Backpage Alternative Sites-13 Other Sites Like Backpage[2019 Update]


Many internet users are familiar with Backpage, and also know the great importance held by the website. Backpage used to be one of the leading e-commerce tools in the world. The website allowed as much as possible product listings from the page users from all around the world without any service charge. This implies that it was an e-market where people from all walks of life make business transactions, promote services, sell and buy products.

However, the United States Department of Justice recently nailed and halted the activities of the powerful website. The action was due to an allegation that the website is indulging in and promoting children prostitution.

After the halt, many internet users have since been on the lookout for the best alternatives to the almighty ads platform. If you are on of them, you have no reason to panic anymore. A compilation of best Backpage alternatives have been made available for you. So, bringing your works, products and properties online for advertisement has been made easier. Asides products and properties, you can also make advertisements for job vacancies, and also search for job opportunities online these platforms. Check the list below.

Backpage Alternative Sites-13 Other Sites Like Backpage

1. OLX


Series of improvements and transformation have been experienced on OLX since it began operation in 2006. OLX is one of the biggest online platform for commercial activities. It also has a strong base for millions of internet users.

OLX is known to have dominated about 6 countries of the world and has been declared the largest classified ads channel in those countries. Basically, automobiles, electronics products, properties, mobile phones and other technology gadgets are the major services advertisement on the website. If you want to sell/buy any of the listed products, OLX is the best online market place for you.

2. Adpost


Another great alternative to Backpage is Adpost. This top-ranking ads website is featured in over 12 countries of the world to promote whatever business you may have. The website boasts of over 60,000 daily visits to the webpage which has helped the platform gain relevance in the e-commerce industries.

Adpost has different categories where your products can be listed. The strategies employed by the website to outscore other competing websites are overwhelming. When your product ads expires, the product will still appear in other search engines as a direct link to Adpost. Also, the website is affiliated to many other platforms with so many benefits attached. Other website owners can earn ads fee when their customers are refered to Adpost for products purchase.

3. GiganticList


Just as the name sounds, GiganticList has a lot of great features for buyers and sellers. The website offers almost every product you’ll come across elsewhere on the internet. GiganticList covers nearly all English-speaking countries which has made it have a vast customer base.

In addition, you can find as many as possible locally-produced products on the platform. Unlike most other websites that require you register to become a full beneficiary of their services, Adpost gives equal service access to every user of the website. Interesting enough, it is a freelance ads service platform. Check out the features on GiganticList and enjoy everything on the plaftorm.

4. LocalFind


Searching for products online without a fruitful result has become a thing of the past with LoclaFind website. LoclaFind is an alternative to Backpage. It is built with so much features that enable users to have access to different categories of the website.

However, the platform is just one of the latest on town, yet it has so much features ranging from ergonomy and cyber crime protection system. If you are a Canadian, you will definitely find the platform more useful than most other people from other regions of the world. This is because the website is full of over 600+ products made in Canada.

5. FreeAdsTime


FreeAdsTime is one of the greatest and most relevant Backpage alternatives because the services rendered by FreedAdsTime are of same quality and almost like Backpage. Nearly all features on Backpage are on FreedAdsTime. The platform covers a wide range of cities, bringing different races of people together into a business hub.

It is very simple and easy to operate the website. FreedAdsTime is more of an online market where you purchase different products and services. On the platform, linking your business to customers is really easy to do. The website offers users free ads services. It is a free classified ads website that you can always bank on, any day, any time.

6. FinderMaster


Services offered by this website cut across over 100 countries of the world. FinderMaster offers you quality buying and selling services. FinderMaster is a classified ads website with a very broad customer network. The platform allows you to register and connect to a broader network of people.

The services offered by FinderMaster are very similar Backpage. You can add map address to your account on the website to facilitate easy access to your location if a customer is coming for your products offline. It also has image-posting feature. These great features of this website are ways to curb cyber crimes and reduce the rate at which people are being scammed on the internet. However, if you don’t save customers to know your exact location or have direct access to your mobile contact, you can delist the features.

