11 Best Smart Compass Apps for Android

Looking for best compass apps for Android? Are you also a traveller and you like to walk, discover new things, see different scenes and take photos of beautiful places in the world?Many people tend to go out to refresh their brains especially after all their stressful work. Aside from going to movies and fancy restaurants, the outdoor environment is sure great to take all the stress away! For instance, going to parks or mountain climbing can let you sweat more and release toxins from the body.

Whether you are planning to have a wild adventure or just a small picnic with your family in the woods, the most important handy tool is a compass. Nowadays, not many people are using real compass as there are many compass apps for android that you can use for free! As long as you have a smartphone, you can know directions easily. Unlike other apps that can also show you directions, compass apps do not usually require internet connection.

How to Use Compass

Using a compass is very easy. The arrow will always point to the North Pole so all you have to do is to align your compass and you are set! Aside from compass, you might as well get some paper map while you are traveling to exotic areas.

Compass apps also use less battery unlike other navigation apps. When you are travelling into the woods or mountains, there are no electrical outlets and probably no signal. It is much better to conserve your device’s battery life and use compass instead. In addition to that, we recommend that you also use an excellent power bank anywhere you go especially on long trips. Power banks allow you to charge your phone anywhere you are so you can enjoy taking photos or watch videos while camping. Just make sure that your power bank is fully charged!

11 Best Smart Compass Apps for Android

With the great advancement of technology, you can easily use your smartphone to go to certain locations with the help of built-in GPS. Your smartphone will use your location and take you to your destination. When some problems arise such as there is no signal in the area where you will go, it will be hard to use your GPS. In that case, you can use a compass. Compass does not require signal so even if you get lost, you can always find your location.
#1 Compass 360 PRO

Compass 360 PRO
Compass 360 PRO by DavidJanuzai is an offline app which can show you your location in degrees. It does not need any connection or signal to work as it can work offline. It works not only in America but all over the world and one of the best things about it is that it is free! You can use Compass 360 PRO whether you want to travel, hiking, boating, camping or picnic!

Features of this app:

  • It is very easy to use with professional design.
  • You can easily learn the app by just one glance and it has incredibly smooth movements.
  • There is no need to connect your device to internet or signal.
  • It includes cardinal bearing which gives you fast way of expressing general directions.
  • It has decimal bearing which provides detailed direction.
  • This app supports many languages.

#2 Smart Compass Pro
Smart Compass Pro by SmartTools co. is another compass app for android that offers awesome features like metal detector and camera view. It does not only offer a simple compass but it is also packed with features that travellers will definitely enjoy. For instance, the app can be used in landscape or portrait mode and it will always be pointing toward the North.

Features of this product:

  • It has a metal detector to verify magnetic sensors.
  • This app can send GPS data to email or SMS if you need someone to let you know where you are.
  • It works fine whether landscape or portrait.
  • It features camera view for more reality.
  • There are many compass modes that you can choose from: Standard, Night, Digital, Telescope, Google Maps, Google Maps satellite and Background Image.

This app depends on your device’s performance. The app will work accurately if your device’s sensors are working great.
#3 Compass PRO

Compass PRO
Compass PRO by Mobile Essentials is very useful when going out on crazy escapades. It is noted as one of the powerful compass apps in the market. It includes a rotating bezel and shows direction of the 4 compass points. A degree slide window is also included to know your current location accurately.

To make it work, all you have to do is to point the red rubber line to the location you wish to go and place your device on a flat surface. Walk while making sure that the same numbers appear on the screen. You may also navigate using bezel to remove other figures.

Features of this app:

  • It’s free to download!
  • It is professionally designed with amazing smooth movements.
  • There is an audio effect when the bezel is rotating so you can have more feelings when using your compass.
  • This app is very easy to use and acts just like a real one.

#4 Field Compass
Field Compass by Chartcross Limited is one of the apps that can provide you everything that you need on your screen. There is much information that this app can provide at just once glance. This app can show you everything that you need to know about the direction and your current location. There are many simple compass apps available on Play Store but this app is unique! This app can be also used in marine environment for boating and sailing.

Features of this app:

  • It has night mode feature with dimmed red colors for better experience.
  • It shows your heading on an analogue compass as well as the digital center panel displaying in degrees.
  • You can record up to 3 compass bearings.
  • It has declination field that comes with the user changeable values.

