Emu4iOS Download – Install Emulators on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

It is safe to say that when compared to Android, iOS devices have many limitations. Many iPhone or iPad users choose to jailbreak their devices so they can download apps that allow users to tweak their devices, such as changing the theme, font, getting cool ringtones, and unlocking more features. It can change the look and feel of the iOS device and some users transform their iPhone into an Android Phone. Some can also transform an iPad into a Mac using Winterboard.

Another reason for applying jailbreaks to iOS devices is to install emulators that let users play classic games on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The thing is, not all iOS users are willing to jailbreak their devices. By jailbreaking, you invalidate the device’s warranty and if something goes wrong, Apple Store employees would not be able to help you out. Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad has pros and cons, but if you are stuck in between and you want to download old-school games, Emu4iOS can help you out!


What is Emu4iOS?

Most iPhone and iPad users do not want to jailbreak their devices to keep the warranty. Jailbreaking also takes your device away from the strict and excellent security of Apple. While there are many features and games that jailbreakers enjoy, there are some hidden dangers lurking such as crashy apps, virus, and malware.

Fortunately, there is no need to jailbreak your device to download emulators. You can now enjoy your favorite old-school games by using Emu4iOS. This store provides utilities, screen recorders, emulators, movie apps, and more without having to void your iPhone’s warranty. Emu4iOS also releases frequent updates to make sure that the app is always safe to use.

Emu4iOS Store Features

  • Emu4iOS does not require users to jailbreak their devices to download emulators, screen recorders, and other utility apps. This keeps your iPhone or iPad’s warranty.
  • It is simple, fast, and very efficient than other stores.
  • Emu4iOS store and the apps in the list are free to use. It also does not contain ads to give users a great experience.
  • It provides regular security updates to ensure that all users are always safe, keeping viruses and malwares from getting into the device.
  • This store contains a lot of premium emulators, letting you enjoy homebrew games and commercial games using your iPhone or iPad.

Apps Included in Emu4iOS

Here are some of the apps that you can download from Emu4iOS.

  1. GBA4iOS
  2. AirShou
  3. SNES4iOS
  4. Happy Chick
  5. HipStore
  6. RetriArch
  7. MovieBox
  8. PlayBox HD
  9. iRec
  10. PPSSPP

Emu4iOS lets users download excellent and premium apps like iRec but there is a limitation, you can only install one emulator at a time. Before you can install another emulator, you will have to delete the current one. If your favorite classic or commercial games are on different emulators, make sure that you delete the existing emulator on your device so you can install a different emulator.

Emu4iOS will run smoothly on iOS 7 and newer versions. To download Emu4iOS, all you need to have is a stable internet connection. There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to download emulators.

Emu4iOS Download

Emu4iOS Download – How to Install Emu4iOS Without Jailbreak

Before downloading Emu4iOS, here are some things that you should know:

  • Emu4iOS cannot be installed on an iPhone or iPad if it is already jailbroken.
  • You can only use the Safari browser to install Emu4iOS.
  • If your iPhone or iPad is already jailbroken, you cannot use Emu4iOS.
  • Users can only use one emulator at a time. You will have to uninstall the current emulator before you get to try another one.

Here are the steps to download and install Emu4iOS on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  1. From home screen, open your Safari browser.
  2. Type emu4ios.net on the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Wait for the website to load and tap the Up button located on the bottom (iPhone and iPod) or top of the screen (iPad).
  4. More options will be displayed. Select Add to Home Screen to include the Emu4iOS icon on your Home screen. Simply tap the Add button.
  5. Close the Safari app and you should see the Emu4iOS icon already installed on your device.

After the installation, you can now search for emulators or screen recorder apps by tapping the Emu4iOS icon.

Apps Available in Emu4iOS

Here are the apps that you can download using Emu4iOS. After downloading any of the apps from Emu4iOS, make sure that you go to Settings, select General, and go to Device Management. From there, trust the developer so you can start using the emulator.

1. GBA4iOS


GBA4iOS is one of the best emulators for Nintendo Game Boy Advance games. There is no need for a jailbroken device to download and install this app. With this emulator, you can transform your iPhone or iPad into a Game Boy. You can play Pokémon games, Super Mario, and other homebrew games to bring your childhood back. Who does not want to bring The Legend of Zelda to iPhone, right?

After downloading GBA4iOS, you can use its built-in web browser to open the ROM website of your choice. One of the best and trusted ROM websites is emuparadise.com.  Look for the game that you want to download from the list and tap Download. Once the installation is done, it will automatically be included in the list of GBA, GBC, or All.


  • You can play Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games directly on your iPhone or iPad. There is no need to download a separate emulator as GBA4iOS supports both.
  • It features Controller Vibration, Sustain Button, and more. You can also play your own music while playing your favorite games.
  • GBA4iOS has full support for cheats, giving players a whole new level of freedom with what they can do. It supports 5 different cheat code formats.
  • You can customize the skins according to your preferences. If you want to use the same color as your old Game Boy, or use something unique, then you are free to do so. You can visit a third-party skin site to change the appearance of your controller.

2. iRec


Do you want to record your iPhone or iPad screen without having to connect it to your Mac? You can easily do so by using iRec, available to download on Emu4iOS. You can capture whatever you are doing on your iOS device so you can show it to your family, friends, or followers.

To download and install iRec, simply open emu4iOS and search for it in the list. Tap Install and iRec icon should appear on your device’s home screen within a few minutes. After the installation, you can start recording the screen of your device.


  • It has a simple interface, letting users navigate with ease.
  • You can save all recorded videos in camera roll. This app creates a folder for all your screen recordings so you can access all the videos easily.
  • This app can record anything on your device, no matter what app you want to use. You can use it for browsing, gaming, or tutorial purposes and share it with your family, friends, and followers.
  • You can check your recorded videos within the app so you do not have to open the Photos app.
  • Share your recorded videos on Twitter, Facebook, or Google +.
  • You can upload it to media streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch.



SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. SNES4iOS is an emulator that lets you run SNES games on your iPhone or iPad without any problems. There is no need for a jailbroken device to use this emulator. Simply open Emu4iOS and scroll down to install SNES4iOS. It will start installing the emulator within a few minutes.


  • You can download SNES4iOS emulator without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.
  • This emulator lets you download numerous SNES games at once on your iOS device.
  • It has Save State support and iCloud Support.
  • This emulator offers a clean user interface so you can navigate around easily.
  • You can load saved state easily.

4. Happy Chick

Happy Chick

Another popular emulator that you can install using Emu4iOS is Happy Chick. This emulator makes it easy for all users to play old and classic games without any charges! It offers numerous features, cool graphics, awesome bonuses, cool power-ups, and more! To download Happy Chick, simply open Emu4iOS and look for the cute chick holding a controller. Tap on it and select Install.

Happy Chick lets you play homebrew and commercial games like Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Naruto games, and more!


  • You can download thousands of classic games without having to pay anything.
  • This emulator can run various game formats, including GBA, GBG, arcade (MAME/FBA), SFC, PSP, NDS, PS1, N64, DC, and more.
  • It supports high speed game download and multi-line download so users can download two or more games at a time.
  • Happy Chick supports Wi-Fi, network, and Bluetooth battle.


Emu4iOS is a one-stop store for all non-jailbroken iOS applications. It gives iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users an easy access to popular emulators so you can play classic games without buying the console. You can also download and install screen recording apps, games, music, and movie apps, taking your iOS device to the next level without jailbreak.

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