17 Best Alternatives to FaceTime for Android

FaceTime, iOS’s local video application, is a strong program that has been cleaned to a sparkle. It is rapidly turning into a non-exclusive verb like Xerox. You do not video visit somebody, you FaceTime them. With an Android phone, however, you cannot use FaceTime.

Among every one of the iOS applications out there, Facetime comes conveniently regularly. Being a freemium benefit, it doesn’t accessible on Android stage. Shockingly, certain lead applications like Facetime or Apple Siri is accessible for the iOS telephones. You’ll get just choices or comparative practical applications! Check some option applications Like Apple Siri for Android to get the individual collaborator that similar to Siri. With these Android applications, you can appreciate the vis-à-vis video calling without breaking your bank. It additionally incorporates the different components of the texting applications like Whatsapp. Best part, you don’t need to pay anything.

That is what’s incredible about the open commercial center of thoughts that is the Google Play store, however. On the off chance that you require an Android other option to FaceTime, you have not one, but rather a few, to look over. We took the main possibility for a test drive to contrast them and each other, considering value, unwavering quality, confinements, and elements. Here’s our list of the best contrasting options to FaceTime for Android.

Best Alternatives to FaceTime for Android

17 Best Alternatives to FaceTime for Android

Number 1: Google Hangouts

It is likely the suggestion you will get when gotten some information about a decent contrasting option to FaceTime. Home bases is an informing application that backings informing, voice calls, and video calls. You can do content talks with up to 100 individuals and video visit with up to ten individuals in the meantime. It additionally accompanies video channels, stickers, emoji, and a lot of different components in the engine. Your Android gadget may have this pre-introduced so it’s a decent initial step.

One thing that is cool about Hangouts is that it works past straightforward individual-to-individual associations. The stage bolsters different individual discussions for up to ten individuals. Google additionally offers a versatile variant for iOS. One preferred standpoint that Hangouts has over FaceTime is its information inactivity administration. While Apple prescribes just utilizing FaceTime while associated with a remote Internet association, Hangouts bargains much better with standard cell information rates. What’s more, voice calls to different Hangouts clients are totally free.

Best Features

  • Worked with Text Messaging
  • Video calling is consistent.
  • Advanced information administration inertness to keep running in cell information.
  • Send Images, GIFs, recordings anything to your joint accomplice.
  • Bunch messaging and video calling prepared.

Price: FREE

Number 2: ICQ


One of the lesser known choices is an application called ICQ. This application gives you free video calls and it works fairly well with restricted filters and issues. It underpins gather talking, HD video visit, informing, and calling highlights like Google Hangouts. It’s likewise cross-stage which is something we generally get a kick out of the chance to find in an informing application. It has a couple issues here and there. However, it is an overall decent affair.

Price: Free with in-app buyers

Number 3: Skype


Early forms of Skype for Android weren’t all around coordinated with your cell phone’s address book, making including contacts a task. The 5.0 update in 2014 at last, carried it into harmony with the Android biological community, permitting it to get to your current substance. This basic change soared Skype into the higher class of Android video talk administrations.

Skype’s video app work in an assortment of bandwidth circumstances and keep a steady screen of the nature of the call you are at present on. You can score the call a while later, and depend on what equipment you are utilizing to make the video call, the video can be transmitted in HD.

Fundamental Skype records are free and permit you boundless one-on-one video visit over any upheld stage — versatile and desktop alike. Skype used to charge a membership expense for multi-client video talks, however now bunch visits are incorporated into the fundamental administration. They do in any case charge either by the moment or with a month to month membership for calls to telephone clients outside of the Skype benefit.

Best Features

  • Texting.
  • Voice message.
  • Calls amongst Skype and landline or versatile numbers.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Video call to any Skype client.

Price: FREE

Number 4: Viber


To start with they attempted to reproduce audio chat just like Skype, and afterward in 2014 presented video talk usefulness. Despite the fact that they are moderately new to the commercial center, Viber has incorporated their image with a solid contrasting option to existing stages like FaceTime and Skype.

