12 Best XML Editor Software For Windows

Are you looking for the best XML Editor software? XML file is a web file that has .xml extension, which contains codes readable by both machine and human. This extension is a useful file for web designing. Most programmers use XML files in creating many programs and for this reason, they need an efficient software that provides excellent features.

XML editors are completely different from word processing programs. This software provide additional functions for editing XML files, which is done by using a text editor while displaying all the codes. XML editors also include more functionalities of performing tag completion. These programs also provide support for multiple languages, including spell checking, undo and redo features.

With so many XML editor software available online, it is difficult to choose the right one that can attend your editing needs. To help programmers, designers or authors search for the right program, we’ve made an extensive research and come up with these best XML editor software.

12 Best XML Editor Software For Windows

Here is a list of the best XML Editor Software that lets you edit XML files fast.

1. XMLSpy XML Editor

XMLSpy XML Editor

XMLSpy can make your work with XML easier with its easy-to-use user interface. It comes with a variety of editing views, options, and templates so you can make customizations effortlessly. This software also provides specialized views, such as WSDL, XSD, XBRL, JSON Schema and Apache Avro. One of the best XML Editor software, using XMLSpy XML Editor allows you to develop applications faster without compromising the quality.


  • Intelligent XPath auto-completion
  • XML validator with Smart fix error correction
  • HTML and CSS editor
  • Integrated with SQL database
  • Built-in XML document templates
  • JSON Schema editor and JSON editor
  • Conversion utilities
  • Java and COM APIs
  • Global resources support

Whether you want to make a graphical or text-based editing view, this software offers editing guidance while you are typing or troubleshooting.

2. EditiX XML Editor

One of the best XML Editor software that you can use for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is EditiX XML Editor. This software provides an extensive range of XML functions and comes with intelligent entry helpers. These helpers guide will guide you with context syntax popup supporting RelatxNG, DTD, and Schema. This software also supports multiple templates and you can apply FO, XSLT, or XQuery transformation and see the result easily.


  • Powerful Grid editor
  • Validation of XML documents
  • Validation for W3C Schema
  • XSLT Editor and Debugger
  • OASIS Catalog
  • Project Management
  • Refactoring

EditiX offers more features that app makers, web authors, designers, and programmers can take advantage of.

3. XMLmind XML Editor

XMLmind XML Editor

XMLmind XML Editor software can be used in creating documents conforming to your own schema. It is a strictly validating, near WYSIWYG, DITA editor, DocBook editor, XHTML editor, MathML editor, and XML editor. Most of the users of this software are technical writers who need to create complex and modular documents. The Personal Edition is free to use, but you can also purchase the special editions for additional features.


  • Strictly validating and schema-directed editing
  • Opens a document in read-only mode
  • Ensures documents stay valid
  • Styled, tag, tree, and source view
  • Styled view can embed form controls, display attributes, and render conditional processing attributes
  • Use as Master Document
  • Resize image and table column by dragging

XMLmind XML Editor offers many other features that you should check out from their website.

4. iXedit

iXedit is also one of the best XML editor software. It provides tools that can speed up the process of your XML coding. It also has improved template support and auto completion not only for XML but also for Java, PHP, JavaScript and ASP.


  • DTD validation
  • Part by part editing
  • Well formedness checking
  • User templates
  • XSLT processing
  • DTD based auto completion

5. Notepad++


If you are looking for the best XML Editor software that is free to use, then you can try Notepad++. This software has endless plug-in options lets you execute small programs faster. It is also very easy to use and you can hide certain elements to decrease information overload in some of your programs. The best thing about this source code editor is that it is completely free!


  • Perl Compatible Regular Expression Search / Replace
  • Syntax Highlighting and Folding
  • User Defined Syntax Highlighting and Folding
  • Auto-completion
  • Multi-view
  • Multi-language environment support
  • Macro recording and playback
  • GUI entirely customizable
  • WYSIWYG printing

Notepad++ source code editor works in MS Windows environment. It guarantees a quicker execution speed as well as small program sizes.

6. NexPad

NextPad XML editor allows you to edit multiple XML files at the same time. It is also easy to use and as simple as Notepad. This software also offers numerous features, which makes it one of the best XML editor software. You can also open XML, TXT and HTML files all at once so you can edit them all together. Using NexPad can increase your efficiency as you can work on multiple documents.


