How to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

There are a lot of Android phones right now that are powerful but you have to admit that the battery life may not be as good as you have expected them to be. You also cannot expect your phone to have an endless battery life. This can be crucial if there are some events wherein you need your phone. For example, if you are meeting up with someone, your battery life is important. If you do not have battery anymore, then how can you find each other in a big and public place?

The bigger the screen of your Android phone, the bigger the chances that your battery life will be shorter. There may also be other things that you are going to do that will drain your battery even faster.

If you find yourself charging your phone more than once throughout the day and you know that you just need to have to have your power bank with you whenever you leave your home, you are draining your battery fast. If you want to extend your phone’s battery life, there may be different things that you can do in the process.

How to Extend Your Android’s Battery Life

The Battery of Android Phones Today

Do you remember that in the past, you are recommended to fully charge and drain your phone fully before you charge them so that they will last longer? The new Android phones that you will see right now are different. Before they reach 10% battery life, you are recommended to charge them already and at least try to get them beyond 90% so that they can last longer. The change is probably due to the way that people use their phones. Are you already curious to know the different things that you can do so that you can increase your phone’s battery life? See the different things that you can do below.

How to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Do you know that using a dark colored background can be beneficial for your battery? When you do this, your screen will not be too bright so it will take up less battery than usual. Since black pixels are considered to be unlit, there is a lesser amount of power that will be used in the process. Here are still other things that you can do to increase your phone’s battery life:

  1. Stop Some Unnecessary Background Apps from Running

You do know that there are some applications that are needed by your phone in order to work. If you would check some of the applications on your Android phone, try to see what the applications are for. If they will not do anything for the things that you are currently doing, stop them from running. This will lessen the amount of power needed in order to make the phone work.

  1. Turn Down the Brightness of Your Phone

Turn Down the Brightness of Your Phone

This is already obvious because of what has been mentioned above wherein dark pixels will take up a lesser amount of energy in order to power up your phone. If you would choose automatic brightness, there is a big possibility that it will be too bright for your liking so set it to manual and try to make it as dim as possible. You will realize that your phone will not drain as fast as usual. Most people who try this out usually become surprised with how much this affects their battery life.

  1. Check Your Signal

If you do not have signal whether it is for your Wi-Fi, mobile data or your internet provider, you can expect that this will affect your phone’s battery life. Remember that your phone will work harder to find the signal that it needs in order for you to use it. There may not be a lot of things that you can do at this point but if you can go to another place wherein the signal is stronger, this will also increase your phone’s battery life.

  1. Stop Using Live Wallpaper

Admittedly, you know that live wallpaper can look amazing on your phone. There are different ones that are available too. From Android icons that are tumbling all over each other to some live wallpapers that will react depending on what you do with your phone, it can keep you entertained. You just have to expect that your battery will be drained after some time. You may place the live wallpaper from time to time but placing the usual wallpaper will let your battery last longer.

  1. Update Your Applications

When was the last time that you made an effort to update your applications? Updated applications do not take up as much battery compared to those that you have not updated yet. There are some applications that will update automatically the moment that you turn on your Wi-Fi or your mobile application but there are still some that you are required to manually update. Check the applications that you have downloaded when you open Google Play on your phone.

  1. Do Not Leave Your Wi-Fi Turned On When Not In Use

Do Not Leave Your Wi-Fi Turned On When Not In Use

Are you the type of person who just lets everything run even when you are not using some of the applications that your phone can offer? For example, you may have turned your Wi-Fi on because you were uploading or downloading something but once you are done with using the Internet, turn it off. This is even more true for your mobile data. Your battery will drain faster if you have left your mobile data turned on and you cannot get a good signal from where you are at.

  1. Turn Off The Vibration Feature of Your Phone

There was a time when leaving the vibration of your phone is okay because it will not make a lot of difference with your battery but the Android phone that you have now can take up a lot of battery life every time it vibrates. Of course, using the vibrate feature can be helpful especially in situations wherein you know that you will not be able to hear your phone but if you will be in a place wherein you can hear your phone perfectly fine, turn off your vibration. It will make a lot of difference with your phone’s battery.

  1. Have Some Useful Applications

Do you realize that there are some applications that you can install on your phone so that you can control it properly? For example, you may download an application called “Tasker” if you need something that will allow you to take total control of your phone. You can automatically set it to have sound when you are using it at home but during the time that you are in the office, it will be in vibrate mode. You do not need to set it up every day. It will repeat the settings that you have set every time that you need it.

  1. Turn Off Google Hotwords

It may be fine to have your phone listen to you so that it can search for things that you need to know but do you honestly think that you will need it all the time? This is not the case at all. Turn it on whenever you need to but if you know that you can easily tap on the application that you want to open, do not rely on your phone to do it for you. This will help your battery last longer.

  1. Try Battery Saver Mode

Battery Saver Mode

A lot of the smart phones that you will see right now comes with battery saver mode. This will stop certain applications from being opened but this can be helpful especially if you do not need those applications anyway. The phone’s performance will be declined but you may not even notice it. At the same time, your phone will probably stop vibrating because like mentioned earlier, vibrations can drain your battery fast. You can manually turn on the battery saving mode whenever you want to or you can set your phone to automatically set to this mode when you have about 15% battery left on your device.

  1. Change Your Battery

If you are unhappy with the type of battery that you have received with your phone then do not worry. There are some batteries available in the market that have bigger and better battery life. The downside to this is that you may not get the same brand of the Android phone that you are using. You can just look for a battery that is compatible with your device. Some make use of modular batteries but they are very hard to find right now.

You have to remember that in order to maximize your battery life, you may have to do some sacrifices. For example, you may need to minimize the use of your camera if you are not using it anyway. Do the above mentioned tips and use your Android phone longer than before.

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