD

C Movies HD has an unbeatable standard compared to tens of others streaming websites. This is as a result of the fact that it requires no sign-up neither does it require subscriptions. C Movies HD is free, and absolutely free. Its database has hundreds of popular and trendy movies that you may have been longing to see. However, the website does not hold any media content directly but serves as a host to several other links where viewers are redirected to stream their favorite movies.

  1. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a popular streaming website with excellent features. You can enjoy Horror, Action, Romance and Drama genres of movies on PopcirnFlix without paying a dime.  In addition to this, you don’t have to sign-up on the website before you stream your favourite movie. PopcornFlix has a great interface and you can access the website via almost all kinds of devices.

  1. My Download Tube

There are many illegal websites on the internet that many users run from because of potential viruses their devices can contact through streaming. However, My Download Tube is a trusted website void of viruses. You have access to thousands of movies, TV series and other media contents that you don’t have to sign-up to enjoy the services. This is a free website that offers better services than most paid-for streaming websites. This website features trending and popular movies in different genres. 

  1. Putlockers2

If you’re looking for popular and latest movies, Putlockers2 got you covered. It hosts thousands of media contents online form of movies, and TV series. All the streaming services of this website portrays standard HD format. The media contents online this website are listed based on genre, country, A-Z list and rank on IMBD.

You can get your favourite movies on the website, without so much stress. Movies in Drama, History, Action, Comedy, Animation and Adventure are available on the website. Despite thousands of options available on the website free of charge, there are no pop-ups in any of the movies you find on this platform. No sign-up is required to enjoy your movies, just click on any movie of your choice and enjoy the experience.

  1. Mogo Movies

 Mogo Movies is an household name I’m the world of video streaming websites. It is one with unique features that you always want to spend hours to watch unlimited movies. The design of the website is enough to ‘preach the gospel’ of great movies embed in the site. It has a menu list button that shows all that you may want to know about the site and the services rendered.

Navigation on the website is very easy, you have nothing to worry about the ergonomy of Mogo Movies. There are thousands of movies, sorted out genre by genre to give you the best streaming experience on the internet. You may have checked a lot of other websites, but one thing is you’re surely going to like everything about Mogo Movies. It requires no sign-up neither does it demand subscription fee. Log on to the website and enjoy free movies!

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