Tubidy.Mobi is a free music video search engine that provides song and videos to millions of people who love listening to mp3, mp4 songs and 3gp videos. If you are also a music lover and watching videos on your smartphone is one of your things, you would not search for other websites or app anymore after learning how to use this service. Tubidy Mobile aims to provide videos to all mobile phone users, including Java mobile users, so this can be your ultimate place to download 3gp, mp3, and mp4.


What is Tubidy.Mobi?

Tubiby.Mobi is a free video hosting website that lets you access, watch, upload, save, and share videos. All users are given unlimited storage space. For bandwidth cost-control, one video should have a length only up to 16 minutes and size up to 100MB. It has been popular globally for its free services. It works not only for advanced and second generation mobiles, but also for first generation with only basic images, videos, and audio support.

As the second generation phones are improved, they are also made compatible with 3GP files, which allow you to play files directly from the file manager. So, why Tubidi.Mobi uses 3gp videos? This is because the 3gp format allows most mobile users to copy high quality videos to their smartphones with a smaller size compared to original while they still enjoy high resolution.

Tubidy Mobi – Mp3 Songs Free Download

Tubidy.Mobi help you access and download your favorite songs, no matter what kind of device you are using. There is also no need for an app to access Tubidy. It is also very easy to use and does not require a techy person to get things done. You can get unlimited free videos, YouTube videos, mp4 files, and more!

You can benefit from free tobidy mobi videos and music according to your interests. Other types of music that it offers include Popular, Hip-hop, Rock, Metal, Pop, Baroque, Electronic Music, Rap, Extreme Music and more! Aside from music, Tubidy allows you to search any videos that you like as it is linked to YouTube. This means that whether you are searching for songs to download or funny videos to watch with your family and friends, Tubidy can be your search engine companion! With many basic formats that you can choose, you can easily transfer the files to any of your devices.

Features of Tubidy.Mobi Search Engine

Features of Tubidy Mobi Video Search Engine

Tubidy video search engine searches videos from many platforms, including YouTube, Dailymotion, and other databases to give you high quality but small sized 3gp videos that they can play on their smartphones. Aside from 3GP, you can also download mp3 and mp4 format. Here are the features of Mobi Tubidy:

  1. Updated Tubidy Mobi Search Engine – Tubidy.Mobi is your best search engine for downloading both video and audio files. It uses many platforms to provide you the best file for watching or listening. There are giant video collections and millions of songs that you can choose from Tubidy’s overwhelming library. You can also enjoy movies without any costs!
  2. Stream and Download – If you do not want to download the music files, you can just stream the videos from Tubidy. But keep in mind that you can always download video and audio files and transfer them to your SD card for free.
  3. Optimum Resolution –This service aims to provide users compressed files with optimum resolution. Even the low-end users are able to enjoy this feature without any fees.
  4. Basic Formats – Tubidy converts the original file into one of the basic formats, such as 3gp or mp3. This allows you to play your videos and music files on almost all devices. Also, formats like 3GP lets you save more internal or external space as the sizes are compressed enough to be light and compatible with most devices.
  5. Create Playlists – Tubidy allows you to collect music and video files in mp3, mp4, or 3pg formats without any charges. This website allows you to make your own playlist online so you can listen to your favorite tracks according to genres, artists, and more.
  6. Share Content –You can quickly share your content with others, and download files without hogging processing power or bandwidth. Once you’ve found your favorite track or video, you can share it to Twitter or Facebook.
  7. Integrated Search Module – The search option of Tubidy is excellent. You can discover trending music videos, top hits, as well as other things that you did not know exist. You can also use Tubidy search engine to download your favorite videos and TV shows.
  8. Cross Platform – You can listen to your songs or watch your videos anytime you want. You can use your computer, iOS or Android device.
  9. Audio and Video – Tubidy allows you to choose the format of your file before it starts to download it. Tubidy lets you convert YouTube videos into MP3 files, which only means that you can select the best videos of your most wanted songs and convert them into music files. There are many available formats that you can choose from.

Tubidy Mobi Available Formats to Download

You can open the website on your smartphone’s browser. Select videos and songs that you want to download in these formats:

  • MP3 – You can convert Tubidy mobi videos into mp3 files. Tubidy mobi mp3 would not be as good as the other format, but you can always choose the best video to convert into mp3.
  • MP4Video / Audio– Tubidy music video is the highest quality that this service provides. If you prefer the best, you can opt for this mp4 format. This option is also recommended if your internet connection is fast and if you want excellent video quality.
  • 3GP Video Regular Quality – Tubidy allows you to download the basic video format. If you have slow internet connection and you are using a low-end mobile, you should select 3GP regular. The quality is not as great as Hd video, but it is good enough to be enjoyable. Just make sure that you choose the best video from the results.
  • 3GP Parts – Tubidy lets you download only 3GP parts if you do not intend to download the entire video.
  • 3GP Video High Quality – This format is also 3GP but with higher resolution. The file is also larger than basic, but is small enough for low-end devices or slow internet connection.
  • 3GP Preview– You can use this format if you intend to play streaming videos using a third-party player.

You can save your songs and videos on your device’s internal memory. You can also choose to transfer them to your SD card.

www.tubidy.mobi – Free Music Download

Downloading files from Tubidy is like a child’s play! Follow these steps to start.

Step 1: On your device, open your favorite browser and navigate to the official website http://tubidy.mobi. You can also click here to go there directly.

Step 2: On the mobile website of Tubidy Mobi, look for the search bar and type the title or keyword of the video or song that you want to download.

search bar

Step 3: Choose the file from the results and select your preferred video or audio format. From here, you will see the option to share the result on Facebook or Twitter.

Tubidy.Mobi Share

Step 4: You can now download the tubidy mp3 or video successfully. Simply tap and hold on the link and tap Save Link As.

Step 5: Save your file.

That’s it! You should be able to play your video or audio file successfully. As of now, there is still no Tubidy Mobi app on Google Play Store. Fortunately, you can always visit Tubidy modi search engine with your mobile browser.

Tubidy.Modi also lets you check quickly your recently viewed videos so you would not have to enter their titles or keywords again. You should see three buttons next to the search box, which are Top Videos, Top Searches, and My Recently Viewed.You can also create an account so you can upload your videos, which can be accessed by other users. Posting your content will allow other users to view and transmit your videos or files without any charges and only for personal use.


Tubidy.Mobi is a great website to download your favorite songs and videos in 3GP, MP4 and MP3 format. You can use Tubidy not only on computer but also on your smartphone. Whether you are using a high-end device or a low-end mobile phone, Tubidy will make sure that you can get the videos or songs that you are looking for! You can easily download files without too much hassle as you can do it directly on your mobile device.

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this article, you can now search for your favorite video or audio files on Tubidy.Mobi. Do you have more questions? If you bump into any problems in the middle of the process, let us know in the comments section below and we will help you out. We would like to hear from you! Happy listening!

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