12 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Android

If there is one thing that you like about your Android phone, what is it? There may be some people who like it because of the different applications that they can place on it but there are also some people who love how easy their phone can be customized.

Do you realize that finding the right wallpaper applications for Android is not hard? If you would check, you would see a lot of websites that will offer various wallpapers but if you are searching for applications, then there are different ones available. There is no right or wrong way to have the right wallpaper for your needs. What matters is that you will discover and place the right wallpaper on your phone.

Remember that the applications that are available will have different specialties. There are some that will have high definition images while there are also some that can give the type of images from a certain genre. For example, there are some applications that will only have pictures of different places all over the world while there are also some that can give minimal designs that will be hard to find elsewhere.

Free Wallpaper Apps for Android

12 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Android

  1. 500 Firepaper

If you would like to download an application on your Android phone that will not only offer usual wallpaper but also live wallpaper then this is the best one that you should have. This is actually pretty simple to use. You will have no trouble downloading the images that you want. Placing the images that you have saved on your phone as wallpaper will be easy to do. You can just download and save the ones that you want. The best thing about this application is it is free. This is free but there is a pro version that you can download if you want more.

Download 500 Firepaper Here

  1. Wally

If you want to have a wallpaper application that will give you variety then you know that this is the one that you are searching for. There are images that are in different sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your phone’s screen. You do not want to have a wallpaper that is blurred, right? There are various genres that are available too. Whether you want pictures of nature, picture of other people and even other drawings that will be nice to see on your phone. If in case you grow tired of the images that you have downloaded, you can find new ones since this application constantly updates its collection of images.

Download Wally Here

  1. HPSTR


Do you want to have some wallpaper that is not simple at all and will truly look different from the usual wallpaper that you will see from other people who use Android phones? The wallpaper images that you will see here can be placed with filtered shape to make your phone look special. This is initially free but to get some upgrades, you can update to the pro version. This will make the images that you will download from the application to be easier to customize. Once you have an amazing looking wallpaper, you will be proud to put out your phone every time so that people can see it.

Download HPSTR Here

  1. Cool Wallpapers HD

If you are searching for a wallpaper application that is well regarded and loved by a lot of people who have used it so far, this is one application that will not let you down. It has been reviewed thousands of times and most of the reviews are good because it is very simple to use. The collection of images that can be downloaded can also appeal to a wide variety of people. Unlike other applications, you are not required to spend money on it to make use of its full features.

Download Cool Wallpapers HD Here

  1. Backgrounds HD

This is a very popular application among Android users who are very particular about the background that they are going to place on their phones. This is one of the oldest applications that offer different types of wallpaper. There are different genres that are available and for sure, you will have a grand time checking out the different images available. It updates everyday so if you did not find any image that you wanted the day before, you can check out the images the next day. This is also free and there are no in-app purchases to avail of all the features.

Download Backgrounds HD Here

  1. Plastexo


Do you consider yourself a minimalist? If you answer yes, then you know for sure that this is the application that you would like to have. The images that it can offer are clean and simple so you can expect plain aesthetics. You have to be prepared because its collection of wallpapers are not that great. You can only choose from more than 100 wallpapers but if you are a fan of their designs, you will still have a hard time choosing the right one for you. The quality of the wallpapers that it can offer is top notch too so you will not be disappointed with what you will see.

Download Plastexo Here

  1. Tapet

Do you want to have wallpapers that will make your phone seem endless? You can expect that the wallpapers that this application offers will be the ones that you are searching for. There are different patterns and colors that will not fail to catch your eye. If you want to make some changes with your current design, a simple swipe on your phone’s screen will change the design that you have. You can also customize depending on your needs. You can change the color of the patterns so that it can fit the look of the phone that you are aiming for.

Download Tapet Here

  1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

If you find the normal wallpaper boring then you can choose an application that offers live wallpaper. While it also offers the normal wallpaper, you will surely like the live wallpaper because there are different pieces of art that will be seen through the images that you can download. If in case you want to customize the wallpaper, you can also choose a blur effect to make your video look more dramatic than usual. Art fans love this so if you like all types of art, then you will appreciate this.

Download Muzei Live Wallpaper Here

  1. Minima


Do you want to have a wallpaper that is highly different from the ones that you have initially downloaded on your phone? Remember that this application can only be used for newer smartphones. When you tilt your screen, the wallpaper that you will have can also tilt so it will change the background. All of the designs look like they are hand made so you will not find the same images elsewhere. There is a free version available if you only want to see some basic wallpaper but there is a also a pro version available if you want some upgrades. It would be up to you to decide if the upgrade is worth it or not.

Download Minima Here

  1. Wallmax

This may be the first time that you are going to hear about this application but once you check it out, you will not regret it. People who discover this are pretty happy with the selection of images that they find. There are a lot of free wallpapers that can be downloaded quickly. It also gives an option wherein you can search depending on the resolution of the images that you want for your phone. This is not readily found in other applications. Another good feature that you will not find in other applications is you can save your favorite images so you can use it next time.

Download Wallmax Here

  1. Wonderwall

This is a fairly new application that will give you a wide selection of images. The images that you will see are photographs that are personally selected by the developers of this application. Most of the images that you will see are in landscape form. There are different images that are uploaded daily so for sure, you will find some that will catch your eye. Unlike other applications that may be a bit complicated to use, you will know what to do with this application the moment that you turn it on.

Download Wonderwall Here

  1. Shake Them All

Do you want to have live wallpapers that will truly show your loyalty to Android? This is a fun and quirky application that will allow you to shake the icon of Android. You can let your Android tumble, fall. They can react to the different changes that you will make. It can be entertaining but do not make use of it too much because you may lose a lot of your battery (and time) this way.

Download Shake Them All Here

Whether you are searching for a wallpaper that will allow you to see the beauty of nature or you want live wallpaper that will not make your phone look boring then you can choose from any of the applications that are mentioned above. Can you still think of other applications that should be a part of this list?

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