  • NexPad opens multiple files via explorer or commandline
  • Replace and Find bars to get rid of clutter
  • Saves settings in an XML file
  • Drag and drop files from explorer into NextPad

Like Notepad++, Nexpad is also free to download! You can speed up your performances by working on multiple files at the same time.

7. Essential XML Editor

Essential XML Editor

One of the best XML editor software is Essential XML Editor. It is a lightweight tool for editing text-based XML document. This software offers many key features, such as DTD validator, built-in XML wellformedness tester, and plug-in for Saxon XSLT processor. You can download the trial version for free or purchase the full version to unlock some advanced features.


  • Document saving in UTF-8
  • Built-in DTD validator
  • Color coded text based Unicode Editor
  • Shortcuts for each command
  • Plug-in for Saxon XSLT processor
  • Automatic update notification
  • Caret is moved to position of well-formedness errors automatically

Some features included in the full version are plug-in for Jing version 20091111, plug-in for Libxml2-2.7.6. and plug-in for MSV version 20090415.

8. Xmplify XML Editor

Xmplify is a powerful XML editor built for Mac OS X. It offers a fully XML-aware editing environment with XML Schema-based auto-completion, DTD, XPath and XSLT support, automatic document validation, live HTML preview and more.


  • Fully XML-aware editing environment
  • Provides outline view
  • Automatic document verification
  • Auto-complete XML Based on DTD or XML Schema
  • Displays documentation provided by documents’ XSDs
  • Automatic Schema derivation
  • XSL transformation

Xmplify XML editor offers one of the best editing environments to make you enjoy Xpath, XSLT, and HTML preview support. Many companies are using this software, including Apple, JP Morgan, Mayo Clinic, Disney, Sony Pictures, USA Today, Paypal, Weebly and more!

9. FontoXML Editor

FontoXML Editor

One of the best XML Editor software is FontoXML Editor. This offers a complete WYSIWYG experience and comes with numerous excellent features. This software also adapts to any XML schema and CMS infrastructure. There are also many Apps that are compatible with this XML editor.


  • Real-time validation
  • Cut, copy and paste content from PDF, Word or HTML with keyboard shortcuts
  • Easy integration
  • Suggests corrections for unrecognized words
  • Provides user friendly interface
  • Tracks changes for every document
  • Works with multiple documents

This web based XML editor lets you create highly intelligent and structured content. You can also insert images, videos and audios in any format for the browser. FontoXML editor also features Linking to taxonomies and external resources.

10. MoreMotion XML Editor

If you are looking for free XML Editor software, then you might want to download MoreMotion XML Editor for free! You can develop XML, XSL, and Ajax powered web apps. This software is very easy to use and is both for beginners and professionals. MoreMotion editor allows you to easily edit XML files fast.


  • Syntax highlighting for more comfortable working experience
  • Automatic tag closing
  • Pretty format for XML-structured files
  • Selectable XML node
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Various encoding types and search
  • Text and tree view
  • XML structure validation

11. oXygen XML Editor

oXygen XML Editor

One of the best XML editor software is oXygen XML Editor. It provides multiple XML editing and sharing options and you can collaborate between laptops, desktops, smartphones as well as Cloud. Its interface focuses on source edits, XSLT/XQuery support and schema transformation pipelines. OxyGen XML Editor offers a large number of features.


  • Intelligent XML Editing
  • Extensible XML Editor
  • Working with Modular XML Files in Master Files Context
  • Many Formatting and Indentation options
  • XPath Support
  • XML Grid Editor and Outline View
  • XML Validation and Well-Formedness Check
  • Multi-lingual editing support
  • Helper views to assist users with XML editing

Using this software lets you publish your DocBook/DITA content empowered by XPath expression and debugging.

12. XPontus XML Editor

XPontus XML Editor

XPontus XML Editor offers excellent features that can help you edit XML files quickly. It can perform XML Schema, DTD, Batch XML and Relax NG validation. It also performs XSL transformations, DTD/schema generation, code formatting, code completion and more.


  • Allows modular development
  • Code completion
  • Supports Xpath 1.0 and 2.0
  • Syntax coloring for XML and HTML files
  • XSL transformations (HTML, PDF, TEXT, SVG)
  • Validation
  • Displays hierarchic structure
  • Schema conversion and generation
  • Multiple installers

Xpontus offers more features to provide users the best XML editing experience.

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