10 Best Custom ROMs for Android 2018

Are you using an Android device and you do not like its default user interface anymore? Here are the 10 best custom ROMs for Android.

Android is one of the popular mobile operating systems in the market today. There are numerous smartphones running this OS. If you’ve got yourself one, then you are aware about the best custom ROMs for Android. With so many bloatware apps and restrictions in the stock ROM, you have probably noticed that your device does not let you use your smartphone to its full capacity.

If you want to customize your Android and tweak its user interface, you can use one of the best custom ROMS for Android. Installing a custom ROM allows you to change the appearance of your smartphone completely. If the latest version of Android does not support your device, custom ROMs let you get the current version even if it not yet out.

This article will show you the best custom ROMs for Android phones and tablets. Just remember that you device has to be rooted before you install a custom ROM. If your Android is not rooted, you cannot install custom ROMs.

Custom ROMS for Android

10 Best Custom ROMS for Android

Each custom ROM has its own features. Simply select the one that is suitable for your Android device.

1. LineageOS Android Distribution

LineageOS is the successor of CyanogenMod, one of the most popular custom ROMs for Android before. Lineage is an open-source OS for tablet computers and smartphones on the Android platform. It was officially launched on December 2016 when Cyanogen Inc. announced that they were about to shut down the infrastructure. The Cyanogen Inc. retained the rights to its name, and the project is rebranded as LineageOS.

Users who installed CyanogenMod on their Android devices should consider updating the new LineageOS version. It has a compact launcher that leaves you more than enough free memory. It also comes with volume profiles so you can adjust the volume in different situations. The best thing about Lineage is that it can make even your old Android device fast like brand new!

2. Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns

If you are looking for more features and options, one of the best custom ROMs for Android that you should get is the Dirty Unicorns ROM. This Marshmallow based open-source ROM comes with CM Theme engine and other awesome features like notification LED settings, status bar and notification drawer mods, lockscreen configurations and other great modifications!

Dirty Unicorns is designed for OnePlus, Nexus, Xiami, Samsung, HTC and Oppo devices. The features are somewhat similar to Lineage. It gives root access via apsp as well as updates for stability and security. DU provides frequent updates that allow you to tweak settings that are not available in conventional Android OS.

DU ROM also comes with “Dirty Tweaks” section where you can see all awesome tweaks such as OmniSwitch floating toolbar, immersive mode and dataflow indicators. There are more features that you will definitely love!

3. Resurrection Remix

You can customize your Android device to the next level with Resurrection Remix. There is a plethora of options and quick settings toggles that can make your actions quicker. This is one of the most stable custom ROMs for Android that allows you to enjoy heaps of awesome features, such as customizable notifications, Pitch Black dark theme, and lockscreen customizations.

You can also make unlimited number of buttons, all in one ROM! It always gets the latest of Android source updates from Paranoid Android, Slim, Omni ROMs and from Google. It is available for various devices with excellent support from fellow developers and users.  If you want to tweak around with your Android device, you might want to try this one out!

4. XenonHD


Thanks to its small size, XenonHD is an easy to use and simple Android ROM. It provides outstanding features and performances, bringing you amazing themes according to your preferences. XenonHD allows you to customize everything, such as the buttons, status bar, and notification drawer. It also includes additional features like privacy guard, built-in root access, blocked caller list, filter notifications, and more.

This lightweight ROM has a wide array of customizations that can make your device perform in a breeze! It comes with necessary features accompanied by on/off switches! XenonHD is available for Nexus, HTC, Sony, Samsung and Oppo devices.

5. PAC-man ROM

Pac-man ROM is one of the best custom ROMs for Android. It combines the best features of the most popular ROMs such as AOKP, ParanoidAndroid and CyanogenMod to provide all users with the best smartphone experience! The best features of all ROMs are combined with Pac Rom’s own unique tweaks and features, so there is no need to search elsewhere.

Pac Rom also comes with many in-built launchers, customization features, vibrate modes and more to personalize your Android device according to your need. If you are searching for the most customizable and most number of options, then go for Pac ROM!

6. AOKP Custom ROM


Android Open Kang Project or AOKP, is a custom ROM for many high-end Android devices. This ROM gives you more control over your smartphone and you can enjoy features like creating a navigation ring that can be added to up to 5 actions or apps. AOKP also lets you create a ribbon of apps that you can pin to lock screen or notification menu, which also displays when you swipe to the left or right.

If you want to set various BOOT animations, you can easily do so from the Settings menu. You can also change the height of the navigation bar, make the status and navigation bars transparent and more. You can also make a custom vibration for many actions. If you like the stock Android, then you will love this custom ROM.


Another great custom Rom that you might want to install on your Android device is the MIUI. This ROM can enhance the performance of your smartphone which can make your digital life a whole lot simpler. MIUI OS is similar to the iOS which gives Android users a different feel to their devices. It displays their love for Apple. It offers great feature that you will surely enjoy, such as video editing, popup view, Child Mode, Caller ID, landscape mode, scrolling screenshots, Theme store, and more!

MIUI allows you to customize almost everything, including the interface of your Android device. It is stable and fast with personalized themes and sleek design that you will love. This ROM supports various devices, as well as the old versions. If you are using an old Android device, you can make it appear like new by installing MIUI.

8. OmniROM


One of the best custom ROMs for Android that you might want to try is the OmniROM. This is also developed by the developers of CyanogenMod. OmniROM offers various features, including DSPManager, dark mode user interface, weather service, do not disturb mode, and more! There is also a feature that lets you switch between multiple apps easily. You can easily view your messages and notifications from lock screen with Active Display feature via Settings.

OmniROM also offers an Advanced Settings app where you can apply different numbers of tweaks, such as Flick2Sleep and Flick2Wake. You can also customize your launcher and change the dimensions of icons as well as shortcuts. You can also adjust your screen’s brightness and specify which notifications should remain hidden to protect your privacy. It is available for a lot of Android smartphones and tablets, including Sony, HTC, Samsong, Oppo, LG and more!

9. SlimROMs

SlimROMs offers a clean and user-friendly interface with various features that can improve the performance of your Android device. You can easily personalize your smartphone with many options included. Its features include privacy guard, shake events, notification reminder, lock screen shortcuts, notification drawer, real dark slim interface, custom quick settings tiles and more. SlimROMs also offer a unique camera feature that you can find useful in many situations.

SlimROMs let you set short reminders quickly, access your important apps faster, shake your device to launch apps, disable permissions set by add developers, and more.

10. Carbon ROM

Carbon ROM

Carbon ROM is packed with cool features and offers many options so you can easily customize your smartphone. Like other custom ROMS for Android, this one is also lightweight. The features include Chronus Clock, substratum theme and over-the-air updates. Carbon ROM supports Pixel, Shield Tablet, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Xperia Z5, Xperia Z3 and XperiaZ3C. It may not have the features like other custom ROMs we mentioned, but it is still worth downloading! This could be the right one for your device.


These are the 10 best custom ROMs for Android and we hope that this list helped you out in choosing the right custom ROM for your smartphone or tablet. There are still many ROMs that you can choose from with many features, but these ten are the most popular ROMs among all Android users.

If you know other awesome custom ROMs with cool features that are not mentioned in this article, share it with us in the comments section below!

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