One of the best parts of Viber is the application’s spotless and natural plan. While Skype and Hangouts appear like desktop legacy applications that have been adroitly transitioned to versatile encounters, Viber was developed starting from the earliest stage your telephone screen as a top priority. In 2013, they introduced a desktop application too, yet the unmistakable center is still on portable.

The greatest shortcoming that Viber has in correlation with alternate applications on this rundown is that it has no chance to get off speaking with clients outside of its administration. Dissimilar to different stages that use SMS convention, you can’t send messages to contacts who aren’t Viber clients from inside Viber. Also, where the vast majority of Android gadgets have Google accounts as a matter of course for Hangouts, it’s not the situation here. The administration boasts 280 million clients around the globe, so it’s not only a specialty thing.

Best Features

  • Rapidly switch between the discussions.
  • Smart Notification
  • Free messages, voice and video calls.
  • Doodle on any photograph you send.
  • Propelled protection settings like online status and last observed.
  • Huge amounts of emojis and stickers

Price: FREE

Number 5: Zoom Cloud Meetings


Zoom Cloud Meetings

It is most likely the nearest thing to a FaceTime application for Android. It is essentially a video gathering application which permits you to have vis-à-vis gatherings with up to 25 individuals alongside sharing your screens and sending messages. You can likewise share archives from your Google or Dropbox accounts alongside setting up or facilitating online courses and welcoming individuals. The application takes a shot at Android, iOS, PCs and Macs alongside good phones and expert correspondence frameworks.

Price: FREE

Number 6: ooVoo


It is an awesome application in case you are the one who too much of the time call your companions for video talks. It has extraordinary cross-stage similarity and works for clients on Android, iOS and PC frameworks running Windows and Mac. The application permits you to send messages and make video rings with to 12 individuals as a gathering for nothing. Video execution on the application is likewise very great even with low transfer speed associations and it’s certainly justified regardless of a shot for genuine FaceTimers.

Best Features

  • Bunch messages, voice and video calls.
  • Associate with your amigos independent of the gadgets.
  • On the off chance that you ooVoo credits, you can call landlines as well.
  • Watch YouTube recordings together
  • It is accessible for the vast majority of the stage including Android, iOS, PC, and web.
  • Clients base isn’t excessively shabby.

Price: FREE

Number 7: Fring

This app gives you a chance to call up to 4 of your companions for voice and video calls however everybody should be enlisted with Fring first. While the application has been putting forth extraordinary execution for video calls, it has gone down a little of late. The video quality, which the application alters naturally as indicated by your data transmission, may not be in the same class as a portion of alternate administrations, however for a free application, Fring functions admirably and is justified regardless of a shot.

Price: FREE

Number 8: Tango


The application had its first release in 2009, and not at all like alternate offerings on this rundown, Android is Tango’s essential stage — in spite of the fact that there are works for iOS and Windows telephones, Google’s OS is its local component. That implies that equipment advancement is at its pinnacle, prompting a smoother client experience and better call quality.

On a WiFi-just gadget, you can cooperate with any of Tango’s 200 million clients without requiring a phone association. The administration underpins voice calls, video calls, content, and picture talk. Records are free and the information exchange process is snappy and effortless. In the event that you need to attempt and get your companions locally available with you, Tango will really give you a chance to send instant messages and messages to your companions to attempt and motivate them to agree to the administration. For whatever length of time that everybody you need to converse with is utilizing Tango, it’s a strong generally useful specialized apparatus. Take note of that, not at all like different administrations, Tango’s video visits are one-on-one as it were.

The producers of Tango are centered around showing their application as not just a specialized device, but rather as an undeniable interpersonal organization. That implies an open profile and news sustain, diversions, stickers, and different fancy odds and ends.

Best Features

  • Messages, voice, and video calls prepared.
  • More than 40+ Built-in diversions.
  • Redesign your profile picture, cover up online status.
  • Find new companions in the blink of an eye.
  • Take after classes to get most recent upgrades.
  • Joining with Spotify for listening music.

Number 9: LINE


It is another well-known informing administration utilized by individuals all around the globe. This one elements free voice and video calls to your contacts and that element works about and additionally you can anticipate. It focuses more on the informing a portion of things and there you can get stickers and different elements to improve your messaging background. In general, it’s a decent application to experiment with and it’s likewise cross-stage!