7. Pernals


On Pernals, you can hook-up, date as well as performing business transactions. The platform is a great e-commercial tool for any sort of advertisement you may want to publish. If you want to operate and enjoy full services on Pernals, a user musr be registered, with a nickname, valid e-mail address and password.

However, to use the website for advert placement, you must first forward your content/product/services to the management team of the website. The team scrutinizes the content and ensures that it does not breach any rule, then approval follows. The privacy on Pernals is second to none!

8. Hoobly


Hobbly has quite a lot of features t9 suit customers and generally, users’ demand. Aside the great features, the website is very easy to operate and even allows multiple ad posts on the platform. The platform us built with such technology that it can easily detect and help curb nefarious cyber crimes.

Under Hoobly, there are different categories that promise to give you the best set of audience when utilized well. The categories include; clothing and accessories, Business and Industry, Employment, careers, Pets, books etc. The platform has more than you may be searching for. It cuts across all services. As a user of the platform, you can connect with people from all around the world. The plaftorm, however, offers free ads posting session.

9. Craigslist



One of the most popular online commercial platforms to promote your services. Craigslist is a good alternative to Backpage because the features and segments are well-arranged. On Craigslist, you can access different categories of advertisement segments.

Services listed on the website are housing, resumes, jobs and other popular features. This means that you can sell properties as well as gadgets. In addition to the outstanding features of the popular advertisement network, users can socialize and interact on Craigslist. The effect of this, on the long run, results into promotion of unity amongst people of different races and religions. Undoubtedly, only a few websites can perform these multi functions.

10. Geebo


One of the best job-listing websites ever known is Geebo. The website features job listing in diverse areas of study such as law, accounting, engineering, sales and a host of others. On Geebo, you can register as a full member and also be receiving job alerts and job losses fron areas closest to you.

As a registered user of Geebo, you can also receive regular updates from the website after you have provided your e-mail address. Aside job listing services offered by Geebo, the website is a resourceful channel for real estate business, automobile and merchandise. Geebo works reliably and perfectly. It is a safe channel to advertise your products, reconnect buyers to sellers and with guidelines on how to avoid falling victim of such scam.

11. Gumtree


Gumtree is another alternative to Backpage. It offers many ads services ranging from sales of vehicles, sales of vehicle parts, properties, pets and a host of local products. Aside these, Gumtree is a home to a variety of jobs where you can make public notice for vacancies and also apply for jobs. Gumtree is very easy to use, user-friendly, well-arranged and free to use.

Generally, not all ads service websites are free to use, some websites require that you pay certain amount of money before you can place your products for advertisement. But as for Gumtree, it is free, and absolutely free to use.

12. Offer Up

Offer Up

Offer Up remains one of the websites that comes with mobile application to improve services. Buyers and sellers from all around the world can install the application on their mobile devices. On Offer up, you can list ant kind of product or serviced you render without paying a dime. Although, such service has to be legal, else it gets sanctioned.

The mobile app is not the only route to make your product listings, it only makes service delivery faster. The website can also be used to list whatever product you may have to sell, and get paid instantly. Since 2011 that the website began operations, it has continued to offer great commercial services.

This website promotes sales of local products, and is much easier to operate than most other websites. As most other websites do not allow users to put up used products for sake, Offer up offers such service. On the mobile application, there’s an icon thst allows you to upload pictures of your products, add title and also make description of such product. Try out the application today, and experience easier services.

13. Oodle


Oodle is another classified ads service website that has a lot of features in common with Backpage. This website offers free ads posting and is very easy to navigate through. Jobs listings, products, pets, cars and other services are the website’s dominating contents. Just like Backpage, Oodle has the personals’ category that allows adult users to converse, hookup and date. This means that Oodle is another multi-functional network with impressive services that outscores most other websites. Oodle is well-organized and has millions of users.

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