10 Best Free Mp3 Download Sites to Download Music Legally

From where do you get the new music that you place on your gadget? Perhaps you like purchasing physical CD because you still have your very own CD player. If the last time that you have bought a CD was a long time ago, you probably like purchasing digital singles from different digital stores.

If you would like to save up a bit but you are just too in love with a song not to download it, what do you do? Do you try to scrimp up whatever money you have left just to purchase the song or do you resort to downloading the music illegally? When you do this, you are depriving artists of their rights to earn from the song. Even if you like the song and you like the artist, you are not supporting either by downloading music illegally. Why do you need to download illegally when there are some free Mp3 download sites that will allow you to get free music without feeling guilty?

Do not worry now because you will now see some websites that will allow you to download your favorite music legally. Here are just a few that you need to check:

Best Free Mp3 Download Sites to Download Music Legally

  1. Jamendo


The best thing about this site is that you can register and share the songs that you already have. For example, you may have some songs from before that you want other people to enjoy so you can upload those songs and let other people download these songs too. This may be different from all the other music sites that will allow you to download the actual songs sang by various artists. Here, you will see some unique compositions or versions that you may fall in love with.

  • Browse through the website depending on the category that you are searching for.
  • You may also choose to search for a song that you want to listen to.
  • You can click on the listen button to hear what you are going to download beforehand.
  • If you are happy with what you have heard, download the song.
  1. MP3.com

This is the website that you would like to visit if you want to promote your work if you are an artist. If you are a fan, you may see the various songs of the artists that you have always loved. You know that you can discover new talents this way. You may never know, you may even find yourself looking forward to their new uploaded songs afterwards. What makes this one of the best choices is it has been available for years already.

  • Browse through free music tracks.
  • You will come across a lot of renditions and the actual songs that you are searching for.
  • Listen to the song before downloading to be sure with what you are going to get.
  • Press download and wait for the download to be completed.
  1. Amazon

Amazon Prime Music App

Do you realize that Amazon actually offers a lot of free Mp3s? Probably not but now that it is part of the list, you should know that it does have some free Mp3s that you can download legally. There are over 1000 tracks that are available and the chances that you are going to find music that you like will be great. There are various genres that you can choose from too so that browsing can be easier for you. The only downside to this is you need to be a US resident to have access to these free Mp3.

  • You can browse by category or by artist. They have some famous artists like Paul McCartney and Alice Cooper.
  • Check the different versions that are available and listen to them for free.
  • Download the song and enjoy listening to it non stop afterwards.
  1. YouTube

Are you shocked that you can use YouTube in order to download your favorite Mp3s? This has been done by a lot of people for quite some time. It will be free and legal to get music from YouTube as long as you know how you are going to use it properly. Remember to download Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom to make downloading possible.

  • Search for the songs that you want to download through YouTube. This is easy because YouTube has a wide variety of songs.
  • Copy the link of the video of the song.
  • Paste it on Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom.
  • The track will be read by the application and you can start downloading the song.
  • Complete the download and listen to the song.
  1. Soundcloud

SoundCloud Downloader Pro

A lot of people are probably aware that this is one of the sites that you have to check out when you are searching for songs that you want to download for free and legally. There are so many audio tracks that you can choose from when you check out this website. There are some original songs by the artists that you have always loved and there are also some revisions and remixes that are available. Remember that there are a lot of songs, especially the popular ones, that you cannot download because of some legal issues.

  • Make a list of the songs that you want to download.
  • Make sure that you can see the download button before you start downloading.
  • If it is available for download, it will go straight to your PC so that you can transfer it to all of your other gadgets.
  1. QTRAX

One thing that you will notice with this is the slogan put up by the company long before. It states “Free Now, and Free Forever.” You can browse through the different songs that are available for free. Most of the songs that you will see are made by famous artists so you will have a grand time checking out each song that you love to listen to.

  • You can download as many songs as you want as long as it is available for download.
  • You can also use streaming if you want to.
  • While this is available for your PC now, the time will come when it will also be available directly on your phone.
  1. NME The Daily Download

NME The Daily Download

Do you consider yourself a music artist? If you do then you know that this is one of the best sites that you can check out. The songs that you have always wanted to download will become available a few days, weeks or months after they were first released. While you have to wait a bit, it will be worth it once the songs that you want become available for download.

  • Browse the various songs or artists that are available.
  • Remember that some songs will take some time before they are published.
  • Once some songs become available for download, you can download for free.
  1. PureVolume

Being a music lover will prompt you to be a part of a site wherein all other music lovers will unite. If you are an artist, you can sign up and upload the songs that you have created so far. It does not matter whether you have your own original compositions or if you are uploading some renditions of songs that you have created. Just upload to let other people listen to your voice. Remember to complete your profile too so that people will recognize you more. After some time, you will have fans. If you are a fan and you just want to check the independent artists that are available, this is the best site for you. At the same time, you can download the songs that they have uploaded for free.

  • Remember that there is no mobile site available for this so you need to use the website to download.
  • Download the songs that you love.
  • Once download becomes complete, you can transfer the songs to your other gadgets.
  1. SoundOwl


A lot of people have already heard of SoundOwl. Some artists use it as the place where they can express themselves through the songs that they have created. Of course, making renditions of popular songs are also welcome here. Some people may argue that this is not legal but they have a DMCA page that expresses that artists who have their own rights to the song are the only ones that can be shared. Those that are illegal will immediately be removed.

  • You can use the shuffle feature so that you can check out new songs whenever you would like to.
  • You can then choose to download the song if it is legal through your laptop or your other device.
  • You may also choose to listen and enjoy various types of song from the site or application.
  1. SoundClick

You may notice that this music library is not as large as the other music libraries that you are used to but if you are searching for songs that you want, this is one of the ones that you should check out. There are a lot of songs created by established artists that can be found there but other than that, there are also some songs that are there for free.

  • Check the songs that you want and see if they can be downloaded for free.
  • If yes, click on download and wait for download to be complete.
  • Listen and enjoy to the new songs that you have downloaded.

Why settle for illegally downloading songs when you can download the songs that you have always wanted legally? Check out any of the sites that are mentioned above and you will not be disappointed. Can you still think of other sites wherein music can be legally downloaded? Feel free to share these sites as well.