12 Best Sites Like Cloud TV For Mobile TV Viewing

Cloud TV is one of the newest streaming options that offer excellent services to customers. It is a television and streaming option that allows you to download and watch media contents online. Cloud TV uses the same technology as other services to get files clipped off the internet into a storage device.

Cloud TV is a global network that works anytime and everytime from all around the world. This streaming technology enables you to download and stream movies, TV shows, TV series and other media contents recorded over DVRs. This streaming technology offers services in 8 different international languages, which has given it an edge over many other streaming networks.

Unlike some websites that put limitations on the type of gadget that can access them, Cloud TV can be accessed via mobile phones, Smart TV,  boxes and all android devices from version 2.2 and above.

The website is a host to thousands of media contents that are great enough to keep your company while you’re off work or during your leisure. What genre of movies are you on the look-out for?  The website is a host to Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama and other genres that you may wish to see anytime. To enjoy the services offered by Cloud TV better, you can download its app for free and watch unlimited movies.

However, there are several other steaming websites that can offer you great services as Cloud TV. Their services are excellent and very impressive, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself streaming your favourite videos on the websites.

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12 Best Sites Like Cloud TV For Mobile TV Viewing

  1. YouTube

      YouTube is one of the most popular streaming websites that you can get a variety of trending videos without so much stress. YouTube is a home to videos ranging from Action, Comedy,  Sports and all other genres of videos. One good thing about YouTube is that it has a search box that enables you to search for your preferred video, watch and download. You can easily “save as offline” if you want to know enjoy a particular video later. However, there’s a YouTube premium service that gives premium video streaming. YouTube premium subscription is very affordable, and is about $12. YouTube is a great alternative to Cloud TV and offers one of the best services. 

  1. Hulu


This is another undisputable and affordable alternative of Cloud TV. It is cable and and satellite TV service that enables people to see local and international channels. However, it is not a free service. Hulu offers subscriptions on monthly basis. The service has subscription options of $6 per month and $12. Although, the $6 service subscription comes with ads that appears in the course of the videos. The $12 subscription is an upgrade version of the premium service with videos void of advertisements. Recently, Hulu announced that it was introducing a $40 live TV service which will enable viewers to watch programs as it it being aired.

  1. NetFlix

You can never feel bored with Netflix. Never!  It’s not just one of the best alternatives to Cloud TV but one of the few streaming services that you’ll enjoy everytime. Netflix has three different packages to make you feel relaxed and enjoy your leisure. It has Basic, Standard and Premium subscriptions packages that are very affordable.

The subscription rate falls between $8 – $14 monthly. However, each of the packages offers one month free streaming service to all customers. Talk about standard, Netflix is a very standard network of movies of all genres. You’re sure to enjoy every moment with Netflix. To enjoy the great services on Netflix, you must register on the website and be a member.

  1. Sling Tv

If you really care for a service that worths the price, you’re on the right sail to choose SlingTV. The streaming efficiency of Sling TV is reasonable and qualitative. Although, it requires that you pay some dollars to enjoy their services, yet the service is worth it. It has different subscription packages that you can choose from, based on how much you can afford for streaming services. Sling TV offers some extra bonuses and add-ons that somewhat allows customers to personalize their services. The only fallback of Sling TV is that the service is only offered to customers in the United States.

  1. Philo


Philo is an household name that you must have probably heard about in the video streaming world. It comes with an excellent package. Philo’s streaming services are very affordable and is considered to be one of the cheapest video streaming services on the market. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t offer sports channels. So, it’s a very affordable service. You can enjoy two subscription packages on Philo: The base package and The upgrade package. Philo has a Cloud storage that enables users to record videos and movies and watch them later. Although, the recordings are only available on the storage system for 30 days only.

  1. PlayStation VUE

This is quite similar to DirecTV. It has a whole lot of channels for unlimited enjoyment. The subscription rate of PlayStation VUE is very affordable. The price ranges between $30 to $64 monthly. With this affordable rates, you’re sure to enjoy about 45 to 90 entertaining channels. PlayStation VUE is cool,  and you’ll enjoy the streaming services. It allows different devices to access it’s service block, from Android to iPhone, iPad, Personal computer and a lot of other devices. HBO and Showtime are two exclusive channels you can enjoy on the premium subscription. This is one of the reasons PlayStation VUE is outstanding and great to use.

