15 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

Whether it is android or apple, all smartphones come with a standard lock screen function. The apps enable easy navigation to frequently used apps and also are used for security and privacy purposes. With the necessary configuration, lock screens will regulate access to your smartphone through the use of passwords, pins, and patterns.

Lock screens also provide functions beyond security and direct navigation such as missed call, email and SMS notifications, date and time display among others depending on the lock screen you choose to install. Instead of just settling for the system bundled lock screen, you can download and install third party lock screen apps. Some of these provide better features than the standard app and all found in the Google Play Store with beautiful displays and advanced UIs. Here, I have reviewed the available apps and created a list of the best and most reliable apps.

Lock Screen Apps For Android

15 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

  1. AC Display

Ac Display is a great lock screen app specializing in handling notifications. It has a classic and minimalistic user interface. By clicking the notifications, you can directly access the necessary apps. Apart from the great design, it boasts outstanding performance and does not gouge your battery. You are able to differentiate between the high and low priority notifications as well as create a blacklist. It beautiful display coupled with the extensive features make AC Display one of the most popular apps around.

Price: Free

  1. Hi Locker

Hi Locker

This is another popular lock screen app with the ability to change your android experience. The application offers a variety of features ranging from security password codes and patterns to safe Wi-Fi connectivity.  To enjoy full features, set the app as the default lock screen allowing it to take over from the standard android version. Users are able to access regular updates from the play store. The latest update comes with the

“What’s Next” feature which fetches and synchronizes calendar entries and represents them in a single customizable screen.

Price: Free

  1. LokLok : Draw on a Lock Screen

This is definitely one of the coolest lock screens apps right now. It comes with a wide range of user customizable features and an amazing display. Quite notably, it allows users to communicate with one another through fun and interactive photos, doodles, and texts. Draw on your lock screen and it will show on theirs. For those worrying about their privacy, the groups are private and history saving is customizable. The app replaces the standard version upon installation. However, this can be reversed by clearing the app default settings.

Price: Free

  1. CM Locker

CM Locker

This is another great android app with a slide to unlike feature characteristic of the IOS. With CM Locker you never miss notifications. It allows you to read full messages and directly access the notification apps. It takes your security a notch higher allowing you to capture intruders through your front camera after 3 wrong password entries. Another great feature is the ability to control your music player with ease allowing you to pause and restart playback. It displays song name, artist, and album giving you the full music experience from your lock screen. And as if that is not enough, the app comes with a customizable shortcut panel with access to the camera, flashlight, Wi-Fi, display settings among others upon installation.

Price: Free

  1. Locket Lock Screen

This is another great lock screen application which offers intelligent integration. It brings personalized news directly to your lock screen. You are prompted to choose the categories that interest you on installations. Once the news updates are received you can choose to read or save to browse later by swiping up the screen. This allows the app to further personalize your news feed depending on the news you read, save and skip. It also brings important notifications to your locks screen and allows you to directly navigate to the notification’s apps. Locket Lockscreen was ranked among the best apps in the plays store in the year 2014 and with the continued updates, is is still a great app to try.

Price: Free

  1. Go Locker

Go Locker

When it comes to dazzling displays, Go locker fits right in with the best. It allows user customizations and comes bundled with a variety of interesting themes. You can also download extra themes via the play store or on their website. It has both a free and a paid version. With the free version, you can access all the notification features and some of the themes. The paid version allows users to download the paid themes and the newest themes enabling you to rock a fresh looking lock screen. With any of the versions, you will be able to customize your shortcuts and access messages directly from the lock screen. It also comes with a variety of security measures ranging from passwords, pins, patterns and gestures. In case you forget your password, Go locker has a number of options to retrieve it or unlock and set a new one. Again with music player support, Go locker is one of the popular apps in the play store with downloads in the upwards of 100 million. Totally a must have.

Price Free / $14.99

  1. Holo Locker

Holo Locker is a simple and classic app that resembles the original Jelly Bean stock lock screen. It provides additional features that the Jelly Bean version does not support. It can easily be turned off and on and supports all security lock options. The text color is customizable and users can change the screen orientation unlike in the stock version. It also comes with four customizable shortcuts on the left, right, top and bottom. Holo Locker can be installed for free directly from the play store but users will have to part with a small fee to access the plus features.  Some of the notable plus features include status bar color customization, emergency unlocks, unread short message and email count, and background customization. This is an ideal app for users who use the stock lock screens.

