SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader

Do you love listening to music and you want to take your favorite tracks with you even if there is no internet connection available? Fortunately, downloading mp3 songs is not as difficult as the way it was years ago. With the advancement of smartphones, development of software and apps, you can listen to music anytime and anywhere you want. There is no need to go through the long process of copying files from your computer to your smartphone. With apps like SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader for Android, you can get tracks directly to your device.

SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader

What is SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader?

SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader is one of the best apps that allow users to download thousands of songs directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can get your favorite mp3 tracks in just a few taps. Another great thing about it is that you can get all of those files for free. This amazing app gives you fast and reliable access to a massive collection of songs online.

If you are looking for a convenient and quick way to download music from your Android tablet or phone, SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader may be the right app for you. You can search by song title or name of artists and this app will provide instant results from the clouds and other reliable sources. It will show you a wide range of results in just a few seconds and all you have to do is to tap the name of the song to start the downloading process.

Searching for songs and artists in this app is quite good, thanks to its meta standards and MP3 naming. However, it does not have some advanced search options that are available in other apps. Nevertheless, SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader for Android will give you what you want fast enough. You also have the option to play the songs first and stream online before downloading all mp3 files.  Also, you will have access to cover art and other information after streaming or downloading a certain track.

Simple User-Interface

SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader for Android has a basic user-interface so there is no need of a detailed instruction to get a hold of the songs that you like. It only has two tabs and displays two lists, which may not be a problem at all if you only want to download songs and you already have another app for arranging your songs.

All songs that you download from this app will transfer directly to your Android media library. This allows you to easily access and manage your collection using another app.

If you are not looking for more features, you would enjoy this simple app to download or stream music online. All you have to do is to enter the title of the song or name of the artist and it will give you all results instantly.

There is no doubt that SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader for Android is one of the best apps to access and download songs for free. However, this app is not available in Google Play Store. But there is no need to fret as you can download the APK version.

How To Download and Install SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader

How To Download and Install SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader

Search and download all your favorite songs for free with SuperCloud Mp3 Downloader for Android. This app requires your device to be at least Android 2.2 and up for it to work properly. Also, this app is not available in Google Play Store so you will have to download the APK version so you can get all the tracks that you like. To start, follow these simple instructions to download the music app.

Step 1: Download SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader APK file. You can get it here.

Step 2: Next, open the Downloads application in your Android device. Look for the apk file that you just downloaded and tap on it. (Make sure that you have enabled unknown sources first from Settings for it to work. This is important because this app is not from Google Play Store).

The app is now installed on your Android phone or tablet. It is very simple and does not require a geek to install this app. Here’s how to download songs with SuperCloud.

How To Use SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader App

Using SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader app is simple. Read these simple steps to start downloading songs to your Android device.

Step 1: Open SuperCloud app from the App Drawer.

Step 2: You will see the Search button. Simply tap on it and enter the title of the song or name of the artist.

Step 3: Select a song to play from the list.

Step 4: Tap on the Play button to stream online or Download Button to get it directly to your device.

That’s it! You can now stream online and download all your favorite tracks for free. There is no need to pay for songs anymore as you can always use SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader for Android. It offers a huge number of songs and almost all that a music lover might want.

Other Apps Like SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader

If you are looking for apps like SuperCloud, we have here a list of other apps that offer the same features. Just in case SuperCloud is not working on your device, you can make a use of these apps to download all your favorite tracks and discover top hits around the world.

1. GTunes Music Download

GTunes Music Downloader Pro

One of the best apps like SuperCloud is GTunes Music Download. It is excellent for downloading any song that you like. It also has a simple user-interface, so looking for any tracks is very easy. Like other types of music apps, you can listen to a song first before you tap the Download button. This lets you know if the song is complete and has a good quality. You also have the option to store downloaded songs to your SD storage card or your phone’s memory.

To use this app, all you have to do is to enter the name of the song or artist that you are looking for. It will provide the results in just a matter of seconds and you can listen and download it right away. Another great thing about this app is that you can use it for free! Like SuperCloud, it won’t cost you anything to download your favorite tracks.

2. MP3 Music Download Pro

MP3 Music Download

Mp3 Music Download Pro allows its users to stream and download music under the Copyleft license, which derives from Jamendo website. What does this mean? Basically, you can listen and download songs for free and legally under Copyleft. However, most of the songs that you can find in this app are indie songs instead of worldwide famous hits. If you are a fan of indie songs, you would certainly enjoy this app.

With simple interface, Mp3 Music Download Pro lets you instantly jump between tabs. It has the Search tab, Download List tab, and another tab for your song library. With only one tap, you can view the equalizer and change many settings so you can listen to your tracks the way you like it. While this app does not offer a huge collection of songs, it is a great app to have as it has a good amount of free, legal, and cool music.

3. Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro

Music Download Paradise is one of the best apps that let you listen and download music easily. With this app, you can search for any music by simple using the search engine to look for your favorite tracks. You can download songs directly to your Android phone or tablet.

This music app has a simple interface that only contains a search function and a library where you can keep all the tracks that you downloaded. While there are some pop ups and intrusive ads, navigating around is quick as a breeze. Just be careful whenever you tap as you might accidentally select an ad! These ads can be turned off on Music Download Paradise’s preferences screen.

Also, there may be instances where you might end up getting a music file with poor quality and you have to delete and search for another.

4. FrostWire – Torrent Downloader


If other apps do not work out for you, another great app that you might want to consider is FrostWire – Torrent Downloader. It has a built-in torrent search that allows you to search for almost anything, not just music. You can also search for an ebook, another app, movie, and more!

This app searches multiple torrent indexes and displays the results instanty, ready for one-tap download. You can also play music files even if it is still in downloading process. This app also provides a built-in music player and media browser. With this app, you can download easily and access all your files within the same app! Just keep in mind that it cannot download files from SoundCloud or YouTube.

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