#5 3D Compass Plus

3D Compass Plus
3D Compass Plus by Sam Lu is one of the best compass apps for android as it does not only offer a simple compass. It includes augmented reality view which makes the app more interactive and entertaining to use. If you are searching for a simple app that gives you direction, this is the most fun app.

Features of the app:

  • It shows augmented reality view, address, map, altitude speed as well as time.
  • The compass looks like it is floating in the air which gives additional fun to use.
  • This app allows you to take screen shots and record videos. (Recording videos only work on Android 5+)
  • It supports both landscape and portrait mode.
  • When taking screen shots, date, time as well as location are tagged.
  • According to your direction, the map rotates automatically.

PRO version of this app removes all ads.
#6 Digital Compass
Digital Compass by Axiomatic Inc. is a simple compass app that can provide you all the information you need on your screen. The app may look so plain but there are also many features added to it aside from giving you direction.

Features of the app:

  • Tapping the map button will show you where you are. This feature is great especially if you do not have a real map.
  • It shows the strength of the magnetic field.
  • It is very easy to use and has user-friendly interface. It is perfect for travellers who do not need more information.
  • When using the app, your screen will remain on.

#7 Marine Compass
Marine Compass by PierroX is a great navigation app for people who are travelling by boat or ship. Part of the crew can also benefit a lot from this app. This app is the perfect compass app for mariners and seafarers who plot lines with their reliable maps. It is rendered in 3D graphics and has awesome features.

Features of the app:

  • There are 3D themes that you can choose from as well as other styles for your compass.
  • It displays the latitude and longitude under the display.
  • You can set it to display your location by the GPS coordinates.
  • You can also set the compass on your home screen!
  • It has user-friendly interface which is very easy to learn and use.

#8 Minimal Compass

Minimal Compass
Minimal Compass by Roshan Prabhakar is very simple and easy to use. It has minimal designs and the user interface is plain light blue color which does not stress your eyes. This app does exactly what a normal compass does. Like what the name suggests, it is very simple which provides you just directions. It does not require your device to be connected to any server or signal which allows you to save your data as well as battery.

This is useful if you want to go hiking or camping and you want to save battery. If you only need to know where the North is, this app can be perfect for you. It also does not take a lot in the storage so you can have more space for new photos. It also does not run in the background.

Features of this app:

  • It is very light which does not take much of your storage.
  • A very simple compass without too much information given which is perfect if you only want to know the basic directions.
  • It does not require connection to a server and does not run in the background.
  • It is free to use!

#9 Tiny Compass
Tiny Compass by MacroPinch may sound tiny but it is one of the highest rated apps on Play Store. This app is very straightforward and also simple to use. All the information you need to know is already present on the screen. It includes cardinal directions, intercardinal and also angles.

Features of this app:

  • It is one of the most accurate compass apps for android.
  • It offers six awesome styles that you can choose from: Future, Galaxy, Retro, Military, Pirate and Classic.
  • It supports both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Tiny Compass is simple and very easy to use.

#10 3D Compass

3D Compass by gamijo
3D Compass by gamijo is another perfect compass app for people who are searching for more realistic feels when navigating. This app just resembles a real compass and it is highly customizable. You can change the background according to what you like.

Features of this app:

  • It has a realistic design which can provide additional feels when you are navigating.
  • There is no need to connect to server which is useful especially when there is no signal in the area.
  • It is easy to customize the background.
  • The size is small enough for a compass which does not take much of your storage.
  • User-friendly interface and free to download!

#11 Compass
Compass by gabenative shows all cardinal points from smallest to biggest. This app supports magnetic north and accurate north calculated using GPS location coordinates or network. It also shows the strength of magnetic field to know if there are interferences. However, this app only works with internet connection so you need to turn on your 3G to use the app. The great thing is it does not use that much.

Features of the app:

  • The compass sensor precision can be adjusted to save more energy.
  • You can easily optimize the size, display as well as resolutions according to your preferences.
  • It is free to download!


These are the eleven best compass apps for android list. Even though digital apps cannot replicate what real compasses can do, you can always carry it anywhere you go! If ever you get lost somewhere or you are in need of navigation without the use of internet in the middle of the forest or on top of the mountains, a simple digital compass can always come in handy!

We hope that you can find the right app for your travelling needs. You can take some of them with you for your next trip. Which one is your most favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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