AdBlock Vs. Adblock Plus – Which is Better for Your Browser?

AdBlock and Adblock plus, are these two the same or not? Which one is the best advertisement blocking tool for you? This article will discuss the differences between AdBlock and Adblock Plus and which one is suitable for your favorite browser.

There is no doubt that extensions like AdBlock and Adblock plus are becoming popular today. There are more than 200 million active users and the publishers are earning billions of dollars. Why do you need AdBlock or Adblock Plus?

Most websites depend on online advertisements to ear revenues. However, ads are starting to be more bothersome and invasive. If you are watching your favorite shows, making a complex research, having a chat with a friend, or just simply browsing the internet, you do not want those online advertisements to take up to 20 seconds of your time.  What’s more annoying than having to close all those pop ups that automatically opens every time you click something?

Another reason to use adblockers is some advertisements are not only annoying but also infected. Hackers love injecting their virus or malware-infested advertisements even on strict and legitimate websites. While some people do not mind the flashing banners or new tabs, most users do not want to leave their devices open to virus or malware through infected ad servers.

AdBlock Vs. Adblock Plus

AdBlock Vs. Adblock Plus – Which is Better for Your Browser?

The two most popular advertisement blocker tools for Google Chrome are Adblock Plus and AdBlock. Are there any differences between the two? It may sound like Adblock Plus is an upgrade of AdBlock, but these two are actually created independently.

Adblock Plus is the first ad-blocking extension released. It was the only available ad blocking extension on Mozilla Firefox, making it one of the most popular tools for this browser and other browsers with over 21 million users. This extension was created by a community of coders. ADP is also available not only for Firefox, but also for Chrome, Safari, Android, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.

AdBlock is the most popular ad block extension on Google Chrome. It started as a Google Chrome extension before it became available to other browsers. Inspired by ABP, it was developed first on Chrome by an individual. It took ADP’s place as being the most popular extension for Google Chrome. Adblock is available for Opera, Safari, and iOS browsers.

Why are the names similar? When Google Chrome came, Adblock Plus team was not interested in supporting the latest browser. Michael Gundlach developed a blocking tool and he named it Adblock. Of course, it became the most popular Chrome extension. The Adblock Plus team agreed to support the new browser. Today, these two extensions are the most popular tools for Chrome as well as for other browsers.

Features of AdBlock vs. Adblock Plus

Both Adblock Plus and AdBlock extensions are the most popular tools to block online advertisements. However, AdBlock is more popular than Adblock Plus in Google Chrome browser. The two extensions offer similar features such as blocking, whitelisting, blacklisting, and malware protection.  Both are using the same filters, which is called EasyList (made by Adblock Plus). This means that if an advertisement is being blocked by Adblock Plus, it will also be blocked by AdBlock.

There are also many similarities. Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus let non-intrusive advertising. These are acceptable ads, which mean that both have whitelisted advertisers. Many have come to a conclusion that large advertises, even Google, have pain Adblock Plus to exclude their advertisements from the block list. Also, Adblock Plus has revealed that bid companies are paying them to include their advertisements in whitelist.

So which tool is the best? Both are excellent in doing what they are supposed to do.

Features of AdBlock vs. Adblock Plus

Options – Adblock Vs Adblock Plus

If you are aiming for simplicity, the better choice for you is Adblock Plus. Non-techies and other individuals find ABP easier to use and understand. There are not many options and you can just block ads with one click, including the non-intrusive advertising. All you have to do is to uncheck “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” from the list of options.

If you are already using Adblock Plus, you have probably noticed that there are not many options compared to Adblock. You can easily check or uncheck Acceptable Ads, AdBlock custom filters, EasyList, and a few Other Filter Lists.

AdBlock offers a lot of options that may confuse some users. You will encounter more options after clicking “I’m an advanced user, show me advanced options.” This provides you more control to whitelist ads on Dropbox, YouTube, and other social media.

Usability – Adblock Vs Adblock Plus

Installing Adblock and Adblock plus is quick and easy. The default settings are enough to provide you a much cleaner browsing experience. For most Adblock users, there is no need to change anything else. Both extensions can be turned on and off easily by simply clicking the icon next to the address bar.

Both extensions allow you to add sites to a black list, make entire whitelists, and customize many options. By simply clicking the icon, you can see all the information and additional options to change the settings according to your preferences. While both adblocker tools are simple to use, Adblock Plus is more user friendly.

Which one is better when it comes to usability? Both extensions are excellent and most options are not used anyway by many users. If you want a friendlier user-interface, you can opt for Adblock Plus. Otherwise, you can choose Adblock if you need to customize more settings.

Performance – Adblock Vs Adblock Plus

Let us talk about now how these two extensions perform. Both tools are exceptionally great in blocking almost all online advertisements. The results are only altered by some of the acceptable ads. We already know that big companies pay these extensions to whitelist their advertisements. Even Google also skips the extensions and allows some ads to be viewed by many users.

Both extensions are using EasyList as the main source of filter rules. Both Adblock and Adblock plus allow you to see the number of ads blocked on a certain page. You can also view the total number of ads they blocked since you first installed the extension. Both also show the number of page ads filtered. So what are the differences in their performance?

  • Both Adblock and Adblock plus get most of the ad-blocking magic from EasyList. The difference is that Adblock uses a custom list that provides additional filters. Adblock can block ads that other filters do not.
  • Adblock has a Malware Protection filter list that is enabled by default. This gives users automatic security from harmful malware.
  • Adblock lets you include YouTube channels that you support in your whitelist. Also, Adblock is the only blocker extension that allows you do this.
  • AdBlock provides additional filter lists in the options. These lists can get rid of annoyances and protect the users from trackers.
  • Adblock users can easily turn it off on individual pages. ABP can also be disabled on individual pages but in Firefox.
  • The advance mode in Adblock lets you see the resources of ads and elements.

PROS and CONS – Adblock Vs Adblock Plus


Here are the Pros and Cons of Adblock and Adblock Plus.

Adblock Plus

Here are the pros and cons of Adblock Plus.


  • It has friendlier user-interface. It is more simple and easier to understand.
  • ABP is an open-source project.
  • Using this tool can block malware, popups as well as popunders.
  • It blocks ads on YouTube and Facebook.
  • ABP makes whitelisting easy.
  • It is one of the most popular extensions to block ads.


  • The advanced options are hidden.
  • Users have to use the extension button to block certain web page elements.
  • By default, it displays non-intrusive ads.
  • Enabling or disabling some features has to be done manually.
  • The block element feature does not detect page elements properly.


Here are the pros and cons of Adblock.


  • Adblock is the most popular extension for Google Chrome.
  • It blocks popups, popunders, and malware.
  • The extension button provides more options that allow users to have more control over blocking advertisements.
  • It blocks ads on YouTube and Facebook.
  • The right-click menu of Adblock allows you to block any element on web pages.


  • The options can be confusing to non-techy people, especially the Customize and Filter Lists options.
  • Adblock provides an option for advanced settings but the filters and advanced options are not hidden by default.
  • By default, it displays ads that are non-intrusive.
  • It is an open source project. However, it is not disclosed on its Chrome extension page or homepage.
  • It has some privacy policy concerns as it is becoming more commercial.


While websites need online advertisements to generate income, these ads can be so annoying and intrusive. Adblock and Adblock Plus are the most popular extension to get rid of the annoying advertisements that always interrupt your browsing experience. Which one do you like more: Adblock or Adblock Plus? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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