11 Best Websites to Create Your Own Cartoon Character

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There are instances when you just want to be creative and you would like to make things that you normally do not do anymore. There will be moments when you want to create your own cartoon character that are highly similar to the characters that you see on television but with slight twists. Perhaps you would like to create a cartoon character that looks like you.

Do you know the best sites wherein you can create your own cartoon character? Before you try to find a few, here are some of the things that you have to look for:

  • Search for websites that are easy to navigate in. Can you imagine trying to make a cartoon character of yourself on a website wherein you do not know where you should go or what you should do next?
  • Check the reviews of the website to be sure that others have made their very own cartoon characters with ease.
  • Make sure that the website is in a language that you understand in. Even if the website looks appealing and it makes amazing cartoons, it will be pointless to try because you will only waste your time.

Now that you already know the things that you have to look for in websites that will allow you to make your own cartoon character, here are a few of the websites that you should try right now:

11 Best Websites to Create Your Own Cartoon Character Faces

  1. Avatar Face Maker/Manga

Avatar Face Maker

If you are searching for one of the most popular websites wherein you can make your very own cartoon character then this is the right website for you to check out. While you cannot make characters that look exactly like yourself, there are a lot of feature options available so you can create a character that can have features that are similar to yours.


  • Choose the right eyes for your face shape.
  • Choose your hair.
  • Choose the other features that you need.
  1. Pick A Face

pick a face

If you would like a cartoon character maker that is very easy to use then this is the best website for you to try.It comes in various languages so you can surely find one that you are comfortable in. The best thing about this is that you can customize your full appearance. Unlike other websites wherein you can create cartoons that barely resemble you, you can actually make a cartoon here that is highly similar to your face.You need to follow the instructions, right? Making a cartoon at this website is easy.


  • Select the language that will allow you to understand the instructions well.
  • Click on “Create Avatar.”
  • Select boy or girl.
  • Start editing your face the way that you believe you look like. You have a lot of options so you can always change it up depending on what you want.
  1. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker

If you do not want to try a cartoon maker that comes with a fee, you know that this is one website that will allow you to do that. It does come with some pre-made cartoons that you can use for your website or for other social media sites but if you want to create your own, this is possible too.


  • Create the avatar that you would like to place on your blog, your website or your SNS.
  • Right click on the icon.
  • Save the avatar so that you can use it.
  1. Pho.to


You do know that it is pretty funny to see your face changed to resemble a cartoon. You can have a lot of fun and laughs looking at the new image that you will see. One thing that makes this website from all the cartoon making websites out there is its ability to change the emotions that you are depicting in the picture. Even if you would upload a photo of yourself smiling at the camera, you may change it so that you can show other emotions. This can be really fun.


  • Upload a picture of yourself. Make sure that the photograph can showcase your face properly.
  • Wait for the website to transform your face into a cartoon.
  • Change the emotions of your cartoon self depending on what you think is best. You can change the emotions depending on how you are going to use it.
  1. Wee World


If you truly like websites that are free of charge and will allow you to make cute looking avatars then this is the best one for you to try. Browsing through the website is easy and fun. If you have seen other people you know use this website before then you know that this is surely uncomplicated. The website also gives instructions that you can follow with ease.


  • Start creating your very own WeeMee Character.
  • Browse through various faces, hairstyles, dresses and shoes.
  • You can also fine tune your characters by changing the hair color and the eye color.
  1. BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF


Based on the name itself, what can you say about what the website can do? It will obviously allow you to make a cartoon version of yourself but instead of the way that you usually look like, you can make yourself look wild. For example, you can add the body parts of other animals with your very own body parts. You are guaranteed to look different from the rest.


  • Start creating your new self.
  • Add various combinations of different animal parts that will make you look rad.
  • Save your cartoon once you are done.
  1. South Park Studios

 South Park Studios

If you have always loved South Park, this is one of the websites that you have to check. Perhaps you have always wondered how you would look like if you were part of the South Park World. By using this website, you need not worry and wonder anymore. Are you wondering how you are going to use it? Just do the following things:


  • Click on create avatar.
  • Choose an avatar from the gallery.
  • You can click on randomize or start customizing your avatar depending on how you usually dress.
  • Modify your character the best way that you can.
  • You can use the cartoon character that you have created as your display pictures in various sites.
  1. Voki


If you have always been interested in websites that can offer so much more than the usual cartoon making concept then Voki can be something that you can try. What sets this apart from all the others is it can let your avatar speak for you. You do not have to pay for anything because all the stuff that you need are for free.


  • You will be given simple and straightforward instructions that you can follow to start creating your avatar.
  • Make modifications depending on how you see yourself.
  • You can also change the items of your character depending on the season.
  • Add what the avatar is going to say.
  • You also have the option to make your avatar animated.
  1. iPiccy Photo Editor


Aside from the fact that this is one great site wherein you can edit your photos, you know that you can use it to make you look more like a cartoon. While other photo editors can also make you look like a cartoon version of yourself, this offers a lot more features that can make your cartoon even more wacky than usual.


  • Upload a photo of yourself that you would like to transform into a cartoon.
  • Make use the Cartoonizer Feature.
  • Use other features of the photo editor to change your appearance greatly.
  1. Meez


There will be moments when you would like a website that can offer all the things that you like doing and more. You would like to make a cartoon version of yourself and connect with your friends at the same time. Using this website will allow you to do that. You can make an avatar of yourself, chat with friends and even play games. Of course, having a lot of friends will help you advance.


  • You can create an anime of your face using their different modifications and options.
  • Choose to animate your character.
  • Connect with other friends or meet new ones through the website.
  1. BeFunky


If you want to check out another photo editing website then you will not be disappointed with BeFunky. The best thing about this site is it has a lot of photo effects that you can use to your advantage. Using it can be easy to do as well.


  • Upload a photo of yourself that you want to edit.
  • Check out the amazing effects that you can apply on your picture.
  • You can use more than one photo effects for one picture.

It is evident that there are a lot of websites right now that will allow you to create your very own cartoon character. What are you waiting for? Perhaps you can check them out now. You will surely have a grand time making yourself look like a cartoon.

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