Price: Free / $2.00

  1. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo is one of the coolest lock screen apps around. Unlike some of the other top lock screen apps, Echo does not require you to change your settings upon installation. It brings all sorts of notifications from all installed directly to your lock screen and allows users to group them differently. For instance, it automatically groups Instagram notifications as social and emails as work. It enables you to snooze notifications to come back after pre-set time intervals in case you are unable to handle them. The app will also allow you to control your music directly from the lock screen without to unlock. The user interface is great and security measures are optimized. The app comes bundled with a great variety of high definition wallpapers. It does not, however, support live wallpapers and this is a major drawback to those who prefer them. But on the upside, it this serves to save your battery.

Price: Free

  1. Locker Master

I won’t say this app is the best ever but when it comes to style and user interface, this app is a master. The developers did a great job coming up with the DIY editor which allows users create personalized screens depending on one’s style and style.  The app is continually being updated and its open design allows users to create and share creative themes. The app comes with a variety of clock designs, decorations and high-resolution wallpapers and themes. It also boasts top-notch notification features with users able to access unread messages and missed calls directly. It also integrates third party apps such as twitter and instagram bringing the notifications to the lock screen. It also comes with an emergency unlock just in case you are unable to access your device. This app keeps on getting better and better and for those of us who like to tweak things a little bit more, this is a great alternative application.

Price: Free

  1. Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen

This is considered one of the best lock screens applications for android. The winner of Best Lockscreen application award, Next Lock screen is a product of the Microsoft Corporation. It is a great application and it does not slow or affect the performance of your phone. It brings notifications from every single app in your phone to the lock screen. With Next lockscreen, you will be able to make calls and sent messages directly from the lock screen. One of the stand out features of this app is that it comes bundled with a minimal design built-in app launcher allowing you to quickly access all your apps. Next also supports music playback not only from the stock music player but also third party players and audio streaming apps such as Spotify and Pandora. Additional features include weather updates, shortcuts to tools such as Bluetooth, flashlight, camera and much more. On supported devices, you can increase security through the use of the inbuilt fingerprint scanner. Users are able to dismiss notifications with a simple swipe making it ideal for the busy folks.

Price: Free

  1. SlideLock Locker

This is another great lock screen app and its design is inspired by the iPhone lock screen. Swiping to the right at the bottom unlocks the phone while a swipe to the right again at the bottom takes you straight to the camera. The best feature for me is the ability to custom set different notification sounds for each app. Again like most lock screen apps on this list, the app allows background personalization. On receiving notifications, the app wakes the screen for a short time to allow you to have a look without necessarily touching it. Setting your alarms comes easy with Sidelock making it also a great alternative app for time and location reminders. For privacy, the app offers both passwords and pin support. The app has both a free and a premium version with the free version being supported by ads. Sidelock Lockscreen does not consume a lot of your phones RAM and it uses less battery.

Price: Free/

  1. ZUI Locker

ZUI Locker

ZUI Locker is the best lock screen replacement (as claimed by the developers) on android. But true to their word, the app dons an interesting and beautiful material design and a range of great self-shuffling wallpapers. It also comes with an elegant pull-up menu allowing you access to the frequently used apps. On supported devices, the app comes with screen sensor functionalities. The distance sensor function will prevent the screen from accidentally being turned on, preventing battery drainage. If you have a notification, the screen will turn on automatically once the phone is taken out of your pocket or handbag. Additional features include music playback control, tools such as flashlight and weather updates, and use of gestures for navigation. Security and privacy are enhanced through password and pin protection and the app also snaps intruders once a wrong pin is repeatedly entered.

Price: Free

  1. C Locker

C Locker is another good and stable lock screen application. It has both a free and a paid version. The free version has a limited number of features, unlike the paid version. The app brings messages and call notifications directly to your lock screen and shortcuts to your favorite apps. Users are able to create up to five widgets on the screen. With the paid version you will be able to hide or disable the status bar, adjust screen brightness and timeout among other features.

Price: Free/ Paid

  1. L Locker

L Locker

Stylish and classic display. It is designed to resemble the Lollipop stock version. It supports third party app notifications, shortcuts to favorite apps, transparent status bar among other excellent features. This a great app for those who want to spot an android 5 launcher and for some reason their devices cannot be updated. It is highly customizable and its minimal interface makes it a great application.

Price: Free

  1. Solo Locker

If you are big on photos, then this is a great app you. Apart from delivering the standard lock screen app functions, Solo Locker allows users to set pictures as security patterns and passcodes. The app has other outstanding features as well making it a must try.

Price: Free

These apps are basically the best in the category and they offer maximum compatibility and excellent features. Some of the free apps, however, come with in-app purchases and advertisements. This can be a deterrent to most people but should that be the case, all you have to do is purchase the premium versions and you are good to go.

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