9 Best Apps for Adding Text to Your Photos

Gone are the days when the only time that you can add text on pictures is when you are going to write on your Polaroid pictures with the use of a marker. Right now When you add text to your pictures, you can simply use the right application. By doing this you are going to let your pictures tell a different story. There are so many things that you can do when you add text on your pictures. Let us take a moment into appreciating what text to photos can do:

  • You can add text to a picture greeting to make it more personal.
  • You can make your post more inspirational by adding your own quote although you can search for an inspiring quote online as well.
  • You can make funny memes that will make people laugh.
  • You can make images easier to understand by people who are seeing the images for the first time.

It follows that if you like to add text to your photos, you will be on the lookout for the best applications that you can use so that you can add the text that you need. Placing text right now can be done through numerous applications that you can download right at your very own phone. No matter whether you are using an Android phone or an iOS phone. There are different applications for you.

Best Apps for Adding Text to Your Photos

9 Best Apps for Adding Text to Your Photos

  1. Photolettering (iOS)

If you have always been interested in typography and it is easy for you to appreciate various types of fonts then you know for sure that this is one of the best applications for you. This is from House Industries which is well known in producing some of the best fonts right now. The first six fonts of the application will be free but you have to pay for all the others that you might check. It will cost roughly $10 for all of the 21 fonts available. Using it will be easy to do as well.



  • Choose your photo.
  • Crop your photo the way that you want to or the way that you feel will best fit the text that you are going to place.
  • Add the text from a collection of lettering options.

Download Photolettering Here

  1. Quick (iOS)

If you want to use an application that will quickly give you what you need then this is one of the best applications to try. This comes with 16 free fonts that you can choose from. You can easily adjust the colors that you are going to use as well as other basic adjustments that will make the photograph that you are using perfect for the quote that you are going to put.


  • You would need to size your image first to be sure with what you will get.
  • Select from the 16 free fonts that you can choose from.
  • You have the option to pay for the application so that you can remove the logo that will automatically appear on one side of your image.

Download Quick Here

  1. Word Swag (iOS)

There will be times when you want to make the image that you are using to look different from usual. For example, you can place cut out on your images instead of just placing the text over your pictures. The easy to use interface will allow you to navigate and understand using this application. The patterns that will be available are unique and cannot be found in other applications. Only users of this application can have unique looking images. At $2.99, it can offer a lot of things that other applications cannot offer.

Word Swag


  • Just check out various formatted text that come in various styles.
  • There are also some decorative badges that you can place on your images.
  • Use the gestures icon to change the size of the text that you are going to place on the image. You can also use this to tilt the style well.
  • You can write your own message but there are also some quotes that you can choose from.

Download Word Swag Here

  1. Phonto (iOS/Android)

Having a simple application may be your wish so that you can add the right text to the images that you like to post on social media. If you also want a free application then you can check out Phonto. This comes with a large variety of decorative fonts and you can also add text to the badges that you can add to the photo that you have chosen. This comes with a large, built-in collection but there are in app purchases if you want to increase the amount of items that this application already has.



  • Choose the image that you are going to edit with the use of application.
  • Add your text and adjust it depending on how you want it to look like with the image that you have chosen.
  • Add stickers if you see fit.

Download Phonto for iOS and Android

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio (Android/iOS)

Do you want to have something on your phone that may keep you editing for hours because there are just so many options? This is that one application that you need to have right now for all of your add text to photo needs. Since this is also a photo editing application, you can expect to do some lighting adjustments, adding decorative borders and truly changing the way that the photo looks like before you place your text.

PicsArt Photo Studio


  • Upload the photo that you are going to edit.
  • Make some adjustments depending on how you like the picture to look like.
  • Once you are happy with the way that the photo looks, you can add text to it.
  • There is also an option to place pen or brush nibs if you want to use your handwriting to add text to the images.

Download PicsArt Photo Studio Here

  1. InstaQuote (Android/iOS)

One of the things that you may look for when searching for the right applications to use is their wide array of selections. You will not get disappointed when you use this application because it comes with 50 fonts. It also has a wide variety of templates that will allow you to change the font size, style, colors, alignment and the line spacing of the text that you are going to put on the image.



  • Simply upload the photo that you are going to use.
  • Add the text that you want to place on the image.
  • Choose from the wide variety of fonts available until you choose the one that best fits the mood of your photo.
  • Make more adjustments depending on your preference.
  • Save the edited image with text and upload it to any social media site.

Download InstaQuote Here

  1. Typepic (iOS)

One thing that makes Typepic unique is the fact that it comes in three versions. There is a free version, the plus version and the kids version. While this is not really an application that will let you edit your photo first before you put the quote, it will be easy to appreciate this application if you want to add quotes that look classy and elegant. Even if you are only using the free version, it will make a lot of difference. Of course, you can always upgrade to the plus version if you want to have more options.


  • Once your image becomes available, you need to choose from various editing cards.
  • Choose from the sample fonts.
  • Check out the shadows that can be made by the fonts.
  • Decide if you want the quote to be opaque or translucent.
  • Save your photo.

Download Typepic Here

  1. Over (iOS and Android)

If you have always loved using Instagram then this is one of the applications that you would want to use in order to edit your different photos to add text. The interface of this application is very easy so you will know what to do just by looking at the options that are available. You also have an option to purchase more fonts if you are unhappy with their initial set of fonts available when you download it on your gadget. Remember that they have some sales too so try to keep yourself updated.



  • When you spin the various icons, you can already make changes with the quote that you are going to place on your screen.
  • Edit the image plus the quote that you have placed until you are completely happy with the way that it looks like.
  • Share what you have created through different social media sites. It will be amazing.

Download Over for iOS and Android

  1. PicLab (iOS/Android/Windows)

A lot of people consider this application more as a photo editor but it also allows you to put text to your images. This is also easy to use so you will have a grand time editing your photo before you place the text on the picture. It comes with the usual things that you can do such as change your fonts and your opacity but you can also make your image less formal by placing the text yourself. You can decorate your image the way that you want to.



  • Edit your photo the way that you normally would until you are happy with its size and color.
  • Add the text. There are some font styles to choose from.
  • You can also add text by writing down with the use of the pencil feature of the application.
  • Save and share.

Download PicLab for iOS, Android

Aside from the add text to photo applications that are mentioned above, there are still a lot more that are waiting to be discovered. Some may be photo editing apps that will give you more than what you have initially wanted but it will turn out great in the end. Some are meant solely to give you a chance to add text to the images that you want to edit. What will your choice be?

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