Price: Free with in-app buyers

Number 10: WeChat


It has one of the bigger introduce bases on Android with well more than 100 million introduces to date. This prominent application has the entire bundle with informing, video visits, and voice calls. They’re all for nothing out of pocket too. A portion of the one of a kind components incorporate gathering visits with up to 500 individuals, stickers, free video calls anyplace on the planet (the length of you have information), and a great deal more. It additionally works cross-stage so your companions with an iPhone can in any case video message you.

Price: Free with in-app buyers

Number 11: Zangi

Last and unquestionably not minimum on our rundown is Zangi. This is a fresher and lesser known choice so it might not have the same number of clients the same number of these different choices. It gloats the capacity to have video brings over low-information systems including 2G and Edge which is a shelter for individuals stuck in territories with weaker signs. It incorporates some good security includes also. It’s implied for low-end gadgets which is incredible in the event that you don’t have the most recent lead telephone.

Price: Free with in-app buyers

Number 12: IMO


It is yet another extraordinary application by which you can make video and sound calls with no bother. You need your pals cell phone number included your cell phone to know and call. You can instant message and video call totally for nothing. A lot of energized stickers are accessible, and you even compose your doodle and impart to your companions. General it is the best facetime application for android telephone.

Price: FREE

Number 13: BBM

It has had a ton of good and bad times since it was discharged a couple of years back, yet it appears to have its ducks in succession now. One of its later component increases was the capacity for BBM clients to video call each other. The component fills in as you would anticipate that and it tends will function admirably for a great many people. It may not be the best thought for you to change to BBM, yet in the event that you as of now utilize it or you effectively like it, then there’s no genuine motivation to abandon it to take a gander at other video calling applications.

Price: Free with in-app buyers

Number 14: JusTalk


It is one of just a couple video calling applications that spotlights on video calling first and different components second. It is cross-stage and uses your Facebook record to help you associate rapidly to your loved ones. A portion of alternate elements incorporate gathering talk, free telephone brings over information, and it even has things like doodling in video visit and amusements. For the most part, in case you’re utilizing something like Hangouts or Skype as of now, there isn’t a lot of an intention to leave for something like this. In any case, in the event that you need something that is basically only a video calling application, this isn’t a terrible decision.

Price: FREE

Number 15: KakaoTalk

Kakao Talk

It is an extremely prevalent informing administration that brags more than 150 million clients around the world. It’s additionally a better than average video calling application. Most of the application is allowed to utilize and that incorporates informing and video calls with additional items being the main thing accessible for procurement. It likewise accompanies voice channels, aggregate visits, and even Android Wear bolster. You can likewise include companions utilizing their Blackberry PIN on the off chance that they have one.

Price: Free with in-app buyers

Number 16: Glide

While Gilde is not an ongoing video talking application, it merits a spot on this rundown for its remarkable approach. With Glide, you record a video, up to 5 minutes in length, and send it to another person, who can view and react to it instantly, or spare it for when they have room schedule-wise to manage it.

The application makes an incredible showing with regards to with brisk forward and backward discussions, with no unbalanced silence since you can react just when you have something to say. You can likewise utilize the application like video voice message, leaving messages for somebody to watch when they can. You can likewise have group chats, where you send a video to more than one individual, and other people can react.

Number 17: Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

The official Yahoo! Errand person application for android is the second best decision for video calling from your cell phones. On the off chance that your associates, companions, and relatives are utilizing yippee mail then this is a decent decision. Like Skype, hurray emissary likewise permits Free Voice and Video calls and global calls at a modest rate. The application additionally permits to send Free global SMS, talk with Facebook as well as Windows Live friends.

Bottom Line: These FaceTime alternatives for Android do everything their video chat application does and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Designers are continually enhancing the experience too, so you can expect the applications in this element to see new administrations and better strength the more they are advertised. While it’s anything but difficult to simply stay with Hangouts, there’s absolutely a ton to be picked up from trying different things with other Android FaceTime choices too.

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