15 Best Clock And Calendar Widgets for Android

You have to admit that having multiple widgets on your Android’s home screen is always amazing as you can always get access to the things that you need immediately. There are some people who avoid placing widgets however because they find it tacky.

One of the most popular widgets available right now is the clock widget. It provides something that people always need to know  the time. You have to know what time it is especially if you are running late. If you are feeling a bit hesitant to place a clock widget on your home screen, remember that there are different ones available. For sure, you will find one that best fits your style.

Some clock widgets can do more than provide the right time, they can also provide you with other vital details that you need so that the tasks you have to do is far easier than ever. Are you having trouble searching for the right clock widget to use? Some suggestions are available below.

15 Best Clock And Calendar Widgets for Android

  1. Chronus Clock Widget

Chronus Clock Widget

This is considered to be one of the unique clock widgets that you can download on your Android device. It actually offers more than the usual clock widget and they have different designs that you can choose from to help you choose the widget that looks best for your theme. Customizing the widget that you have chosen is easy too. You can just click on the customization button and make the necessary changes.

  1. Minimalistic Text Clock Widget

Minimalistic Text Clock Widget

Do you consider yourself to be a minimalist? If you answer yes then you know that this is one of the right clock widgets that you should place on your Android home screen. This will offer you complete personalization. You can control the type of information that you would like to be displayed. Adding various sources of data can be done to. You can fix it up according to what you feel will be most advantageous for you.

  1. Onca Clock Widget

Onca Clock Widget

If you want something that is simple and pretty to look at, then this may be the clock widget that you are searching for. Admittedly, it is more aesthetic than useful especially if you do not know how to read the time from its unique way of showing time but the moment you realize that the number in the middle pertains to the hour and the shaded outline pertains to the minutes, then you will grow fond of it. You have to admit that it is very unique too.

  1. Digi Clock Widget

Digi Clock Widget

Perhaps you have never been a fan of clock widgets that are similar to typical clocks. What are you supposed to choose instead? You can choose clock widgets that will display time in digital form. This is one clock widget that you can try. This will display time in whatever font and color that you choose. The best thing about this is that it is user friendly. It will be easy to make the necessary changes according to your preferences.

  1. MClock


Do you want a clock widget that you do not have to spend on in order to appreciate? This may be the best clock widget for you. This is not really flashy so if you are searching for something that looks truly different, this may not be the perfect one for you. This can offer utility and simple design that can fit what you need.

  1. ClockQ


This is another digital clock widget that you may want to have if you want to look at your phone and see the time immediately. Customization is easy because there are a lot of fonts and colors that you can choose from. Make choices depending on your theme and you will not have this problem. There are a few more options available for those who would purchase the premium version of this widget.

  1. Bobclockd3


This is considered to be one of the best clock widgets not only because it is easy to customize but also because it offers basic customization. No need to worry that your clock widget will look like everyone else because you can change it up depending on your preference. It can make your home screen look amazing too. Just remember that if you are using some of the latest Android devices, it has the tendency to look a bit dated.

  1. Pretty Binary Clock Widget

Pretty Binary Clock Widget

Its name gives you an idea that it can offer something pretty and in this case, it can offer you a pretty clock widget that can go well with your phone’s current theme. This is actually a minimalist type of clock widget so pairing this with your current theme will not be a problem. It will also allow you to see the time immediately when you check your phone.

  1. Dashclock Widget

Dashclock Widget

Is the name of this widget familiar? You may have heard about this from other Android users because they cannot help but like this clock widget. Once again, this is built specifically for the minimalist who would not like to complicate matters by choosing complicated and hard to pair clocks on their home screen. You can also link it to other extensions so that other things you find important such as the weather and call alerts will be displayed on screen.

  1. One More Clock Widget Free

One More Clock Widget Free

Do you want to have a lot of options when you are choosing the right clock design? If you answer yes, then this may be the best one for you to pick out. There are a lot of preset designs that you will never find elsewhere. The wide variety of options available will allow you to pick out different ones that can fit your taste and preferences. If in case you want more clock designs, there are downloadable options online too. The number of designs make this a clock widget that is worth downloading.

  1. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets

Fancy having a wide choice of clock widgets in just one application? This may be the one that you are searching for. It has clock widgets that you will not find elsewhere. It also helps that it displays different information that can be useful for you as well. You can also adjust the size of the clock so that it fits the theme that you have on your Android device.

  1. D – Clock Widget

Do you consider yourself to be a busy person? Perhaps you are one of those people that is always described as “someone who follows an extremely tight schedule.” If you think that you are always busy them having this clock widget can be useful. Pick from 12 – hour to 24 – hour formats depending on what you are more comfortable with. You can also pick the wallpaper which you feel will allow you to see the clock that you have picked out with ease.

  1. GO Clock Widget

GO Clock Widget

A modern looking clock widget is always welcome on your Android device and you will surely have a grand time checking out this one. This has a lot of options and it has various clock sizes too so you know that you can make choices depending on the style that you will pick out. They have analog and digital clock options too if in case you change your mind about the type of clock you would like to have on your home screen.

  1. Amazing Clock Widget

Amazing Clock Widget

You may want to expect a lot of great things from this clock widget because it says that it is amazing, right? It can change the visual style of your home screen greatly so this can be essential for you if you want to experience a complete change. It offers more than 30 skins and all of these skins are HD. For sure, you will be glad once you see the choice you have made. The best part is that your clock will still be the most noticeable thing on your home screen.

  1. One More Clock Widget

One More Clock Widget

This may be the last clock on the list but it is still good. This comes in two options, the paid and the free version. The free version is already nice with a lot of themes and clock versions that will surely catch your eye. The paid version on the other hand is very useful and will allow you to get information about the weather in your current area plus other details that you may find important. The customization features are very helpful too. You can choose from 12 hour or 24 hour format setting and of course, the designs are just great for any theme that you want.

Out of all the clock widgets that are listed above, which one do you like the most? It is okay to try out different ones before you make a decision. You can also change up the clock widget depending on the theme that you are using. Isn’t it amazing that you can easily make changes with your widgets? Try some of them on your Android devices now.


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