17 Best Malware Removal Tools for Virus Scanner & Cleaner

Connecting to the internet predisposes your PC to all manner of security risks. One of the major performance and security threats associated with computers are malware. A malware is any of Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Spyware and Scamware. These are malicious software that can cause your system to crash or compromise its operations. They embed themselves into your computer system without your knowledge. Anti-malware software is designed to detect any of these threats and effectively remove them from your computer.

Anti-malware tools are broad and target a wide range of threats. Unlike the anti-virus, they don’t have the capacity to prevent the above-mentioned threats from entering your computer system. However, they regularly run a system checkup and remove any detectable threats. With most of the software, it is possible to schedule checkups manually and increase their frequency. To help you protect your computer as well as yourself, we have conducted a research on this year’s anti-malware programs from which we were able to determine the best. These programs work differently and you can be able to install more than one program. (Not that we have excluded anti-virus programs since they are mostly designed to target one kind of malware -viruses)

This is one of the best anti-malware tool present. It has a universal functionality enabling you to control computer services and processes. It is also user-friendly with most of the important tasks automated. It is a premium malware scanner and user are given a 30-day free trial. The software comes with its own search engine but also incorporates the powerful BitDefender engine to ensure your computer is completely secure. It also prevents outgoing and incoming connections to risky sites and in so doing protects your system from potential infections. With features such as Behaviour Blocker and File Guard, Emsisoft is a must have.

Best Malware Removal Tools

17 Best Malware Removal Tools for Virus Scanner & Cleaner

  1. Super Antispyware

This represents one of the most reliable anti-malware tools available with both a free and paid version. The professional (paid) version comes with a free trial offering all the basic features. It has both quick and deep scanning options and you can also set a custom scan for removable disks, specific folders, and registries. It removes all kinds of Spyware and Malware at great speeds.

Once you install this tool, you will also be protected from dialers, worms, hijackers and keyboard capturing. It provides real-time protection and notifies you when suspicious programs try to install themselves in the background. The professional version comes with a repair system allowing users to repair broken registries and internet connections. This tool is easy to use even for the average user. The only drawback is its speed, with scans sometimes taking more time than expected.

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

This is absolutely one of the best malware removal tools available. It has been around for quite some time now. From Trojans, bots, spyware, worms, Trojans and key logs, this anti-malware crushes them all.  It fully integrates with the major browsers and blocks the unwanted browser popups allowing you to smoothly surf the internet.

It comes with a 14-day trial period after which you will need to upgrade to the premium version. However, the good news is that so long you are okay with manually scheduling your scans, you will still continue enjoying the same malware detection quality. The premium version automatically updates its database protect your PC against newer threats.

  1. Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot is a great software and it works with all windows versions after 95. It cleans all suspicious content in cookies, registries, and downloads with a single click of a button. It gives you full control of your system and protects you from hijackers, keyloggers and all other kinds of malware. Although it also scans and removes Trojans and rootkits we advise caution in using it to replace your anti-virus software.

The software comes in three versions; Spybot Free, Spybot Home, and Spybot Pro. With the free version, you are able to access its anti-malware and anti-spyware capabilities. The home and Pro paid version offer additional anti-virus capabilities. All versions are equipped with startup and rootkit scan tools.

This software has been around since the late 90’s and is quite easy to run and use. However, probably due to the new additional tools in the new versions, the developers have removed the TeaTimer which has been a popular tool for many users. Looking for a universal malware detector, Spybot is as good as it gets.

  1. Iobit Malware Fighter 4

Quite a fantastic anti-malware tool with superb cleaning capabilities and the ability to speed up your system. It protects against adware, spyware, adware, hijackers, worms and keyloggers. The latest version features an upgraded IObit anti-malware engine bundled together with the reliable Bitdefender anti-virus engine. The software has both free and paid version.

The free version is able to stand out with real-time protection and an anti-tracking surfing tool compatible with all the major browsers. The paid version is even better and comes with USB protection and automated updates. Just in case your internet service provider (ISP) places data caps on your connection, and you are concerned about your data usage, you can easily disable the automatic updates. IObit is the complete anti-malware tool and with Process Guard prevents malicious processes from running on system startup. Supports multiple languages and its low system resource usage makes it an ideal and complete tool.

  1. AdWare removal tool

AdWare removal tool

Again this is a great tool and if you like to browse often you should think about purchasing it. It has a powerful engine enabling it to detect malware attached to downloaded files and data. It is designed to block browser hijackers and stop unwanted ads and toolbars. With the latest version, you can scan your computer’s system registry for any malware and also forcibly uninstall undesirable programs. This is a freeware and it is entirely supported through donations.

  1. Microsoft Security essential

This is a malware removal tool from Microsoft and it offers real time protection. It is designed to kill malicious software such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, and rootkits. It scans downloads and integrates with windows firewall to ensure safe connections. Before removing any detected malware, it offers you the option to create a backup and restore point. Being from Microsoft, this is a windows-compatible anti-malware tool.

