Mp3 Juice – A Free Music Download Site Review

Mp3 Juice – a free music download site review.All of us need some relaxation time from work or school. Listening to music can calm our senses and it can also uplift our mood. Music is a food for the soul and it is already a part of us. We cannot imagine the world anymore without music. Even though you can enjoy music through the radio or computer, it is still best to download your preferred songs so you can listen to your favorite tracks on the go. However, there are some kinds of complications that arise when downloading an mp3.

For instance, there are sites that are catering to music such as iTunes where you have to pay for each song or video that you download. If you want to listen to hundreds of songs and watch many videos, you would not like the idea of getting mp3 from sites where you need to spend your every penny just to have those few minutes of your favorite song.

Another example that can make someone go mad are false downloads. Those times when you are so delighted that you finally discovered a site that allows you to download mp3 music for free, but it was only a virus! Many downloading sites are also packed with advertisements and every time you click or scroll, a new window opens that leads to irritation. You may also end up getting virus or download wrong files.

How to Download Free Music with MP3 Juice

How to Download Free Music with MP3 Juice

All of us have probably experienced different kinds of dilemmas when downloading music for free but there is no need to worry anymore about looking for sites where you can download music and videos for free. Mp3 Juice is certainly one of the best free music download sites today as it offers convenient services of free mp3 music download without asking you to pay for every download you make.

MP3juices is one of the most popular and fastest mp3 downloaders in the world. Using it is simple as you can search for the title of the songs or artists in many sources. Another great thing about it is that you can download mp3 music for free. With hundreds and thousands of tracks available to download, you can listen to all your favorite songs anytime and anywhere. There is certainly no charge for streaming or downloading as it earns profits through sponsored adverts on their site.

MP3 Juice has been constantly improving its services where you can easily look for any song or artist. Another great thing about it is that it allows you to download the best quality without any kind of payment.

Recent Updates on Mp3 Juice

This popular free music downloading site has done many upgrades for all music lovers in the world.

  1. Bug Fixes – Mp3 juice fixed their download sources such as 4shared and Yandex so downloading music using 4shared can be done straight from mp3 juice site without having to open 4shared site.
  2. Download and Streaming Sources Added/Removed – Mp3 juice free music download site has deleted sources YourListen, Goear and 3dl as its sources for the following reasons:
  • They do not allow free downloads anymore as people need to pay already for every download.
  • Some of the sites mentioned were closed down and the reasons are unknown.
  • The sites have slow response and cannot deliver their service fast enough.
  • The qualities of music from some of the sites are not as good as before and they do not provide good quality music.

MP3 Juice Features

Aside from their recent updates, mp3juice also offer these incredible features to help all music lovers free from all the hassles of downloading free mp3 music.

  1. Mp3 Cutter – This is one of the great features of Mp3 juice that allows you to cut off some parts of the music that you do not want to be included in your playlist. It is also easy to use this feature and you can simply remove the part that you do not want. For instance, many great songs with high quality music include some background stories that make the music too long. Being able to cut those introduction or conversation in between has been made possible by mp3 juice.
  2. YouTube to mp3 converter – Many downloaders use YouTube in order to get choose the best music quality. Mp3 juice allows you to choose any video file and it will automatically convert from YouTube to mp3. You also have the option to download the video so you can watch it on the go.

How to Search and Download Songs With Mp3 Juice Step By Step

How to Search and Download Songs With Mp3 Juice

Using MP3 Juice allows you to find any songs without hassles. It has many music download sources and there are many high quality music downloads available. The sources include YouTube, Soundcloud, PromoDJ, 3DI, Archive and vk.

There are two ways to download mp3 music using mp3 juice.

Method 1: Search and Download Music

Step 1: Go to and you will see a search box in the middle where you can type the name of the music you want to download.

Step 2: Simply type the title of the song or the name of the artist you want to search and press Enter click Search.

Step 3: Once the results appear, you can Play the file before hitting the Download button. Whether you click the Play button or Download button, it will display two options: Download MP3 and Download Video.

Step 4: Simply click Download MP3 to start the free music download. That’s it! It is very simple and you can download as many mp3 songs as you like.

Method 2: YouTube MP3

Using mp3 juice allows you to convert and download YouTube videos to mp3 music files. This site also makes sure that the files are converted and downloaded in the best quality. You can also download up to 2 hours of video length and converting the video only takes few minutes of your time which is pretty amazing! You can also download videos that are blocked and not available in your country.

Step 1: Go to and choose any of your favorite videos.

Step 2: Copy the URL of your chosen video and go to

Step 3: Simply paste the URL into the search field and hit Enter button or click the Search button. The site will start converting the YouTube video to mp3 file. Simply wait for the process to be completed.

Step 4: Once the conversion is completed, simply click the Download box to start your download.

To Sum It All Up:

Looking for the most convenient free music downloading site is not hard anymore as Mp3 juices allows you to download all your favorite music for free. You also have the option to choose a file from YouTube and you can easily convert them to mp3. If there are some parts that you wish to be removed, this site features mp3 cutter that lets you get rid of all the sections you do not want to be included in your track. Since this website does not charge you anything, you can download as many songs as you want without having to break your bank! With all the amazing features of mp3 juice free music download site, you would not face any troubles when downloading your favorite tracks.

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