  1. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video

Without doubts, Amazon Instant Video is a superb alternative to Cloud TV. It has several outstanding features and offers unlimited viewing services. If you  have the Amazon Prime, you’ll enjoy Amazon Instant Video without paying a dime. But if you don’t have an access to Amazon Prime, you can purchase Amazon Instant Video at a very affordable price. The subscription rate is about $9 monthly. So,  with just $9, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to your favourite channels.

But since Amazon Prime is only $99 per year, it’s safe to get Amazon Prime and enjoy a broader access to Prime services. Amazon Instant Video offers services in different options to satisfy viewer’s ‘taste’. The categories include Classic movies, popular TV shows, Documentaries, Kids TV shows, Sports  and other Fitness shows.

According to a report unleashed recently, Amazon Instant Video has up to 18,000 movies and 2,000 TV shows,  beating its peers on the market. Unlike Netflix that offers about 10,000 movies, Amazon Prime Video is outstanding and a grand alternative. There’s a benefit attached to this streaming service, and that is the fact that every subscriber can enjoy ad-free music streaming service. 

  1. ESPN+

A great alternative to Cloud TV,  ESPN+ is a sports streaming website where you can enjoy an array of sports shows. It is a paid streaming service that requires you to pay about $4.99 to enjoy video documentaries steaming for a period of one month and $49.9 for a year. ESPN+ is not a live version  of ESPN because it doesn’t hold so much quality as ESPN.  ESPN+ doesn’t restrict viewers to a particular access location as it is everywhere. You can have a direct access to the website via Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  Fire tablet, Xbox one and android devices. Whichever subscription plan you subscribe to on ESPN+, you won’t regret it. Sports series like ESPN FC daily, In the crease, Draft Academy and NBA are popular on ESPN+. 

  1. Free TV

This is another alternative streaming service that offers you more value than you pay. FreeTV is affordable with quite a number of channels to keep you glued to your screen at leisure. You cab enjoy an access to a variety of channels by connecting with your mobile phone, android devices, personal computers and other devices. FreeTV is such and exciting channel that provides almost same services as Cloud TV.

  1. Set TV Now

SetTV Now  is a very affordable streaming service with the subscription rate pegged at $20 monthly featuring 500+ channels. With an additional $5 monthly, you’ll enjoy 73 premium Spanish channels from the comfort of your home. There are several other on-demand entertainment options on this streaming service. Set TV offers streaming in HD format. Set TV is very easy to use, it begins to operate once you plug in an electricity source.     

  1. FuboTV


If you’re a lover of sports, you have found the best streaming website to enjoy yourself. Every moment with FuboTV is exciting and worthwhile. You can’t get enough of the lovely sports moments. FuboTV has lot of channels to keep you busy at all times. One of the best on the internet, FuboTV is an alternative to Cloud TV with amazing streaming services.

On FuboTV, you can enjoy live sports programmes with affordability. The website operates on package subscriptions. You can enjoy the standard package with $4.99 monthly while the extra premium package costs $49.9 monthly. FuboTV is available in diverse international languages. Unlike some websites that place restrictions on the type of devices that can access them, FuboTV has a wide range of acceptable devices. They include Android smartphones, Roku,  iPad, chromecast, iPhone, tablets and Amazon fire.

  1. DirecTV Now

DirecTV thought it would be a great idea to join the league of streaming services, so it came up with an excellent one;  DirecTV Now.  The streaming services offered by DirecTV Now has placed the TV network on a standard that belongs to few others. It’s a good alternative to cloud TV.  DirecTV is a superb streaming service with a lot of channels that you’ll enjoy every time. The service comes with different packages that suit your pocket. With a subscription fee that ranges between $35 to $70, you’re sure to enjoy unlimited streaming of about 120 superb channels.


The list provided above shows different streaming website that offers unlimited services. All these services are sure to give you the worth of your money. They are as good as Cloud TV with so much fun you can’t get enough of. Get anyone that suits pocket and enjoy  yourself.

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