How to Fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

Google Play Services is used for updating Google apps as well as the apps you downloaded from Play Store. It provides core functionality that improves your app experience, including synchronized contacts, authentication to Google services, low-powered location based services, and access to all latest privacy settings.

With Google Play Services, users can enjoy improved gaming experience, more immersive maps, and faster offline searches. Uninstalling Google Play services may cause other apps to stop working. This means that this service is important for Android devices.

Were you trying to change some settings on your tablet or smartphone, and suddenly, you encountered the terrifying message, “Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped”? If this is the case, there is no need to fret. There are many ways to fix this error using the methods below. There are many causes behind this error, like internet connection problems, bug in the custom ROM or operating system, or outdated version of Google Play Services.

How to Fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

How to Fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

When dealing with technology, you can encounter numerous problems that can delay some of your tasks. Some data probably got lost and could not be tracked, which results in an error. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve the Google Play Services Has Stopped error. You can try one, two, or all the solutions given below and see which one will work for you.

Before we begin, here are some of the things that you must do first.

  • Check the stability of your internet connection. Is there an active internet connection? Is your Wi-Fi Network blocking or hindering any of the IP addresses that Google has to use? If you are not sure, you can try to turn on and off the Wi-Fi on your Android device. You can also turn on and off the modem. Connect your Android device to Wi-Fi and see if this simple trick will solve Google Play Services Has Stopped Error.
  • Restart or reboot your phone or tablet. This goes without saying, but a simple restart of any smartphone and tablet can solve numerous glitches and bugs. Hopefully, the error should not appear after rebooting your phone or tablet.

Solution 1: Clear Cache of Google Play Services App

Cache of Google Play Services App

One of the easiest and best ways to fix bugs and app errors is by clearing caches. Many Android users have also claimed that doing this method can solve the “Google Play Services Has Stopped Error”. You can also try to perform this solution and see if this will solve the problem. Follow these steps to clear the caches:

  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Apps.
  2. Look for Google Play Services app to open the information about this app.
  3. Tap the Force Stop
  4. Now, tap Clear Cache option at the bottom.
  5. Once you have cleared the cache of this app, you can now restart your Android device.

Are you still having the problem after clearing the cache of Google Play Services? If yes, jump to the second method.

Solution 2: Clear the Caches of Google Service Framework

The Google Service Framework app comes preinstalled in Android smartphones or tablets. It stores information and helps your device in syncing with the servers of Google. It also keeps the Google Play Services running. Google Service Framework could be the reason why Google Play Services stopped working. Clearing the cache of this system app may solve the issue. Follow these steps to solve Google Play Services Has Stopped Error.

  1. Open Settings and scroll to Apps.
  2. Look for Google Services Framework App.
  3. Tap the Force Stop
  4. Tap Clear Cache
  5. After clearing the cache of this app, restart your smartphone or tablet and see if the error is gone.

Solution 3: Clear All Data of Google Play Services


Another way to solve Google Play Services Has Stopped Error is by clearing all its data. This method is simple and is recommended to perform before using the solutions below. Follow these steps to clear all data:

  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Apps.
  2. Select Google Play Services app and tap Force Stop.
  3. Look for Clear All Data option and tap on it.

After clearing all data of Google Play Services successfully, restart your device. Launch any Google app and enter your account details. Google Play Services Has Stopped Error should not bother you anymore. If you are still having the same problem, try the next solution below.

Solution 4: Remove Google Account

Another method that you can do if you still have the error is to remove your Google account and add it back. Before you do this process, make sure that you have created a backup of all your data to avoid any information loss. Follow these simple steps to remove your Google Account.

  1. Open Settings and select Accounts.
  2. Tap on Google and select your email ID.
  3. Tap on Remove account.
  4. Wait for a few seconds before adding your account back.
  5. Enter your email address to add your account.

After adding your Google Account again, restart your device.

Solution 5: Reset App Preferences

Another way to fix the error is by resetting the app preferences. By doing this method, all the preferences for disabled apps, default apps, blocked app notifications, and background app notification will be reset. You will not lose any data when doing this and it may also solve the Google Play Services Has Stopped Error. Follow these steps to start:

  1. Open Settings and scroll to Apps.
  2. Tap All Apps and select the Option button located on the top left of the screen.
  3. Select Reset App Preferences.
  4. Tap Reset.

Resetting the app preferences will only reset all choices that you made and it won’t delete any data. Once you are done, restart your device. The error should not appear anymore. If you still have the error, keep reading for the next method.

Solution 6: Get the Latest Version of Google Play Services

One of the reasons why the error appears is an outdated version of Google Play Services. If you are encountering this problem because you are using an old version of the app, it is best to update it to the latest version.

You can get the latest version of Google Play Services is by deactivating Android Device Manager. Google Play service app is an important part of your smartphone or tablet so you cannot completely remove it from your Android device. You can deactivate the Android Device Manager and reinstall all the latest updates. This will make sure that you will use the latest version of Google Play Services. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings, choose Security and tap Device Administrators.
  2. Select Deactivate Android Device Manager.
  3. Uninstall Google Play Services by going back to Settings.
  4. Go to Application Manager. Tap on All and search for Google Play Services.
  5. Tap the three-dot menu button located on the top right. You will see an option to Uninstall all the updates. Tap on it.
  6. Tao OK to start uninstalling all updates.
  7. After uninstalling the updates, open any Google app. Your device, or the app, will automatically know that Google Play Services is missing and will attempt to reinstall. Tap the notification and install the update.
  8. After the installation, activate Android Device Manager. Open Settings and go to Security. On the next page, tap Activate Device Administrators.

After activating Android Device Manager, restart your Android device to implement all the changes. After downloading and installing the latest version of Google Play Services, the error should be gone for good. Usually, this app is auto updated from Play Store. You can also download the APK file of the latest version by clicking here.

If you are still experiencing the error, try the next solution.

Solution 7: Factory Reset

If your phone or tablet is still showing you the annoying Google Play Services Has Stopped message after following all the solutions above, your last resort is to reset your device to its factory settings. Before doing this method, make sure that you create a backup first as it will reset your device to its default settings. Follow these steps to perform factory reset:

  1. After creating a backup, go to Settings
  2. Search and tap Backup and Reset.
  3. Select Factory Data Reset.

How to Fix Play Store?

Are you also having problems with Play Store? You can fix Play Store by following these simple steps.

  1. Open Settings and tap on Apps.
  2. Select General and go to Application Manager.
  3. Tap All apps and select Play Store
  4. Tap Force Stop and tap the Clear cache

These are the best solutions for Google Play Services Has Stopped Error. Any of these methods should be able to fix your problem. Which one solved the error on your device? Do you know other solutions other than the methods mentioned above? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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