The current version is however not compatible with windows XP. Unlike most third party anti-virus and anti-malware programs, MSE runs quietly in the background without bothering you with unwarranted notifications. Again it uses minimal system resources allowing your computer to run smoothly.

  1. Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro

This malware removal tool is designed to work alongside any of the major anti-virus suites. It is able to detect malware, bots, and adware which your antivirus has missed. It does not require installation and can be run directly from Flash drives, CD/DVD drives or network attached storage.

This serves to avoid situations where embedded malware compromise anti-malware and anti-virus tools by infiltrating updates.  By installing this software you will not only be able to rid your computer of malware but also save on system resources.

  1. AdWare Cleaner

This is one of the best lightweight malware removal tools. It is a freeware enabling you to access all features without having to pay a single dime. Newer versions of this programs are being provided on a regular basis. It offers protection against hijackers and all other forms of malware.

It also removes potential undesirable programs (PUP) and toolbars allowing your PC to run efficiently. It comes with an adware host that interrupts the installation of ads programs. If you are interested in a software that won’t overwork your system and still do the job well, then you consider installing Adware Cleaner.

  1. Comodo Cleaning Essential

Comodo Cleaning Essential

Comodo is a set of software designed to detect and remove malware and all other malicious software. It incorporates two tools, a kill switch, and a malware scanner. The malware scanner boasts good speeds and is capable of detecting malware and infected registries deep within a computer system.

The kill switch allows users to isolate and stop suspicious processes started with windows. Through cloud technology, this tool delivers instant malware detection. Again, this software requires no installation and can be run through USB or Remote Desktop Protocol. We strongly recommend this tool to anyone looking for protection from remote computers on a network.

  1. Combofix

This is a great free malware removal tool. It enables you to detect malicious programs running silently on your computer. Combofix also offers from spyware among other malicious software. One of the strengths of this anti-malware is its scanning speed. It allows for manual removal of malware and generates a report after each scan. Once you have understood how to operate it, you can search and delete stubborn malware programs using the generated report. This makes it a pretty impressive software worth acquiring.

  1. MacAfee Stinger

MacAfee Stinger

This is a lightweight program able to detect all sorts of malicious programs. It scans and allows you to clean infected programs and files without erasing your precious documents and uninstalling the programs. Although it has virus detection and removal capabilities, we strongly recommend running it alongside a good antivirus suite.

  1. 9-Lab Removal Tool

This is a good and effective tool with a wide range of options to utilize. It is easy to use and it’s totally free. It is compatible with all primary security suites and is only designed to offer additional protection. It installs regular automatic updates keeping its database up to date for maximum protection. In addition to, malware removal, it detects viruses, corrupted registries, and rootkits. Users can easily configure the program, schedule scans and unhide hidden files manually.

  1. Zemana Antimalware

Zemana Antimalware

This is a second opinion malware scanner which detects and removes malicious programs already installed in your computer system. Like most quality anti-malware tools, Zemana uses cloud technology to protect your system from latest threats and ensure minimal windows resource usage.

It is lightweight and optimized and it doesn’t compromise your PCs performance. Zemana is a premium tool albeit with a free trial version. The premium version takes browser clean up with adware removal and blocking of suspicious add-ons and toolbars to a whole new level. Zemana also offers anti-logger tools and many more other features which are worth the cost.

  1. Roguekiller

This antimalware tool detects and removes infectious programs such as worms, rootkits, and rogues effectively blocking their re-installation. It guards your system against undesirable programs (PUPs) and system modifications. This software comes in both a free and a paid version. The paid version allows for user customization and automatic updates. With Roguekiller, you can also stop DNS and Proxy hijackers and repairs HOST files. It smoothly runs in the background without affecting the performance of your PC.

  1. Panda Security

Panda Security

This is a great software with compatible versions for windows, Mac, and android operating systems. Although basically an anti-virus, it offers essential protection against ransomware, spyware and most forms of malware. Malware detection is cloud based. This ensures zero time protection when connected to the internet. Install this software and push key loggers and online fraudsters to the back of your mind.

  1. Anti-Malware 2016 (Auslogics)

Auslogics Antimalware tool keeps your computer secure by detecting malicious software missed by primary anti-virus suites. It scans registries and removes any suspicious as well as deleting cookies that compromise your privacy. Scans can be customized and scheduled manually and you can choose whether to completely remove malware or quarantine to allow for restoration should it be necessary. It is easy to set up and use and doesn’t compromise your installed anti-virus suite.

  1. BitDefender AdWare Removal Tool

BitDefender AdWare Removal Tool

This is a free software that primarily guards your PC against adware and other forms of malware. It effectively removes PUPs and corrupted toolbars enhancing the security of your computer system. Once you install this tool, you won’t have to worry about adware programs secretly installing into the computer system slowing down performance and causing interruptions.

To protect your computer from possible security breaches, we highly recommend installing at least one of the listed malware removal tools. Protecting your computer is protecting yourself.

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