Numbers Mean on Snapchat

What do the numbers mean on snapchat?There are a lot of new and old Snapchat users who are feeling confused with the numbers that have started appearing on their Snapchat recently. You have to realize that this application has a lot of hidden features. You already know the usual – you can use Snapchat in order to use some filters and some of the lenses before you can share your snap with your followers and friends. Yet, there are still other things that may confuse you. Do you want to end up not knowing any of the information that you need?

What Do the Numbers Mean on Snapchat?

Numbers Mean on Snapchat

You may have noticed that Snapchat is now giving your friends certain numbers and you cannot help but feel confused with everything. Basically, it will give you an idea who among your friends have you been sending more snaps with recently. Number one on the list may be getting the most snaps on you. You will also be informed if there is one friend that you have snapped with so many times in the past and you are not snapping too much with now.

The numbers do not end there. The number on the application may also indicate your Snapchat score. At this point, you may be wondering what is a Snapchat score? You may not know that this exists till now.

These are numbers that you will find when you go to your received snaps page. If you cannot find that, simply go to the header that says ‘Snapchat.’ Once you tap that, you will notice that numbers will start to appear. The first number will indicate the number of snaps you have sent to different people. The second number will show the number of snaps that you have received from others. Which one is higher for you?

One point is equal to one snap so it is not too confusing to figure out the actual number of snaps that you have received and sent out. Just remember that whenever you make Snapchat stories, this does not give you any points. It is said that your number will be displayed on your profile but normally, people find this confusing because when they add up their total score (number of snaps sent + number of snaps received) it is not always correct.

Theories Regarding Numbers-What Do the Numbers Mean on Snapchat?

Probably because of the confusing addition of the sent snaps and received snaps, people have been formulating theories to help them understand the application better. There are some people who say that you normally get about 12 points for the first three times that you send snaps to people and then after you have sent three, you will be getting 20 points every time.

Some are saying that this theory is highly likely as some people get really high Snapchat scores. Some even get up to more than a hundred thousand even if they do not consider themselves to be very active in using this application.

Still, the most popular theory is the one point per snap but instead of just the snaps received and sent, you may also get snaps every time that you open the snap of another person. The theory further states that every time you send just one snap to multiple people, you still get a point for it. Do you think that these theories are possible?

Basically, this is what you should remember. Your score in the application MAY signify the following:

  • Snaps you have sent
  • Snaps you have received
  • Stories you have posted
  • Other things that you might do on Snapchat that causes you to have points.

The interesting thing here is that you do not actually know where your points come from or what is actually real. Still, you just want to increase your score the best way that you can, right?

Snapchat Score

The Importance of Having a High Snapchat Score

Is having a high score in Snapchat important or not? There are not a lot of details available that will tell you why you need to increase your score on Snapchat. Perhaps you are just competitive and you would like to get high scores all the time. Then you can just increase your score doing the things that the application allows you to do.

What you may want to work on is getting trophies in Snapchat. The trophies are given out to people who have explored and used the application the best way possible. Whenever you get high Snapchat scores, you are given a trophy by the application. You get different trophies the more that your score becomes higher in number. It will be nice seeing all of the trophies you have acquired so far.

Do you want to know how to view the trophies you have received so far? Simply go to the trophy icon. This is available at the upper portion of the snapcode tab. It will make you aspire to get even more trophies in the future which you can get by increasing your score.

There are some people who say that those who achieve higher scores in Snapchat are given more features than the average user. For example, those who have high scores in the application may access premium lenses without purchasing anything. They may also use some lenses and filters ahead of time. It should b noted however, that there is no proof of this. Like all the other theories that are mentioned above, this is merely a speculation about what the score is for. The only thing you can do is think about the possibilities.

Given all the information that are mentioned above, it is pretty obvious that having a high Snapchat score is not really that important unless you do want to have a lot of trophies. Just remember that Snapchat is always thinking of new ways to innovate. It is trying its best to do a lot for its users so you know that someday, an update will be available that will give sense to the score that you currently have.

Checking Other People’s Scores

There was a time when you can simply check out another person’s profile and already view the person’s Snapchat score. Over the pas updates that Snapchat has created, this is not possible anymore. It will be hard for you to compete with your friends anymore regarding their score unless you would ask them. This can be complicated though and a big waste of time if you would not be creative with the reasons why.

While you are still trying to figure out how you are going to use your Snapchat score, you can continue using Snapchat as usual and just enjoy as your score increases more and more. The upside of this is that you will get trophies for your efforts. This is better than nothing, right? Perhaps, doing it for fun is what it is all about. You are going to get entertained and this is what this application is for.

The Snapchat Emoji

 Snapchat Emoji

Aside from the number in Snapchat, one of the things that people have noticed recently is the emojis that Snapchat displays next to the name of the people that you normally come in contact with. There are six emojis that are being used and you may get confused with what they mean. These emojis are the following:

  • Golden Heart
  • Grimacing Face
  • Cool Face
  • Flirting Face
  • Smiling Face

What do these emojis mean? Let us discuss each one for your knowledge and information. The golden heart is said to signify the person that you interact with and interacts with you the most. This means that you are always sending and receiving snaps. You have achieved an unconditional sort of “love” with the golden heart emoji.

The grimacing face shows that the person you snap with the most is also another person’s number one. The cool face indicates that you and another person sends a large amount of snaps to the same person. It seems like you are in the same group when this appears.

The flirting face that appears on one person means that the person normally sends you a lot of snaps but you barely respond to the person. It kind of shows that the person is flirting with you but you always ignore that person.

The smiling face may be the most common emoji that you will see in most people that you have on your Snapchat list. This will indicate that they are your friends but they are not your best friends as you do not interact with them or them with you the most.

Based on the various things that you have learned today about Snapchat, do you think you understand the application better than before? You can expect that this application will still evolve and change in the next updates. The features that are available now may not be available in the future. Here is to hoping that it’s features will still be entertaining and funny in the long run. As of now, just enjoy what it has to offer.

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